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  1. well to be honest , for me atleast Rotterdam wasn't bad for betting. The only major surprise was coric-fucsovis being so one sided, otherwise the matches went mostly how they should have.
  2. The thing is coric handled fucsovis previously , that's what pains me ( now in a way I'm happy for fucsovis since I like him 10 times more as a player than coric). Did these courts have any sway over the matter maybe ?
  3. wow , I've never in my life been so completely wrong with my tennis tips. Tsitsipas rublev was atleast close and the mistake was to not go with an over on games but what the hell happened with coric ?
  4. opinions on tsitsipa-rublev and coric - fucsovis ? Great tennis so far in Rotterdam I'm thinking of tsitsipas taking a set at 1,30 odds since he seems to like these courts more than rublev. What would you guys go with on coric-fucsovis ? I think it's gonna be though at the start , but if coric takes the first set , fucsovis might fold afterwards.
  5. Tight matches in Rotterdam today but I think some good bets can be placed on them Tsitsipas-khachanov- Over 19,5 games(can go even over 20/21 but I'll play it safe). Khachanov is in the best form he's been in a long while and tsitsi will always fight hard. Should be quite close and I'm too scared to bet on tsitsipas winning it even though he's got good odds. Rublev should beat chardy(1,12)- I won't bet on him since his odds are too low IMO in comparation to how dangerous chardy can be for rublev. Nishikori-coric- I think I'll avoid this one , but I'd go with coric to win it or atleast to take a set. Borna should return kei's serve far easier than viceversa and he is in better physical shape than nishi. Fucsovis- Paul- I'll go with fucsovis taking atleast one set. He routined paul in australia last year (alas it was a horrible performance from paul after he had a great win over dimitrov much like his win over bublik yesterday).
  6. Forgot to ask you guys, where can I find the stats from matches that have been played? For example the Rotterdam ones, stuff like 1st serve percentage or balls returned into play. I know they show it after the matches but they have to be saved on some other site also right ?
  7. Goffin should win agaisnt chardy today, but I'm not gonna bet on him. I just don't realy trust david at this point. I'll go with tsitsipas to win over hurkacz. (1,21)- he has a winning record over him, and I think tsitsi is more of a fighter than the pole. Sure you can go with an over 19,5/20,5 games on this one, but I'll just pick tsitsipas to win it. Last one is paul-bublik OVER 19,5 games(1,30 I think)- By all accounts they seemed in very good form here, they had a close 3 setter hard court match before and if neither of them have any physical hindrance it should cover the over 19,5 threshold.
  8. True, murray often seemed exhausted yet was able to run marathons afterwards, but I was prety confident that he doesn't have what it takes to take a set of rublev(wasn't far in the first set though). Also even though rublev ballbashes, he is far more vicious and consistent with it than alliasime.
  9. yep , I burned myself. Should have went with over 19,5, bublik actualy showed up for the match.
  10. Went with zverev to beat bublik (1,19)- I think these courts suit zverev better, and the only reason I didn't go with over 19,5 games is bublik's inconsistency. Rublev to beat murray 2-0(1,42 I think)- I've watched andy lately , he seemed tired against haase and as long as rublev doesn't choke I can't see murray keeping up at this point with the onslaught from andrey.
  11. Anything you guys like in Rotterdam today ? I'm literaly not sure on any match . I was looking to take de minaur over nishikori , but kei has a bit of a resurgence and if he plays well he can definetly take alex out. Rublev should destroy murray ,but I'm somehow still scared to bet even now against andy even if he is 40% of what he once was..
  12. cerundulo beating monteiro in cordoba and schwartzman losing to ramos... Glad I smelled out that these matches might have a weird outcome and didn't bet anything. South America tourneys on clay always seem to have weird results in them. Monteiro lost to a guy with 0 weapons and schwartzmann lost to a past prime ramos after looking at his best in his match before this one..
  13. Can someone here that's more experienced with tennis betting and even playing tennis please explain me how did the korda-sonego match go so wrong for korda ? This is one of those matches that frustrates me alot, because no matter how I look at it I don't get it how sonego won so easily. I've watched the match and overall yes sonego was simply better, but did anyone else think beforehand that it would be this disbalanced ?
  14. well agree to disagree then. Shapovalov is extremly talented IMO, but his mentality and lack of consistency are letting him down hard.Anyway a player to avoid in betting.
  15. well I made a point a year ago to never bet on shapovalov , and of course the ONE time I decide to bet on him he dissapoints completely. I think he is also sick or something I've heard from the commentators... some things you just cannot analyse.
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