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  1. Hi Sir Puntalot! Thanks for the reply! The paddypower customer service gave me between 24 and 48 hours to get an answer from a manager. Meanwhile, i sent them the official video with the Highlights, if they still refuse to pay, i will take legal action. Cheers!
  2. Hi! Long story kinda short. Yesterday (13/07/2019) I placed a live bet on the PaddyPower website on two friendly football matches, which i won. St.Truiden vs Gent (Both teams to score in both halves) Olimpia Grudziadz vs Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biala (Both teams to score in both halves) All sunshine and roses, after getting the winnings in my PaddyPower account, i've made the withdrawal. But...Surprise, after about 30 minutes, the money in my PaddyPower account was showing 250 pounds even though i only kept 7 pounds or so after the withdrawal. I'm checking my Transaction History and i could see that they reverse my winnings, and the 250 pounds are the money that i had in my account prior betting. I went straight to the contact tab and i called customer service. The reason that my winnings were taken away, is because, they are saying, that my bet was a late bet, which basically means that i placed the bet after one, or both, of my combinations were already a win, totally not true! After trying to tell them that they doing a huge and unfair mistake, and 3 phone calls, in which at a point they were arguing with me in a disrespectful manner, they even told me to check the website, which is an unofficial live scores website, so i gave up, they won't take my word for granted anyway. So i said, ok, let's do some research, but what i found out is really, really annoying. Right, i placed the bet at 6:20 and 40 seconds PM (Uk's Time) as the transaction history section on the PaddyPower website shows. The St. Truiden vs Gent at the final time the result was 4-2, the last goal, which made my bet for this combination a win, was scored in 79th minute, the match started at 5:00 PM (Uk's time) which, including the 15 mins. break and injury time, would make 6:33-"ish" PM, fair enough, sience this was the last goal i needed to win the whole thing, the bet was settled at 6:38 pm, given the fact that it was a friendly match and the teams don't always stick to the time plans as in a official match. But the other one... well, is complicated. Let's see: The match started at 5:00 PM, according to the website , which is the website that customer service told me to check on, is saying that the last goal that made this combination a win was scored in the 65th minute , which would make 6:20-"ish" PM, that was the moment i realized that, the "trading team" that investigate my complain, they might have taken their research from a unofficial website, which is scary. Anyway, i know that it couldn't be that time. After i placed the bet, i was keeping an eye on this particular match on the Bet365 website and i actually saw when the goal was scored, they scored after i placed the bet with minimum 3 minutes. That's why i put the tag "bet365 users please help", i used to bet on the Bet365 website, but after seeing that i'm loosing a lot, i choose to self exclude myself, but after a while, my appetite for betting came back and i couldn't play on bet365 anymore, so, unfortunately, i choose PaddyPower instead, but i'm still using Bet365 to track football matches as i find very accurate their stats for some matches. Well, i said to myself, let's dig deeper. I went on some live score websites that i use sometimes as they cover many competition. The, and, they are saying that the last goal of this match was scored in 68th minute And then i realized that something went wrong like they came from half time earlier, or they started the match earlier or something like that, but i needed something official, that's why i went to Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała website and guess what.. i found an official video with the match highlights I said: "that's good, i will send an email to the staff", and they changed But then i've seen on the same official website an article in which they said that the goal was scored in the 64th minute, which i think, in case they came earlier from the break, and some automatic system-based websites can't know that, given the fact that it was a friendly match, which means low amount of data, so it would only show that they start the 2nd half after 15 mins, which means that the person that made the article took the information from online sources. Anyway, a good way to find out is to know the actual time they start the game, the actual time they went to break and the actual time they came back, because it makes no sense calculating the time they scored with the actual clock if you don't know such informations. So i sent to the Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała an email asking for them informations. Also, i went to the Olympia Grudziądz to ask the same thing and... I've seen this article about the match against Podbeskidzie this is what they are saying about the 4th goal of the match, quote: "In the 54th minute, Marko Roginić scored the goal. "White-and-green" managed to draw after the blow of Damian Ciechanowski just over 11 minutes later." end quote. This is crazy, they are saying, basically, that they scored in 65th minute! So i sent them an email as well, at the time i'm writing this article (14/07/2019), I didn't got any reply from them given the fact that today is sunday. This is the current state in which i'm at the moment, i'm asking the bet365 users who bet on the same match to help me. I'm trying to gather as much information as i can so i can proof that they are doing a mistake. If you bet on the same match on the bet365 website, you are able to ask for full details of the match and that would help me a lot. I must say that this is not the frist time they are doing this to me, it is the second time. But the first time i said: "Well, i guess i'm unlucky" and i didn't took any actions further as the amount of winning was quite low. Any ideas of what should i do next?. In case that i have to bring this case to the court, i'm not sure if i'm allowed to tell how much they refuse to pay, but i can say that it is over 3000 pounds, but not only the money, which is a huge amount for me, makes me angry but the fact that they are taking away my right, which hurts me a lot. Thanks for "listening" to me. Have a great weekend!