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  1. What do you think the chances are of the Irish turning up at the Guinea's meeting if it goes ahead
  2. Champion way is calling me it keeps getting closer and closer to golden sixty I am starting to side with it but I just like the way golden sixty pulled more out to win
  3. Do you have a view on the HK derby been trying to work it out got it between the top 2 in the market but not confident
  4. Had a saver account on loving Gaby some money back Looking forward to your tips for tomorrow I have faith I you pal it's time for a winning streak from you Keep the posting them pal I am taking note
  5. Sorry just seen you have updated the post
  6. Wonderful charm out any thoughts on who will win now
  7. I got 11/2 this morning which paid just over 100 for the 20 stake which is a welcome return Hardrock Davis out again tomorrow thought it was unlucky to be brought down lto in the messy race at kelso
  8. I am not sure but I think will hill was 25p in the pound
  9. I put my bets on with Billy hill but there's not race TV gutted
  10. Does anyone know a site where I can watch the race Really like the American races and the way they make a fuss
  11. Thanks for the write ups darran Once again they are excellent and I am learning a lot about hunter chases When would you cash out on wonderful charm I gather it's been raining a lot at Cheltenham
  12. Thanks for the insight I have had a put a fiver on , on the fringe hopefully he still got what it takes
  13. Hi Darren Any views on the hunter chase at fairy house today there a few that ran at aintree entered Had a look at the card and thought I would ask
  14. Can anyone tell me when the draw is made for the stall number each horse will have I would be greatful
  15. Yeah had some crap luck I don't bet much anymore only group or graded races and darran tips got fed of funding the bookies luxury lives will have a look at his football tips but football really hard to get right
  16. Ok I apologize I keep away from betting forums as there is plenty of wums but when I saw darran posting I thought bingo I have followed him before he has excellent knowledge Yet again my apologies
  17. Shut up Timmy b you spoon fed I have been following darran since he stated posting his tips and I am in profit to lose that close is unlucky Keep up the good work darran