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  1. WTA Lexington Catherine Cartan Bellis - Jil Belen Teichmann 1@1.53 10/10 flat stake at pinnacle Bellis was junior nr1 and big talent, with top40 at the age of 17, but got injured and had to break her career for almost 2 years. She restarted at the end of last year, with very soft and cautious tennis. Also in Australia she played quite soft tennis, with minimum mistakes and winners. But here, after covid break she add much more agression and won easily with Di Lorenzo and on hard very strong Pegula. Teichmann is claycourter, with negative hard record on WTA level. Here she forced Kalinskaya to lot of unforced errors and yesterday won every close game vs Putintseva, for surprisingly easy win. Bellis will put her under bigger pressure than previous opponents and I believe in a comfortable win here.
  2. WTA Prague Eugénie Bouchard - Tamara Zidansek 1@2.21 10/10 flat stake at pinnacle Bouchard is clearly improving. After her record 15L streak last year she took a month break, and came back stronger despite her retirement in huge cold weather in Houston. She played solid in Australia and also friendlies during covid. She started to work with Stubbs, who is one of the best women coaches and her first official match under her in Prague was impressive. She gave no chance to Kudermetova, who is quite ok normally. Now she will face Zidansek, who won over struggling Siniakova today with troubles. In Palermo she showed, that she doesnt like to be under constant pressure as she coudlnt handle Dodins big hits. Conditions in Prague are quite fast and I believe that Zidansek defence wont be enough vs "reborn" Bouchard. I dont think Genie will repeat her perfect performance vs better defence and movement of Zidansek (in compare to Kudermetova), but still see her as fav in this one and was expecting odds well below 2,0 on her. GL
  3. WTA Prague Patricia Maria Tig - Barbora Krejcikova 1@2.09 10/10 flat stake at pinnacle Tig made great comeback last year, after injury and pregnancy break. Especially on clay (without rankings) she made finals in Bucurest and title in Karlsruhe. But at the end of the season, she was out of gas,and stayed around 80th place. She was very consistant this season as well, with two ITF finals and WTA semis in Thailand before covid break. Last week in Palermo, in her first match after a long time, she played very good and almost euqually vs later finalist Kontaveit. Krejcikova is unsuccesfully trying to reach top100 for 5years already. Her movement is her biggest weakness. She spent covid break on home clay, winning two events, but vs players outside top300. She was quite poor yesterday in her doubles match. I see Tig as the better singles player on clay and also overall (35places higher in the ranks) and won with Bara last year in Karlsruhe 6-4 6-3. Barbora will have just small advantage on home courts without fans. Tig cant be an outsider here. GL
  4. Ekaterina Alexandrova - Kristina Mladenovic Mladenovic @ 1.96 flat 10/10 pinnacle Alexandrova made big progress last season, when she moved from 75th to 25th place, but she made all points on fast surfaces. Clay is her worse surface with 19W 28L career record on WTA level. During covid break she played two events in Czech. In the first one she wasnt ready at all, in the 2nd she was little better and won over Vondrousova, but Marketa was so bad in that match. Mladenovic is also not best on clay, but made several good results last season in Rome and Madrid. She spent the covid period on hard mostly, with ok results, but its hard to say how she will be on clay. Last 10 days she is practising on clay already. Overall Alexandrova is the better player, but not on clay. On clay I see Kiki as small fav and anything over 1,85 is ok for a bet.
  5. Olmos - Zacarias 1@1.73 10/10 flat stake Odds going up on Olmos and as I wanted 1,7+ I have to take it. She is the best player in this event quite surprisingly and she lost only few regular matches past months. She put most of her opponents under pressure and played really great tennis far above her 458 rank. Zacarias is more than 200 places higher ranked, but I am not convinced by her play here. She is on 6 games winning streak, but played vs weaker players. I have Zacarias in the group of plyers right behind Olmos (with Chang, Chang and Day), but is is not that close for almost even odds. I have correct price around 1.65 here. GL
  6. I will be posting aain here. Unfortunatelly odds are not stable these weeks (not sure if I can attach a free telegram chat room here, or it is against the rules, admin please write me a feedback on this, Thank you.) Two times on Volynets today! Pamela Montez - Katie Volynets Katie Volynets @ 1.473 10/10 Katie is one of the biggest US talents, who was ranked 21 on junior tour at the age of fresh 16, but got stopped by an injury then, for more over year. After the return, she moved to women tennis directly (at the age of 17) and she is ranked career high 341 currently. I was expecting her to climb deeply into top 200 this year, as in juniors age she was better than McNally or Navarro. It is her first match after long break in this West-Coeast event, but I expect her be the best player, especially as hard is her best surface. I believe, she will be ready and prove the big quality gap (especially on serve) in compare to Montez. GL Katie Volynets - Andrea Gamiz Katie Volynets @ 1.591 10/10 pinn dtto as against Montez. Gamiz should be all in defence and I expect Volynets to be all over her. GL
