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  1. Chile

    Chile has a very strong lineup, with Vidal and Sanchez both selected. In the first round, Chile drew with Argentina with one goal behind. This game is a good chance for them to win.


    Bolivia belongs to the downstream team in South America and has lost all the previous two Copa America group matches. Recently, their state is still very poor. They lost to Paraguay 1-3 after leading by one goal in the first round of the group stage.

    Betting Verdict:

    The strength of the two teams is very different. In the last 10 matches, Chile scored 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. The 1X2 first odd is 1.33-4.75-10.00,which means support the home team, Chile should win this game.

    Pick: 1



  2. Argentina

    Argentina has been unbeaten in 14 consecutive games, and the first round of the draw with Chile is not too bad. And Messi scored a wonderful free kick, his state is directly related to Argentina's performance.


    Uruguay has a strong lineup. The forwards include Suarez and Cavani who have performed well this season. The midfielders and defenders have many famous players, such as Godin, Jimenez and Bentancur.

    Betting Verdict:

    Argentina's lineup is dominated by young players, and the re-encounter of Messi and Suarez is the focus of the game. The 1X2 first odd is 1.91-3.50-4.00,which means support the home team, Argentina should at least draw in this game.

    Pick: 1X


    Copa America_副本.jpg

  3. Croatia

    They are an ageing team with a lack of young and talented players. Most of their players are not in form, which can be seen from games in June. They have been winless for three matches with only one scoring goal.


    It is out of expectation that they get a 2-0 clean sheet from Scotland in last game. Patrik Schick play especially well in that game, who scores twice and make the scoring goal from the longest distance in the Tournament. Now they are in high morale.


    There is a gap between two teams. Croatia are on a downward as there are no good young players to bring in. Czech are in high morale with a two-match losing streak. It is predicted that Czech will take one point from Croatia in upcoming game at least.

    Pick: 1



  4. England

    Even if Jadon Sancho is absent, they still take the upper hand over Croatia in last game and get a 1-0 victory. They play aggressively, getting a three-match winning streak even with three clean sheets. There is a bad news that Harry Kane is hurt in last game, which will has an impact on England.


    They have more than 60% possession percentage in last game, but have no scoring goal. Their ineffective strike force leads to a 0-2 defeat. Luckily most of their players play for English football. They are familiar with England.


    England are certainly better than Scotland. And they take the upper hand over Scotland in past head-to-head clashes with a record of 3W-1D. What’s more, they have home advantage. So the victory is tending to the host.

    Pick : 1



  5. Colombia

    Colombia defeated Ecuador 1-0 last game, 2 wins and 1 draw in the last 3 games, scored 6 goals during the period and only conceded 2 goals, the only draw was against Argentina, the team is in good shape. In this group, Colombia's strength is only lower than Brazil, and their goal is to get the second place in the group.


    Venezuela lost to Brazil 0-3 in the first game, and 13 of the team tested positive for the virus, which dealt a major blow to strength and morale. Venezuela has only 1 draw and 2 losses in the last 3 matches, only scoring 1 goal and conceding 6 goals.

    Betting Verdict:

    The strength gap between the two teams is huge, and Colombia's lineup is more complete. The 1X2 first odds is 1.44-3.75-10.00, obvious support the home team. Colombia should win this game easily.

    Pick: 1

  6. Brazil

    Brazil defeated Venezuela 3-0 in the last game. They have recently won eight consecutive victories, and their defense is also perfect. They have conceded only one goal in the past eight games. Neymar has perfect data of 3 goal and 3 assist in 3 consecutive games, and he is in very good condition.


    Peru defeated Ecuador 2-1 in the World Cup qualifiers last time, ending a 4-game losing streak, and morale has greatly improved. But in fact, they were very lucky to win. The whole game only got 32% of the ball and less than half of the opponent's offensive data.

    Betting Verdict:

    There is a huge gap between the strength of the two teams, and Brazil won the game without any suspense. The 1X2 first odds is 1.40-5.00-7.00, obvious support the home team. Brazil should win this game easily.

    Pick: 1

  7. Hungary

    It is unlucky that they are in a group of death this season. The best record they have got in recent years was in UEFA European Championship in 2015, which they came into 1/16 Final. Undoubtedly they want a better record this season.


    They are defending champion. They are one of the favourites to win the cup this season. What they most famous for are Cristiano Ronaldo. It is believed that they will play well as expected with the help of him.


    The last time they play against each other was in 2017. Portugal get a 1-0 clean sheet Hungary at that time. Portugal need a good start to preserve themselves as the defending champions. So Portugal have the tendency to win.

