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  1. NHL Picks for Tuesday November 19 For the second straight day, both picks lost. We knew a losing streak was bound to happen, eventually. Let's hope it does not last very long! RECORD: Bets won = 23 Bets lost = 23 Profit = +$5.96 (from RISKING 1$ on every play) Today's picks are (odds from Pinnacle): 5 STARS = Blues (at +106 or 2.06) vs Lightning 2 STARS = Flyers (at +120 or 2.20) at Panthers 2 STARS = Islanders (at +113 or 2.13) at Penguins 2 STARS = Blue Jackets (at +107 or 2.07) vs Canadiens 2 STARS = Canucks (at +130 or 2.30) at Stars 2 STARS = Maple Leafs (at +131 or 2.31) at Golden Knights 2 STARS = Oilers (at +123 or 2.23) at Sharks 1 STAR = Jets (at +166 or 2.66) at Predators The Blues pick is based on three betting systems: "The Big Upset", "The Snapped Winning Streak" and "The Cold Teams Matchup". Here are the details of "The Big Upset" strategy: "Suppose Team A upsets Team B with odds greater than 2.70 in decimal format (i.e. +170 in American format). If Team B's next game is against a different opponent called Team C, bet Team C is its money line is greater than 1.667 in decimal format (i.e. -150 in American format, to avoid betting big favorites which did not prove to be profitable)." Tampa's last game was a 4-3 loss to Winnipeg, where the Jets' money line was 2.88. For this reason, we are going to bet AGAINST the Lightning tonight (since St. Louis is NOT a big favorite today). Cheers! Professor MJ
  2. NHL Picks for Monday November 18 Both picks lost yesterday (two underdogs), unfortunately. Still a good cushion in profit territory, let's rebound tonight! RECORD: Bets won = 23 Bets lost = 21 Profit = +$7.96 (from RISKING 1$ on every play) Today's picks are (odds from Pinnacle): 2 STARS = Kings (at +145 or 2.45) at Coyotes 1 STAR = Ducks (at +194 or 2.94) at Capitals Good luck with your plays! Professor MJ
  3. NHL Picks for Sunday November 17 The betting systems are still on fire, 4-1 over past two days with many underdogs hitting! RECORD: Bets won = 23 Bets lost = 19 Profit = +$9.96 (from RISKING 1$ on every play) Today's picks are (odds from Pinnacle): 2 STARS = Sabres (at +123 or 2.23) at Blackhawks 2 STARS = Flames (at +136 or 2.36) at Golden Knights Good Sunday! Professor MJ
  4. NHL Picks for November 16 I'm posting the Saturday picks in advance since I won't have time to do it then (we are Friday late afternoon at the time of writing). The system picks are (odds from Pinnacle): 4 STARS = Jets (at +188 or 2.88) at Lightning 4 STARS = Flames (at -105 or 1.95) at Coyotes 2 STARS = Hurricanes (at -116 or 1.86) at Wild The Friday night games might add more system plays for Saturday depending on how they play out, but as of now those are 3 picks that we are definitely taking (since the teams involved are not playing Friday night). Enjoy your weekend hockey fans! Professor MJ
  5. NHL Picks for November 15 Dammit! Our unbelievable good streak ended last night. The Red Wings were just 2 minutes away from pulling off the upset in L.A., but the Kings tied the game late in the 3rd period before getting the W in overtime. Let's get back on our feet quickly! RECORD: Bets won = 19 Bets lost = 18 Profit = +$5.77 (from RISKING 1$ on every play) Today's picks are (odds from Pinnacle): 2 STARS = Blue Jackets (at +117 or 2.17) vs Blues 2 STARS = Senators (at +128 or 2.28) vs Flyers Both picks are based on "The Snapped Winning Streak" betting system. Professor MJ
  6. Week #11 Picks PICK: Houston Texans +4 at Baltimore Ravens (rated 4 stars) The Ravens have impressed a lot of people, including myself, with their three most recent wins: 30-16 in Seattle, 37-20 against the Patriots and an easy 49-13 victory in Cincinnati last week. Lamar Jackson is such a different animal. No other quarterback matches his elusiveness. He is a lot of fun to watch! However, I like the Texans to cover the spread here. DeShaun Watson is also very good and he can make plays out of nothing. Plus, he has more experience. The Texans are a very solid team and you couldn’t tell they had lost J.J. Watt after allowing just three points to the Jaguars in their last game. Obviously, I also like the fact that Houston is coming off its bye week. They have had plenty of time to analyze game tapes. PICK: Carolina Panthers -5 vs Atlanta Falcons (rated 3 stars) I tip my hat off to the Falcons for such an impressive performance in New Orleans last week. It must have been great relief for head coach Dan Quinn, who is certainly on the hot seat. With that win out of the way, I expect a letdown for Atlanta, especially against a team