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  1. Written Thursday October 29th, 2020 at 7 a.m. Eastern Time (spreads/odds may have changed) Yeah, baby! The 5-star pick was a winner last week, lifting our record on such plays to a perfect 2-0 record this season! Backing the Jets was a bold call, especially considering they were 0-6 against the spread (ATS) this year, but we took them at the right moment. Notice how New York was a 13-point underdog when I took them last Thursday, while the line dropped all the way to 9.5 prior to kickoff. That was a huge indication it was a good value bet. I’ve got four official picks
  2. Written Thursday October 22nd, 2020 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time (spreads/odds may have changed) This week we’ve got just our second 5-star play of the 2020 season! The only other one was Arizona +7 against the 49ers in Week #1, a bet that easily covered since the Cards won the game straight up by a margin of four points. Such picks rated 5 stars have done very well since I started this “Professor MJ” brand a few years ago. That being said, I’m not suggesting to bet your house on it. You’ll never hear me talk about “the lock of the century” or “100% guaranteed winner” or any simi
  3. Written Thursday October 15th, 2020 at 10 a.m. Eastern Time (spreads/odds may have changed) The picks went a perfect 3-0 last week! Let’s keep rolllllling!#D PICK #1 (4 STARS): GREEN BAY PACKERS PICK’EM AT TAMPA BAY BUCS Over a four-year period, road favorites coming off a bye week posted an impressive 17-2-2 record against the spread (ATS). That’s impressive! Granted, Tampa is coming off a Thursday night game, but the Packers still benefit from four more days of rest. Green Bay has been playing at an extremely high level, especially their offense that has been firing
  4. As promised last week, here is an update about BetOnline’s Mega Contest: I did not win the $4,000 quarterly prize awarded to the top contestant through four weeks. 😡 I dropped from 2nd to 24th place (out of 2671 participants) after posting a disappointing 2-3 record last week. Still in good shape for season prizes, which are given to the top 100 contestants. Let’s keep grinding! Let’s now move on to my favorite plays in Week #5! PICK #1 (4 STARS): PITTSBURGH STEELERS -7 VS PHILADELPHIA EAGLES The better a team is, the more they benefit from additional rest. That’s
  5. If you have bet the “over” in every single NFL game in 2020, you are a rich man! Indeed, the “over” holds an impressive 30-18 record so far; that’s a 62.5% win percentage. This week, I’m going to mix some “regular” picks against the spread with some plays on totals, and also an additional pick where I’m taking a team in the first quarter. Without further ado, let’s review my value bets for Week #4 in the NFL! PICK #1 (4 STARS): LOS ANGELES CHARGERS +7 AT TAMPA BAY BUCS I do not like picking West Coast teams playing an early Sunday game, but I’ll make an exception here.
  6. A lot of great matchups in Week #3 in the NFL: Chiefs-Ravens Packers-Saints Cowboys-Seahawks Rams-Bills Let’s hope the games live up to the hype! Unlike the first two weeks, I do not have any 5-star or 4-star plays. Still, I’ve got four recommended picks. Let me unveil them right away! PICK #1 (3 STARS): NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS -6 VS LAS VEGAS RAIDERS Cam Newton looks in great shape. He ran for 75 and 47 yards in his first two games as a Patriot, and has shown great accuracy as a passer. Also, the defense has done pretty well despite the numerou
  7. The Dolphins versus Jaguars matchup is not very exciting, so why not spice it up with a little bet? Prior to the start of the 2020 season, Jacksonville was projected to be the league’s worst team. This week, they are established as 3-point favorites. In other words, we have the opportunity to bet against them, while also getting 3 points! I’m taking that bet. PICK: MIAMI DOLPHINS +3 AT JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS I have to admit the Jags have done surprisingly well thus far this year. First, they beat the Colts 27-to-20 before dropping a tight 33-to-30 game in Tennessee. Now, desp
  8. The 5-star pick was a winner last week! And so was the 4-star play! In both cases, we had taken a fairly big underdog that eventually won the game outright: the Arizona Cardinals (as 7-point underdogs in San Francisco) and the Washington Redskins (as 6.5-point underdogs vs Philadelphia). If not for Detroit’s epic fourth-quarter collapse, the picks rated 3 stars or higher would have gone a perfect 4-0. Let’s keep rolling! PICK #1 (4 STARS): WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM +6.5 AT ARIZONA CARDINALS What?!?!? Last week my top play went to Arizona, and now in Week #2 my favorite
  9. Week #1 in the NFL is finally upon us! Right off the bat I’ve got a great betting angle that’s been doing wonders historically in Week #1: "Bet a team facing a divisional opponent against which they lost both meetings the year before." Let’s call it the “Week #1 Double Division Revenge” factor. Over the past 10 years, this strategy led to an astounding 22-10 record against the spread (ATS), a 68.8% win rate! This year we’ve got five teams meeting this criterion for betting. Out of those, there’s one squad I won’t bet for different reasons, while the other four are all
  10. Many sportsbooks are offering the possibility of betting who will win the MVP title in the NFL this year. In this article, I will unveil 6 players whose odds represent good value, in my opinion. In order for a player to make my list, he had to meet two conditions: • Condition #1: There has to be one online sportsbook whose line on this specific player is significantly higher than other bookies. • Condition #2: I believe the player in question does hold a reasonable chance of becoming the 2020 MVP. Before we dive into the candidates, here is a vital statistic to be aware of:
  11. 2 OFFICIAL PICKS PICK #1: Under 6.5 Blackhawks-Oilers @ -109 odds (1.91 decimal) PICK #2: Avalanche @ -127 odds (1.79 decimal) vs Stars Some explanations about the under 6.5 Chicago-Edmonton pick. The odds on "under 6" was -107 in Game #1, then +102 in Game #2 and now +124 in Game #3. Line clearly inflated due to overreaction to recent results, in my humble opinion. As a contrarian, I'm taking the "under". As for the Avs, they should be favored with a -150 line at least. Much stronger team. +46 goal differential this year versus just +3 for the Stars. Give me Colorado in this
  12. 1. Introduction Kyle Shanahan’s first two seasons as San Francisco’s head coach ended with 6-10 and 4-12 records. The team wildly exceeded expectations last year by finishing as the number one seed in the NFC. The 49ers rolled pretty easily over the Vikings and the Packers to open the playoffs. However, the Super Bowl left a sour taste in their mouth after squandering a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter. Can Shanahan’s squad make it back to the big game this season? 2. Offensive Position-by-Position Breakdown 2.1 Quarterbacks (QBs) Prior to last year, Jimmy Garo
  13. 1. Introduction Giants fans had hopes of making a playoff push after rookie QB Daniel Jones won his first two NFL games to bring back the team to a 2-2 record. However, the team underwent a nine-game losing skid, while seeing many good players go down to injuries. The team fired head coach Pat Shurmur, and the new leader will be Joe Judge, a member of the Patriots coaching staff for eight years. There is optimism around this franchise with young budding stars on offense. After six losing seasons over the past seven years, can the Giants finally turn the corner? 2. Offensive
  14. 1. Introduction It was a strange year for America’s team. They started with three easy wins over weak opponents, only to end up missing the playoffs with an 8-8 record. I call it a strange season because if you look at their best offensive players’ statistics, they all did very well! The team scored the 6th most points in the league, while their defense allowed the 11th fewer points. How in the heck did they miss the playoffs? In their eight wins, the average margin of victory was 20.1 points. In their eight losses, the average margin of defeat was 6.0 points. Indeed, the C
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