  7. WTA Lyon Sofia Kenin - Jaqueline Adina Cristian 2@4.3 pinnacle /flat 10u/ I really dont understand why Kenin is in Lyon indoors, while sunshine double starts next week. I bet on low motivation of Kenin here, who won first round with Diatchenko, and that might be all she wanted here. Really cant see her going deep here and have 2-3 days to practice at home + jetlag. Cristian caught great form indoors, title in Trnava, in Macon she lost to later winner Dodin in tight fight and here she lost 10 games only in three matches. Ofcourse she met neither player of Kenins quality. For me the odds should be much closer, Kenin will surely not give 100%, she is playing rarely indoors and her opponent is in great mood right now. Ofcourse if I am wrong and Kenin will fight on maximum, those odds are about correct, but still not without chances. GL
  8. WTA Monterrey Tamara Zidansek - Anastasia Potapova 2@1.74 pinnacle /flat 10u/ I have lost against Zidansek last week, but Juvan played really nothing special and she played not well also here. So I am not changing anything on my Tamaras estimations yet as her record on hard is still horrible on hardcourt on WTA level. Zidansek after that win lost to home wild card Zarazua. Here she won with Azarenka, who played first match after 7 months and it wasnt good at all. I like the way Potapova is playing this year. 10-5 record is good with several solid wins. She won Schmiedlova and Maria in Acapulco, who are both defence minded players, same as Gatto yesterday and tomorrow it will be similar story with Zidansek. I think Tamara will hate this match up and she will have lot of problems to defend big shots from Potapova, who is in good form and very dangerous this year on hardcourt. Wouldnt not give more than 1,5 on the russian. GL
  9. WTA Lyon Viktoriya Tomova - Magdalena Frech 2@1.64 pinnacle /flat 10u/ Tomova is coming of two busy weeks, finals in Glasgow and title in Sunderland, but in both events, she met players of lower quality, as she was nr1 seed there. Was watching part of her final with british talent Raducanu and she was worse for set and half, but Emma couldnt keep her high level for whole match and made too many unforced errors. Frech is in top200 for third year, but I like her game more than her ranking is. Her game improved a lot last year, but she played only 14 events. She is very clever player, but she is not that powerful, to compete with many heavy hitters on tour. She passed qualification here. Both players playing similar style of tennis, but Frech is better overall. Tomova might be little tired as well and Frech will be her toughest opponent since Svitolina in Fed Cup. I see Frech as big fav here.
  10. WTA Lyon Irina Maria Bara - Isabella Shinikova 2@1.61 pinnacle /flat 10u/ I know pinn opened over 1,8, but will never post bets with joke early limits, as thats only stats hunt and nothing for followers. I think correct odds here shoudl be 1.4 Bara is pure claycourter. Small height, weaker serv, lot of running and defending mostly. Her record past three seasons on hardcourts is 7-20, which says it all. Here she surprisingly won with home wild card Albie, who is out of form, but still it was suprirse as almost 3,0 underdog. Shinikova improved a lot last season on faster courts. She is 7W-6L this season on quite strong events. Week before she lost to Kostyuk in Cairos quaterfinals, but Kostyuk dominated the whole event by far. Here she won over slowly improving Marcinkevica yesterday. We have two players here, with big diffrence in quality on indoors surface and anything else than easy win for Isabella would surprise me. GL WTA Lyon Antonia Lottner - Cristina Bucsa 1@1.64 pinnacle /flat 10u/ I liked Lottner a lot at the end of last season on Indoor events. In Luxemburg she played really well. She is best on fastest surfaces, like grass or indoors. She have good serv and she is attacking from all positions. This season she didnt played much, but in AO she passed qualification and lose to Giorgi in main draw. Here she easily overcomes Brouleau, whi is 4th houndred player, but really dangerous indoors and on evenmore on home soil. Bucsa is solid on fast courts, eventhoug she is spanish. She made surprising title in Natnes indoors, but that was really strange event, as many claycourters went deep and she won 7-6 in third Korpatsch in the finals. But since that surprise she has only 2W-6L record. Bucsa is soild player, but I think Lottner will be too much one her indoors. Lottner will be pressing her and Bucsa will have lot of problems to catch up. GL