that simply cannot drop this game. The Panthers are sitting at 5-4, and with such a crowded playoff race in the NFC, this is a must-win game for Carolina. They won’t let their feet off the gas. The revenge factor comes into play since the Panthers lost both meetings to Atlanta last season. As a matter of fact, the Falcons won by a 7-point margin in Atlanta and by a 14-point margin in Carolina. That’s not gonna happen this year. LEAN: Jacksonville Jaguars +3 at Indianapolis Colts I’m really looking forward to seeing Nick Foles at quarterback for the Jaguars. He suffered a broken clavicle in Week #1 and had to be replaced by Gardner Minshew. The backup QB with the mustache did very well at times, and not so good at others. After a bad performance in London against Houston, Doug Marrone decided to make the switch. Both teams have very comparable defenses with 21 points allowed per game. Their offenses are similar too, maybe with a slight edge to Indy. But who knows what’s going to happen with Foles under center. Jacoby Brissett is expected to be back at quarterback, but his top target, T.Y. Hilton, seems like a long shot to suit up this Sunday. I expect a very tight divisional game, in which case I’ll go with the Jags as 3-point dogs. Cheers! Professor MJ
  7. NHL Picks for November 14 The free survivor pool with a $50 USD prize starts tonight. Submit your pick here! RECORD: Bets won = 19 Bets lost = 17 Profit = +$6.77 (from RISKING 1$ on every play) Today's picks are (odds from Pinnacle): 2 STARS = Red Wings (at +125 or 2.25) at Kings This pick is based on "The Stingy Goalies" betting angle, whose details were provided to you in an earlier post. Thus far in 2019, this strategy has generated a 1.42-unit profit over 43 bets (minimal gains, but still in positive territory!). Professor MJ
  8. NHL Picks for November 13 This is just unbelievable: we are riding an astounding winning streak. RECORD: Bets won = 19 Bets lost = 17 Profit = +$6.77 (from RISKING 1$ on every play) Today's picks are (odds from Pinnacle): No picks! BUT... how about a free survivor pool? The last man standing gets $50 USD. Details here. Professor MJ
  9. NHL Picks for November 12 Now 5 straight days with positive gains! Let's try to keep the ball rolling! RECORD: Bets won = 16 Bets lost = 16 Profit = +$3.84 (from RISKING 1$ on every play) Today's picks are (odds from Pinnacle): 4 STARS = Coyotes (at +145 or 2.45) at Blues 3 STARS = Oilers (at +124 or 2.24) at Sharks 2 STARS = Avalanche (at +103 or 2.03) at Jets 1 STAR = Panthers (at +145 or 2.45) at Bruins Snow storm today in Quebec City, I hope you guys have a nice day... Professor MJ
  10. NHL Picks for November 11 AWESOME!! The 5-star pick, was which a long shot, did win! The Red Wings did pull off a nice upset against the Bruins last Friday. RECORD: Bets won = 15 Bets lost = 15 Profit = +$3.19 (from RISKING 1$ on every play) Today's picks are (odds from Pinnacle): 4 STARS = Coyotes (at +165 or 2.65) at Capitals 1 STAR = Senators (at +208 or 3.08) at Hurricanes The Ottawa pick is based on "The Blowout" betting system: Bet a team that blew out its previous opponent by a margin of 3+ goals. The team we bet must be on the road and its money line must be greater than 2.05 (which essentially means they must be underdogs). This betting angle generated gains of 60.49 units over 818 bets through a 9-year span. Good luck guys! Professor MJ
  11. NHL Picks for November 8 Big payday last night! The system plays went 3-1, including a big underdog (Rangers at Canes) and a moderate dog (Jackets at Coyotes). We won 3.71 units, which now puts us in profit territory! Attaboy! RECORD: Bets won = 14 Bets lost = 14 Profit = +$1.99 (from RISKING 1$ on every play) Today's picks are (odds from Pinnacle): 5 STARS = Red Wings (at +220 or 3.20) vs Bruins 4 STARS = Canucks (at +110 or 2.10) at Jets Once again we are going after a long shot. Detroit's pick meets the criteria of a season-high 4 betting systems at a time. It won't be easy at all, so let's cross our fingers! Professor MJ
