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  1. Hello guys Does any of you know of any script or even manual method to generate reduced combinations systems? For example in my country we have 6/49 lottery and you can play, let's say, 10 numbers and if you choose a reduced system you will play only a fraction of all the possible combinations of 10 by 6 and if you get all 6 numbers right, the system guarantees that you will have at least one combination with 4 or 5 correct numbers.
  2. Re: Head-to Head Meetings @jtw1: when you choose your selections do you take in consideration only the recent meetings played on the same venue?
  3. Re: One size fits all Happy New Year! Any chance you will ever share how your software does the ratings? Anyway...regardless of your answer to my question I can only :clap your work.
  4. Re: One size fits all Great work! :clap
  5. Re: One size fits all Great work! Thank you for sharing your picks. Are you willing to share what knowledge is required to build a software like yours? Where should someone begin if he wants to build it?
  6. Re: One size fits all Is this software your creation?
  7. Re: One size fits all Will you continue to post your picks?
  8. Re: Racing systems and software Hello. I am new around here and I was wondering if anyone knows about a software which can help you to compare horses, trainers etc. with an updated database.