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  1. In 9 months from £200 starting bankroll making £10 bets 5% of bankroll per bet , i have made £1100 profit that is a way over 100% Return on my initial investment . but if you are talking about total amount staked to returns then yes it is only approx 20% ROI
  2. Over last 9 months my system has given me 429 winners and 153 losing bets. This gives me an expected value (probabilty) of 73% (odds of 1.35) the average odds of my winning bets are 1.62 . This gives me an edge of over 11% on the bets i make . As long as i always make bets over 1.35 I am making a value bet.
  3. I have been betting for 30 years and i have tried many systems. i have one now that i have developed and it gives me a win strike rate of 66%-75% per month . With a 100% +ROI each month. I can only use on the exchanges due to having restrictions placed on regular bookmakers. Betting exchanges do not care if you keep winning, so which bookmakers you use can be an issue with a winning system. Most people give up on systems if they have a run of losers and think the system has failed. I use 5% of my bankroll on each bet,as the bankroll increases so does the unit stake. ( month one-£500 bankroll £25 bet unit. Month two- £1000 bankroll £50 bet unit etc) a winning system is about finding an edge in your favour , it may only be a small edge but as long as its in your favour then you will win in the long run. This week i had 21 bets with my system and had 15 winners 6 losers. But i could of had 6 losers in a row, many would give up , but because i know by sticking to the system and i have a statisical edge, that i will win back my losses and then move into profit. the main rules are - do you have an edge over the odds on offer ? Is there value in your bets? If not then dont bet. its like the green zero in roulette that gives the house a small edge , they will always win in the long run. find a system which gives you the edge and you cant lose. It took me a long time to find one but believe me it can be done. It wont make you a millionaire but it feels good.