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  1. Nolsplay

    VPIP and AF

    I'm not new to poker but despite constantly being profitable I've never invested in anything like a HUD. I started playing again semi-regularly 2 months ago. First of all, is it worth it? I do ok on my own but feel I'm missing an edge a lot of you proper players have. I think it's about time I took this a bit more seriously. I lose a lot of money calling fishes when I have such a dominating hand going in deep in tourneys. I must be missing something.
  2. I would go with level stakes also because one can never know when the rot may set in and then gradually increase as the year's tick by on method or system that has stayed constant with fair profits. I myself do up my stakes on single bets occasionally ew or place mainly if all the factors I use are very high in my favor, and is a good value price maybe around 10 times each year.
  3. How’s it going everyone? Trying to find the results of a boxing fight from 4-27-19 between Jack Catterall vs Miroslav Serban, the one I find says he fought Oscar Amador on said date on the boxrec site. The reason is I had a bet on the over rounds but counted as a loss so trying to find what round the fight was stopped. Cause if the opponent got changed, wouldn’t the best get canceled? Just trying to get facts before disputing it. So if anybody knows of a good place for boxing results, I’ll greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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