    1x2 Pick: 2

  8. Inter Turku

    They are in form, getting a four-match winning streak. And they are good at host game, with 90% unbeaten rate in recent 10 host game.

    IFK Mariehamn

    They have been winless for three matches. It is because they play poorly on offensive, without any scoring goal in recent 3 games.


    Inter Turku take the upper hand over IFK Mariehamn in past head-to-head clashes with a record of 8W-1D-1L. besides, Inter Turku rank the second in League table while IFK Mariehamn rank the ninth. So the victory is tending to the host.

    1x2 Pick: 1


  9. KTP Kotka

    They has returned to the League after 6 years. Their aim is to avoid relegation this season. They get 1W-1D-3L this season so far, ranking the tenth in League table.


    It is the third time for them to play for the League. They have made great progress this season. They get 2W-2D-1L in 5 rounds. The only defeat is from Inter Turku in last game.


    HIFK are slightly better than KTP Kotka. What’s more, KTP Kotka are in low morale because of a two-match losing streak. HIFK play well in recent games. So HIFK have the trend to win in upcoming game.

    Pick: 2


  10. Hungary

    Hungary will be looking for a repeat result of a 1-0 International Friendlies triumph versus Cyprus. Hungary have been on a persistent run of goalscoring form, netting every time they’ve gone out to play in their last 6 matches. They have hit an aggregate of 14 during that time and have conceded a total of 5.


    Ireland will come into the meeting after a 1-4 International Friendlies win over Andorra in their last game. The numbers tell their own story, and Ireland have been scored against in 5 of their last 6 matches, with opponents netting 7 goals overall. Defensively, The Boys in Green have seen their frailties exposed. We shall soon find out if that trend can be continued on in this game.

    Betting Verdict:

    Hungary has been in very good form recently, with 7 wins and 3 draws in the last 10 games. The 1X2 first odds is 2.50-3.20-2.63, seems no clearly support to both side. Hungary should at least draw in this game.

    Pick: 1X

  11. Atletico Clube Goianiense VS Sao Paulo

    Sao Paulo only scored 1 point in last round. Compared with their weak team, they are confident. The 1X2 first odd is 4.00-3.20-2.00,obvious support the away team. Sao Paulo should win this game.

    Pick: 2

    Santos VS Ceara


    Santos lost the game last round, but their strength is better. The 1X2 first odd is 1.85-3.20-3.80,obvious support the home team. Santos should win this game.

    Pick: 1


    Bragantino VS Bahia

    Both teams are in good condition, but Bagantino is stronger than Bahia and has a home court advantage. The 1X2 first odd is 1.85-3.30-4.50,obvious support the home team. Bragantino should win this game.

    Pick: 1

  12. Bodo Glimt
    Bodo Glimt defeated Bran 2-1 in the last round of away games. In the new season, there are 3 wins and 1 draw in the 4 rounds of the league, and the state is very good. The striker Botheim is in a brave state this season, scoring 5 goals in 4 league appearances.

    Haugesund has only played in two league games this season, scoring 2 points with 2 0-0s, and his performance is relatively mediocre. Since the end of last season, their away performance has been good, with a total of 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in the past 6 visits.

    Betting Verdict:
    There is a big gap between the strengths of the two sides. Last season, Bodo Glimt swept Haugesund 6-1 at home. The 1X2 first odd is 1.40-4.75-6.00, which means support the home team. Bodo Glimt should win this game easily.

    Pick: 1

  13. Suns +1.5

    In the last game, Booker scored 34 points, and Paul's organizational is still top. Lakers rely entirely on James and Davis, with few offensive points. The Suns should be able to continue to win.

    Clippers - Mavericks over 216

    Mavericks’ offensive is very good, andClippers have understood in the first game that they can’t stop Luka and Porzingis. This should be an offensive battle.

  14. Orebro 

    Orebro’s 2 wins were ended by losing to Degerfors IF with 0:3 in last away game, which beat their morale heavily. To be mentioned, they conceded 18 goals totally in last 10 games, being in poor defenses.


    Malmo FF

    Malmo FF performed well since the beginning of the new season and they rank in the 2nd on scoreboard with the disadvantage of goal differences. Also, they won last 2 rounds, and their offensive sides performed steadily. However, their defensive side seems to be tiring recently.


    Betting Verdict:

    Malmo FF took upper hand in past 10 h2h games against Orebro, having psychological advantage. Orebro are in poor forms especially on their offensive sides, while Malmo FF are in better offensive and defensive strength, so here support Malmo FF in this round.


    Orebro VS Malmo FF

    1X2 Pick: 2

    over 3

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