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  1. Derrick Lewis - Blagoy Ivanov I know that Ivanov was stabbed in a club in Sofia a few years ago,but I think he has a good manager. His first fight in UFC was against J.dos Santos who is a strong opponent and he lost,but after that he was facing beatable opponents. And after just 3 fights 2:1- he's 8th in the rankings!!! What I think is that his agent and UFC are pushing him for the Heavyweight Championship. He is liked by most Bulgarians (not like the other two Bulgarian stars Dimitrov(tennis) and Pulev (boxing)) and he can take a win. Lewis is a "KO-outer" and Ivanov is more of a "durable" fighter who wants to fight in close distance. Whoever wins will have a go for the Championship and I bet for Ivanov. Also I don't think that Diaz has no chances tonight in the Main Event.Masvidal is nothing special,he had luck last few matches (34-13) .He has much hype with the 5 sec KO against Askren but Dias is the better fighter IMO. So... Ivanov @ 1.90 bet365 Diaz @ 2.30 bet365 sry for the wrong section. I now see that it's for boxing only. It's for UFC 244 3 Nov. I don't think UFC deserves a new thread.,also I publish 3-4 hours before kickoff.
  2. I don't think that Espanyol will lose today.They are starting to turn things around. They have lost just once away from home since April (7/5/1) and beat strong now Ludogoretz for LE. I will try a draw,but won't be surprised if they win. Levante - Espanyol Draw @ 3.40 bet365
  3. lol,F1 is such a joke now.Stewards are saying that Verstappen in Monaco=Vettel today... No more betting on this pornography.
  4. Vettel looks good now.He has been very poor lately but now he seems reborn.Canada is the perfect place for him to bounce back and I think he will win this race...if Ferrari do not shoot themselves in foot again ofc. Vettel to win @ 2.20 bet365 (Also Leclerc has a fast car and will harass Hamilton,who will be more than happy with 2nd place). With two corners right after the start,I can see a safety car. Safety Car @ 1.44 bet365 Also Verstappen is way too quiet this season.He showed his face only in Monaco-trying to retire the Mercedes duo.Now starting 9th due to Magnussen spin,he will be frustrated like Leclerc in Monaco and will push,so I will take a small bet for him to retire at first lap,also Gasly to beat him. Verstappen to retire on the 1st Lap @ 15.00 bet365 Gasly to beat Verstappen @ 3.00 bet365
  5. I will try Ricciardo to beat Hulkenberg @ 1.40 bet365 Plus Sainz to beat Norris @1.66 bet365 If Ricciardo was in Mercedes or Ferrari, he would be a champion or at least a contender,also Hulkenberg got a penalty. For Sainz, it's a home race and McLaren is usually strong here, but after a 2xDNF + 14th +7th, I think Carlos will beat his teammate today.(Lando has 12th,6th,DNF and 8th) Combined is 2.33 @ bet365 .
  6. Celta Vigo - Real Sociedad 17:30 GMT As the kickoff is 2 hours from now,I will be brief. In Spain at the end of the season somehow teams get what they need.Right now Celta need points and for Sociedad they are not so important.I don't see them challenging LE places. Celta took the 6-pointer against Villarreal last Saturday and I see them taking the full 3 points today. Also this can be a scorewin. Celta @ 2.40 with Bet365 Celta & BTTS @ 4.33 with Bet365
  7. Villarreal - Real Madrid This is a postponed fixture from 17th game week in La Liga. It is not the best place to visit for RM (5/5/2 in last 15 years) but when you look at Villarreal’s current season, they have won at home only once. Visitors are not impressive on the road this campaign too – 3 victories and 4 losses.(11:16 !). But it is a nice game for Real to improve their situation and chase Barca. They recently won the World Club Cup, are well rested and without any major injury or managerial concerns. I take away win @ 1.72 bet365.
  8. Southampton – Manchester United This should be a no-brainer but this season with MU, it’s never easy. Southampton have no win in 9 games (0/4/5 6:20).They are continuously falling behind the other PL teams and last year Mark Hughes saved them from relegation. He might be sacked soon and this is maybe one of his last games with Saints playing with Spurs, Arsenal and high-flying Cardiff. Man Utd surprisingly play better on the road. They beat Bournemouth and Watford and were very close to a win at Chelsea. They are also in the last 16 in CL. At St.Mary’s MU are 8/2/0 in last 10 games (21:8). Manchester United have many problems but Southampton have times more , so I think this should be a nice away win. Red Devils are desperate for points and this is a nice fixture to get 3. Man Utd @ 2.10 bet365. Hmm, as I was writing , odds changed from 1.95 to 2.10 which is not a good sign, but I still think that this is an away win. I consider trying MU to win from behind at 9.00 because Saints start their games well and then throw away their lead and MU is the opposite - they start playing after conceding.
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