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  1. Re: French Open 2015 Keeping this short as the match is about to start. Nadal has got to be the value proposition here given he's readily available at odds of greater than 3.00. For all the hype about Djokovic, I have seen nothing to be convinced he has got the mental fortitude to outlast Nadal. In 2011, Djokovic got the better of Nadal in both Madrid and Rome and stormed into Roland Garros on the back of a 43-match winning streak only to have his run ended by Federer in the SF (who was put to the sword by Nadal in the final). In 2012, Djokovic ended Nadal's run in Monte Carlo and repea
  2. Re: Australian Open 2015 I am not quite sure where the optimisim for Wawrinka is coming from. So he ousted Djokovic at the AO SF last year and had pushed Djokovic close (before losing in 5 sets) at both the AO and US Open in 2013. All said and done, I think the Djokovic we see today is very different from the one who was struggling with some sort of an identity crisis (personally, I regard the Djokovic between the US Open in 2012 and the Wimbledon in 2014 to be a different animal as his focus seemed to have shifted elsewhere not helped by his hiring of Becker - which necessitated time to b
  3. Re: Australian Open 2015 Many interesting points have been raised on Murray-Berdych. All said and done, I think the key to this match rests very much in the hands - and head - of Murray. One reason why I wouldn't read too much into h2h boils down to the phase in which these past matches were historically played. Murray in the pre-Lendl days left an awful lot to be desired mentally and Berdych was clearly one of those who had his number when his head drops (the 2010 French Open encounter was scandalous - Murray basically stopped playing after going a set and a break down; he still pushed B
  4. Re: World Cup Final - Germany v Argentina > Sunday July 13th 10pts Germany -1.5 (4.75 @ William Hill) Truth be told, it's about time we had a World Cup final with some sense of normalcy after the last two tight, knife-edged affairs with neither sides really playing to win (looking back at France-Italy in 2006 and Spain-Netherlands in 2010) with a bigger emphasis placed on playing not to lose. As many have rightly pointed out (including Scolari who commented - before Brazil's semi-finals - the current German side is 6 years in the making), the groundwork and foundations laid for the cur
  5. Re: Australian Open 2014 10pts@1.66 Nadal -5.5 Games (William Hill) Considering this is an evening session match and pits a serial Grand Slam winner against a Grand Slam final debutant, Nadal to emerge victorious is pretty certain as night follows day. Injuries and an assassin taking Nadal out are just about the only factors that could deny Nadal his 14th Slam. Truth be told, I cannot understand where all this "Wawrinka ran Djokovic close, so he should do the same to Nadal" is coming from, really. By that same logic, Martin Verkerk should have won the Roland Garros in 2003 and Robin Soder
  6. Re: Australian Open 2014 10pts Nadal -3.5 Games @ 10/11 (William Hill) I honestly can't really understand how Nadal's line is incredibly low as I would expect a 5.5/6.5 line to be a more reasonable spread. Granted, Federer has played some of the best tennis I have seen him play over the last 18 months (this is coming from someone who has observed Federer at close quarters since 2003) and his partnership with Edberg has done wonders to improve his game as well. The biggest change I have detected is Federer is now cutting the points a lot shorter knowing full well it would be to his detrimen
  7. Re: Australian Open 2014 CzechPunter, great call on Berdych there. Couldn't have seen that coming. While Ferrer didn't help himself by sleepwalking for the first set and a half (he started playing too late), credit shouldn't be taken away from Berdych who played a solid match throughout.
  8. Re: Australian Open 2014 10pts David Ferrer to beat Tomas Berdych @ 2.38 (Betfair) I cannot for the life of me see where the optimism for Berdych is coming from. Berdych is, simply put, a one-dimensional player who's incapable of adjusting his style of play against opponents with a more varied game. There's a reason why Ferrer is where he is - and has been for years. For a player without significant talent in his arsenal to threaten the finest talents of this generation (amongst whom are three who will go down in history as all-time greats), Ferrer's workmanlike performances have very cle
  9. Re: Australian Open 2013 10pts Tommy Robredo to beat Jesse Levine (2.10 @ Paddy Power) I am surprised no one has spotted this match-up which I think the bookies have gotten horribly wrong. This has got to be the mismatch of the round price-wise. For some of the older folks who have been long around to witness epics like the Robredo-Safin showdown at Roland Garros in 2005, there's very little doubt form and fitness permitting, Robredo is a top 15 (and possibly top 10 player) player even by today's stratospheric standards in the men's game. While Robredo has shown glimpses of his best over t
  10. Re: Finland - Veikkausliga (17th Sept 2006) Good call, Galea! :clap Just wondering, did Honka have a second goal disallowed at the death? One of the live score sites seemed to indicate the match being 2-2 at one point before they rectified it... Good result, nonetheless. ;)
  11. Re: Finland - Veikkausliga (17th Sept 2006) Thanks for the update on team news, Galea! :ok I will be following you on this one - fingers crossed MyPa will come good... :hope
  12. Re: Wimbledon (M+F) This tourny has been a joke for me, personally. It certainly isn't helping me sustain my interest in it - my interest in this shall end for good if Agassi's penultimate Grand Slam comes to an end today... :$ 40pts Agassi-Grosjean (3.85 @ William Hill) Baghdatis has been pretty lucky to still be around after the injury scare against Mackin and enjoying the rub of the green of watching Pavel retire after just 3 games in the 2nd Round - that said, I still remain unconvinced his game on grasscourt is anywhere near good enough to trouble someone who has been making the Q
  13. Re: Wimbledon (M+F) One thing that has certainly surprised me quite a bit is the changing of the guards that has gone on at this year's Wimbledon - some have been shocking(like T Johansson, whom I feel is finished, really) while others' mental toughness have been found woefully wanting. Nevertheless, here's hoping something will give... ;) 10pts Srebotnik-Nalbandian (3.08 @ William Hill) Nalbandian to beat Verdasco should be pretty much self-explanatory - it's as big a surprise to me as anyone how Verdasco has done so well at Wimbledon. That said, he hasn't played anyone in the mould o
  14. Re: Wimbledon (M+F) Is anyone watching the Baghdatis-Mackin match? :$ Incredible match it seems - Mackin's leading 2-1 in sets and 3-0 up in the 4th set as I write...
  15. Re: Wimbledon (M+F) Can't believe the price for such a tremendous double(value-wise at least)... :eek 20pts Wawrinka-Vliegen (2.64 @ Ladbrokes) Calleri sneaked through on the back of beating a woefully inconsistent Srichaphan who has a knack of self-destructing from time to time. Just how Wawrinka, who'd sent Karlovic packing in the first round, could be rated as a 50/50 shot to win this one is beyond me - if anything, Wawrinka could have an unknown grasscourt pedigree about him which the books are underestimating big time... Likewise, Mahut is no world beater on this surface and I f
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