  12. NFL PLAYER PROPS (WEEK #9) Sorry I could not post them last weekend because I went on a trip to Buffalo. I barely had enough time to release my YouTube video presenting those picks. Here they were (you can check my YT video if you need proof that I'm not cheating!): PICK #1: Melvin Gordon over 40.5 rushing yards (at -122 or 1.82) (WIN) PICK #2: DeAndre Hopkins over 6.5 receptions (at -107 or 1.93) (WIN) PICK #3: Mark Walton over 2.5 receptions (at -140 or 1.714) (WIN) PICK #4: Russell Wilson under 264.5 passing yards (at -121 or 1.83) (LOSS) PICK #5: Taylor Gabriel under 2.5 receptions (at +133 or 2.33) (LOSS) PICK #6: Tarik Cohen over 2.5 receptions (at -180 or 1.556) (LOSS) PICK #7: Mitch Trubisky under 235.5 passing yards (at -120 or 1.833) (WIN) PICK #8: Odell Beckham over 4.5 receptions (at +103 or 2.03) (WIN) Thus far in 2019: 18-15 record (profit = +1.85 units) NFL PLAYER PROPS (WEEK #10) PICK #1: Hunter Henry over 65.5 receiving yards (at -110 or 1.91 with PICK #2: Keenan Allen over 68.5 receiving yards (at -120 or 1.83 with Bet365) PICK #3: Philip Rivers under 314.5 passing yards (at -120 or 1.83 with Bet365) PICK #4: Derek Carr under 34.5 passing attempts (at -115 or 1.87 with More to come on Sunday games! Professor MJ
  13. 4 NFL Betting Tips by Stats University Professor (Week #10) PICK: Indianapolis Colts -10 vs Miami Dolphins (rated 3 stars) When I told a friend I was thinking about picking the Colts in my survivor pool, he replied: “What? Are you sure? Even though Brissett is hurt?” That shows me most people are afraid of betting Indy because of this injury, and also because of Miami’s good recent performances. First, let’s address the QB situation. Brissett has a sprained MCL, the Colts might be able to get past the Dolphins with Brian Hoyer under center, but Brissett is expected to try and play. Indianapolis is pushing hard for a playoff spot and they cannot afford to lose this game. Speaking of injuries, the betting public might underestimate the impact of the Dolphins missing two key pieces to their offense. Running back Mark Walton got suspended for four games, while the very impressive wide receiver Preston Williams is done for the year after hurting his right knee. One could argue the Colts may look past Miami since they are expecting matchups against their three divisional rivals in the next three weeks. But I could counter this argument by saying this is a sandwich game for the Dolphins; indeed, they played the Jets last week and have a meeting with the Bills in Week #11. I believe Miami may not play as hard, now that they’ve finally earned their first win of the season. Meanwhile, the Colts are certain to give everything they’ve got, considering how tight the playoff race is. PICK: Cincinnati Bengals +10 vs Baltimore Ravens (rated 3 stars) We have many ingredients to an inflated point spread here. First, the Ravens received great publicity following an impressive win over the undefeated Patriots on primetime television. Secondly, the Bengals are starting a rookie at quarterback, Ryan Finley, a fourth round pick out of NC State. Winning by 11 points or more on the road is a difficult task. The elements I just mentioned have contributed to boosting the line. Winless teams coming off a bye week are one of my favorites betting angles in the NFL, and that applies here. Cincinnati has had plenty of time to rest and game plan for their next opponent. Giving 2 weeks to the rookie QB to work with the first stringers was a smart move. Ryan Finley is 24 years old so he’s a more mature rookie. From the reports I’ve read, he looked bad during offseason practices, but he improved significantly during preseason games. He is considered a game manager. He’s an accurate passer, but not explosive. But that’s okay! We want him to sustain drives to keep Lamar Jackson off the field, and running out the clock to shorten the game. Head coach Zac Taylor declared he expects star wide receiver A.J. Green to make his debut against the Ravens. However, Green didn’t feel well enough to practice Wednesday, so he is considered questionable to play. Even if he plays, he could be rusty and be limited to a specific number of plays. But he might still draw attention for Baltimore’s defense. The Bengals will be looking for payback after dropping a Week #6 meeting with the Ravens by a 23-to-17 score earlier this year. I expect the crowd to fully support his team despite an 0-8 record, considering they’ll be excited to see their new QB at work and also because it’s a divisional game against a hated rival. PICK: Dallas Cowboys -3 vs Minnesota Vikings (rated 2 stars) These two teams have a similar record and a comparable point differential. Therefore, a spread of three points favoring the home team isn’t surprising. However, the injury to Adam Thielen will make the Vikings more one-dimensional. The Cowboys will stack the line of scrimmage and dare Kirk Cousins to beat them. He looks good at times, and bad at others. Without one of his top targets, I expect a long night for him. The Cowboys defense is solid. Thielen’s absence will make it easier for them to stop Dalvin Cook. The Vikings defense is also good, but facing a