  11. WTA Monterrey Marcela Zacarias - Olga Govortsova 2@1.42 pinnacle /flat 10u/ Govortsova is former stable top100 player, who dropped to 500 in the rankings after the 2016 injury. After the comeback, she looked like she wont care anymore, but this year she is playing well again. She won tough ITF100 in Nicholasville without dropping a set and beats good plaers in Andrezieux as well. Zacarias climbied 250 places last season, but full 100 of them was thanks to lucky draw in Tyler, where she beat two qualifiers and then Vandweghe retired to her. Otherwise she is succesfull only on ITF25 and lower. She has 0-9 career record against top200 players. I see Olga as huge fav here against the wild card. She is on her way to around top100 again. Odds rised so have to take this. GL WTA Monterrey Stefanie Voegele - Sara Errani 2@1.96 pinnacle /flat 10u/ dropped a bit Errani was really weak after doping comeback. She was little dangerous on clay, but so weak on hard with even worse serv than before. In new season she is showing big improvements, better fitness and really solid first serv, which is maybe best in her whole career. Even big hitter like Wang wasnt killing her on serv and needed three sets to beat Sara. Earrani was playing well last week in same conditons, she demolished Gibbs and Voegele, won tight match with Sorribes and lost in three sets to Wang. Voegele is nothing special last 3-4 seasons already. She is just running and waiting for mistakes, while she is doing a lot mistakes herself. I do not like her game at all. Sara won 6-2 6-1 with Stefania last week and as I watched her in the main draw, I see her clear fav in this match. She was playing her smart tennis, lot of dropshots and angles and di just few mistakes from backhand. Her serv numbers were really impressive on her serving skills. I dont not expect just three won games to repeat from Voegele, but she really wont like this match up again, as she will not get easy points from Sara. Correct odds 1,75 on italian. GL
  12. WTA Acapulco Tamara Zidansek - Kaja Juvan 2@1.6 pinnacle /flat 10u/ Zidansek is best on clay. She really do not play well on hardcourt with 5-13 record past 52 weeks and there are not counted three losses in fed cup week ago to Stojanovic, Linette and Ozgen. She is playing soft tennis and doing quite a lot mistakes lately. Yesterday she surprisingly won over Kalinskaya, but Kalinskaya is very unstable player, she had many chances on return games, but she converted almost nothing and gifted Zidansek the win with easy mistakes. Juvan is big slovenian talent, who ended her junior campaing as 16yo and 5th junior of the world. Last year she crushed ITF events and slowly entering to top100. She is player on all surfaces, but her flat game is much more suitable on hards. Yesterday she denied matchpoints against Williams in a match of high quality. Before she went easily through qualies. For me Juvan is the better player on faster surface and she will be boosted after the big win yesterday. I expect her to push Zidansek also on return games and control the whole match. GL
  13. WTA Doha Jelena Ostapenko - Petra Kvitova 2@1.41 pinnacle /flat 10u/ Kvitova is really stable player this year. She lost only in tight fights to Keys and Barty. In Petersburg she withdrawn due to illness, but here she seemed fully fit and improved a lot during the match with Suarez, completly dominated 2nd and 3rd set with lot of winners and just few errors. Ostapenko is little unstable this year after the family troubles. She had great draw here with Teichmann and Strycova, who both were in full defence against her. But she really hates fast hitters and that will be todays case. Kvitova is class better player currently for me and she will be forcing Jelena to many errors with her fast game. I think eveything over 1,4 is ok for a bet. so 1,44 pinn or 1,47 BF with 2% comm are good values for me. GL
  14. WTA Doha Amanda Anisimova - Svetlana Kuznetsova 1@1.69 pinnacle /flat 10u/ I took a bet against Anisimova in the first round, as she had a stomach problems lat week and played really bad with Strycova. But the way she won that first round with in form Alexandrova, and the way she pushed out Svitolina in 2nd round made quite big impression to me. Anisimova was playing really well, like she did in first half of last season and for me she is back in good form with higher confidence. I saw Kuznetsova in almost all matches this year and I see big diffrence between both players. Svetlana won with Vondrousova in AO, but Marketa is still not ready after injury. Otherwise her results and play are about average. Here she won Buyukakcay and Swiatek, but espacially Swiatek played really badly today. Kuznetsova is playing little better than expected at the end of her career, but it wont be enough against back in form Anisimova. Amanda will punsih her weaker serv and will push her back from all positions, as she did against Svita. This odds are best value from round 16 to me and I have to take young american at current odds. GL
  15. WTA Doha Jelena Ostapenko - Jil Teichmann 1@1.57 pinnacle /flat 10u/ Just shortly, no time. Teichmann improved on hard as I wrote, but it is enough only on weaker players. Ostapenko is dangerous on hard. She continues in solid game after great finish of last season. Won for example over Kenin in Fed Cup on hardcourt. She will be too much for Teichmann, who is despite improvements bellow average player on faster surfaces. WTA Doha Kristina Mladenovic - Veronika Kudermetova 2@1.75 pinnacle /flat 10u/ Both players improved lately, but there is much bigger step up in Kudermetovas game. She won vs Yastremska in Dubai and gave really hard time to Muguruza, while Mladenovic made just three games with Pliskova, who wasnt at her best there. Veronika doesnt like defensive minded players, but Mladenovic is not that kind of player. I think Kudermetova will be better from the baseline, with less errors and that will be the key for the victory.