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  1. Being a Cobbler, I expect a route one set up, and goals and both ends. My normal Cobblers correct score bet for home games is 4-1, typically at 33/1 usually makes a profit each season (only need one in 23 matches). As its Wembley in strange times, I will shoot for the moon and back me beloved team 4-1 at 90/1 with VC Bet..(was backed last week by me)... Also backed 2-0 HT to 4-1 FT @ 180/1 to Cobbs Sammy Hoskins 1st goal and Cobbs 4-1 @ 170/1.. For me its my team so all bets are ...with the heart.. Cobbs are bullies, The Grecians are a smaller team, tonight's weather will be good for a high ball lucky game.
  2. 115 As: Cliffs of Capri 150 As: Mohaather 225 As: Ennistymon 300 As: Arthurs Kingdom 335 As: Kurious 410 As: Wasmya 440 As: Land of Oz
  3. To be honest ...its worth getting up for...not much else to do at present and, to be honest, some of the Aussies do give good info just before the racing, and give out market movers..which is worth waiting for just before the off..example being Stunning Impact in race 5, backed in from 30+ win and 9 place to finish 3rd by a neck with a blocked run down the straight... The 9's to place saved my day... Its even more fun on track, make HK racing a bucket list will enjoy..I could recommend some dodgy bars also...amazing place..
  4. All Sha Tin Picks...thought Id best try as i big it up so is damn competitive though.. Race 1, No Bet..Sporting forcast 4-3 reversed Race 2 Fairy Floss to place @4.2 Race 3 Amazing Agility to win @5.4 Race 4 Golden Link to place @3.6 Race 5 Iron King to place @1.4 Race 6 Speedy Dragon to Place @5 Race 7 Winstons Lad to place @4.3 Race 8 Enzemble to win @4 Race 9 Valiant Dream win @4.1 Race 10 Picken to win and place @W15 P5.1 Race 11 Beauty Legacy to win @4.4 Nap.. All prices based on HK tote pools at 8pm UK time Place bets via bookie that’s involved in local tote 365 etc Useful site linked below...if thats allowed MODs if not feel free to do whats required. Information from
  5. Difficult job, well done 👌 Good luck to those that passed the first hurdle.. Suspect this will be the first National won by a lady rider... the algorithms are unique but its fun and every one enjoy.. Dont forget set yer alarm for Sunday morning...😉 Sha Tin.. maybe see some here on line..
  6. Sorry, misunderstood apologies.. Far better Sunday, Aethero is a class sprinter slightly odds on at present in the sprint cup on the biases of a bad run last time out. on the day it will be interesting to see if the late money in HK goes for him. Waikaku is also a class act, possible nice double, but Beauty generation was the top horse in HK last year but has not hit form this season, should be a good race in the Chairman's I always say I dont tip...but for some reason I do fancy Fat Turtle for a place, tends to set the pace. Last week in the HK Derby a front running 80/1 shot only just done on the line..very tactical at times there. Thus the finishes are amazing.. Has anyone considered a temporary dedicated thread for HK racing? Im sure after all this it will become very popular as a betting proposition, mainly due to its UK heritage and honesty..
  7. In my post the other day re: Hong Kong racing, typically best prices are paid via the Aussie tote system, which can can be accessed by one online UK company that I know off. Hope this helps and set your alarms early Sunday, theres a better meeting than todays back on the turf... Hopefully, the TV will not be polluted by UK pundits..😉
  8. Blimy this has filled up quick, please add me to the draw if allowed..cheers
  9. For some Im off work for a while...quite a while... 12:15 ST Exponents @ 6/1 14:15 ST Jade Fortune @ 11/2 15:50 ST Bear Slam @ 9/1 10 Bob e/w PAT…all races 4 places 1/5 odds… Eyes closed fingers …X😉
  10. Mr Trotter, thats the training track in Shenzen China, its quite new and as far as I know used mainly for trialing. The Mainland Chinese Government are looking into allowing racing but...I dont see it being a betting option in the new few years.. Stick with Happy Valley and Sha Tin, you will enjoy..Next Sunday theres a couple of G1's at Sha Tin..Ante Post prices are available with some UK sites.. Happy Punting.. The other track referred to on the fixture list link is Conghua
  11. Thanks for the Welcome BillyHills, Typically I only bet in the last 5 mins before the off, and Im not good at tipping...sorry about that.. The best advice I can give is to watch as its on ATR, then listen to what the overseas pundits say, they go into far more detail about each horse and try to predict the run of the race, highlighting potential winners.. The handicap system does tend to lead to many tight finishes, exciting stuff (if your selection is involved). Some horse do follow the old saying horses for courses and are better at either Happy Valley or Sha Tin. Many people suggest that races 1200M upwards there is a significant draw bias for low numbers. In some ways this is true, but with a clever jockey and a horse that is fast out of the stalls, this can be overcome. Races of 1000M are of the straight courses at both Happy Valley and Sha Tin, where higher draw numbers tend to have the edge.. I think the last time I visited Happy Valley in 2013, it cost $10HK to enter, approx £1..Fantastic place to go for night racing under the flood lights, and Ive been racing in Singapore, South Korea, France, Germany, Czech Republic and Canada...all while travelling for work..Yes I know how lucky I am..
  12. With respect to the Hong Kong racing, there are only the two tracks, Happy Valley and Sha Tin. There is a training track in China where some horses are stabled from time to time. The post upthread may be referring to the track at Macau, which is run by a different group and generally poor quality racing. The season runs from Sept to June, typically Happy Valley is Wednesday nights and Sha Tin Sunday afternoons (although on a few occasions these are changed ie this Wednesday nights meeting on the dirt at Sha Tin). Horses are brought in from around the world and most of the time they are renamed by the new owners.. Its a very well run system horses are weighed for the declaration stage (unlike the UK). The overseas pundits are excellent in giving valid information. Jenny's longshot today won at 16/1...(How Jo Moreira was on a 16/1 shot god knows as he rode 4 winners there today in the previous races bring his total to 901 in 7 years). Prior to him riding in Hong Kong, he was racing in Singapore, and had a similar level or winners. Its easy to understand, for me in the UK, for backing favorites I take the UK price, all others where possible I use the Aussie tote systems, prices tend to be bigger. One can bet place only if required.. When i was working in Asia, it was great to go out for some decent day/night racing there. Totally recommend it to anyone... Hope this helps....enjoy