more well-balanced attack will create more problems for them. In case you are wondering, Amari Cooper is expected to play despite being bothered by a knee injury. Dallas is losing one day of rest after playing the Monday Nighter against the Giants, but Minnesota will be on the road for a third time over the past four weeks. LEAN: Tampa Bay Bucs -4.5 vs Arizona Cardinals Bruce Arians coached the Cards for five years and he will now face his former team. Do you think he’ll be motivated to beat them? I think so! It has been six weeks (!!!) since the Bucs last played at home, so their players should be pumped. That was one of my arguments when picking the Raiders last week, as they were in the same situation. It worked out well, so let’s give it a try once again! The rest factor favors Arizona, though, since they played last Thursday so they benefit from three more days of rest. However, the Cards will be traveling a couple of time zones to play an early Sunday game, which will make things tougher. Tight end O.J. Howard is “ready to roll”, according to his coach. The timing for his return couldn’t be more perfect since the Cards have allowed league-highs in catches, receiving yards and touchdowns to opposing tight ends this year. Arizona has beaten three teams this season. Do you know what those teams’ combined record is? An abysmal 3-22!! Meanwhile, the Bucs have just won a couple of games, but they were significantly more impressive: at Carolina and at the Rams. I wish you the best of luck with your NFL plays! Professor MJ
  14. NHL Picks for November 7 We picked both underdogs yesterday and got a 1-1 record, so we did net a profit. RECORD: Bets won = 11 Bets lost = 13 Profit = -$1.72 (from RISKING 1$ on every play) Today's picks are (odds from Pinnacle): 2 STARS = Panthers (at -111 or 1.90) vs Capitals 2 STARS = Penguins (at +100 or 2.00) at Islanders 2 STARS = Blue Jackets (at +145 or 2.45) at Coyotes 1 STAR = Rangers (at +226 or 3.26) at Hurricanes The Florida pick is based on "The Hot Scorers" betting system, which goes as follows: Suppose a team has scored 4+ goals in each of its past 3 games. If they are playing on the road tonight, bet against them. This betting angle yielded a 45.08-unit profit via 332 bets through a 9-year span. Have a good day, fellows! Professor MJ
  15. Thursday Night Football - Week #10 LEAN: Los Angeles Chargers pick’em at Oakland Raiders Wow, what a critical game this is for both teams! The loser will suffer a significant blow to its playoff hopes. Can you feel the Chargers train picking up speed? That big win over the Packers last weekend may become their season turning point. Last year the Chargers started the season 1-2 before winning 11 of their last 13 games. In 2017, they got off to a disappointing 3-6 record before going 6-1 during the last stretch of the season. Can they do it again this year? The largest margin of defeat by Los Angeles this year has been just 7 points! Meanwhile, the Raiders lost games by 20-, 18- and 18-point margins. After holding out the first four games of the season, Melvin Gordon seems to be back to game speed. He had his best game of 2019 with 20 rushes for 80 yards and a couple of TDs versus the Packers. Both teams have a solid and well-balanced attack. On the Chargers side, you’ve got Rivers, Gordon, Ekeler, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and underrated tight end Hunter Henry. On the Raiders side, you’ve got Derek Carr under center with rookie sensation Josh Jacobs running the ball, along with Tyrell Williams and the surprising Darren Waller catching balls. The big difference to me lies on the defensive side of the ball. Oakland lacks playmakers; they don’t have guys that can really put some pressure on opposing quarterbacks like Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram can. These guys pressured Aaron Rodgers all game long last Sunday, despite very few blitzes. One of the few bright spots for the Raiders on defense, Arden Key, broke his foot and will miss the remainder of the season. Firing their offensive coordinator and replacing him with a new guy did wonders to the Chargers’ offense. They moved the ball very well against Green Bay. The players seemed to enjoy his playcalling. None of their 9 possessions ended with a three-and-out, and Los Angeles had to punt just once! Josh Jacobs’ shoulder seems to be bothering him. He played last week, but he is still listed on the injury list. He might feel sore on such a short week. It should be an entertaining game, but in the end I expect the Chargers to come out on top. Enjoy the game folks! Professor MJ