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  1. yep , I burned myself. Should have went with over 19,5, bublik actualy showed up for the match.
  2. Went with zverev to beat bublik (1,19)- I think these courts suit zverev better, and the only reason I didn't go with over 19,5 games is bublik's inconsistency. Rublev to beat murray 2-0(1,42 I think)- I've watched andy lately , he seemed tired against haase and as long as rublev doesn't choke I can't see murray keeping up at this point with the onslaught from andrey.
  3. Anything you guys like in Rotterdam today ? I'm literaly not sure on any match . I was looking to take de minaur over nishikori , but kei has a bit of a resurgence and if he plays well he can definetly take alex out. Rublev should destroy murray ,but I'm somehow still scared to bet even now against andy even if he is 40% of what he once was..
  4. cerundulo beating monteiro in cordoba and schwartzman losing to ramos... Glad I smelled out that these matches might have a weird outcome and didn't bet anything. South America tourneys on clay always seem to have weird results in them. Monteiro lost to a guy with 0 weapons and schwartzmann lost to a past prime ramos after looking at his best in his match before this one..
  5. Can someone here that's more experienced with tennis betting and even playing tennis please explain me how did the korda-sonego match go so wrong for korda ? This is one of those matches that frustrates me alot, because no matter how I look at it I don't get it how sonego won so easily. I've watched the match and overall yes sonego was simply better, but did anyone else think beforehand that it would be this disbalanced ?
  6. well agree to disagree then. Shapovalov is extremly talented IMO, but his mentality and lack of consistency are letting him down hard.Anyway a player to avoid in betting.
  7. well I made a point a year ago to never bet on shapovalov , and of course the ONE time I decide to bet on him he dissapoints completely. I think he is also sick or something I've heard from the commentators... some things you just cannot analyse.
  8. went with dimitrov taking a set off busta(1,17 on Unibet)- Grigor seems to have busta's number on hard , but I'm still not sold on grigor's game 100% so I'm not gonna bet on him to win it all. Shapovalov to beat alliasime (1,52 odds)- I mean shapo has a definite h2h edge in slams and to me he looks like the more inform player with a game that just has more to offer than alliasime's. Denis can be erratic but so can Auger. Last one is Martinez to take a set off lajovic (1,20 odds on Unibet)- I'm gonna be honest I'm going on Czechpunter's hint on this one since I've only caught a bit ou
  9. For tonight I'll go with : Fucsovis taking a set off stan (1,35 odds)- stan started well it seemed to me in the first match and he is my favorite player but that doesn't mean I won't go against him sometimes especialy since he can be wildly inconsistent. Martin is a skilled player that can prety much pose a problem to anyone on a good day, so as long as he is physical fit , it's hard for me to see how he can be straight setted by stan.(but hey never know when a random stanimal appears) Careno Busta beating Vesely (1,19 odds on Unibet as far as I remember)- I'm gonna be honest, I'm n
  10. tsitsipas looked great also. Med is the favorite IMO , and rublev and tsitsipas should also do some damage here.
  11. Oh that's realy interesting but just like you, I've never delved in this type of sketchy market and kind of have a big biass against betting on stuff like this :)).
  12. I would never bet on querrey tbh, prety obvious he'd have a tough time with sonego in my opinion. Anyway has anyone watched agut -albot ? I'm quite suprised that bautista folded so easily. Also the courts seem realy fast (atleast the one rafa played on) compared to last years, did nadal seem hampered to you guys ? He came up with some trademark amazing shots against djere but also seemed to be sluggish at times.
  13. I'll go with popyrin taking a set against goffin (1,52 odds) - David for me has been very unimpressive in Australia this year , while the youngster seemed to be in fine form and will have the backing of the crowd. Rafa beating djere 3-0 (1,25 odds)- If Rafa came to play it means he is atleast in decent physical form therefore he should easily defeat djere. Last one is Kwon taking a set off kokkinakis. I just think he's the more inform player and even if Thanasi finds a way to win because of the home crowd advantage , I don't see Kwon going down without a fight.
  14. Have to disagree with this. If you watch enough tenis, to me it's the easiest sport to win on. I used to bet on football , and for me it was WAY harder to analyse those matches compared to tennis. I think it all depends on how much money you are willing to bet.
  15. what makes profits then ? only 4.00 or higher odds ?1,83 is a more than good odd to win money if you bet big.
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