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  1. Naps - Tuesday Aug 7th

    FTO for new trainer here mind...
  2. First of all, hey - thanks for the welcome BillyHills! Second, I think you both answered my question and gave good reason all at the same time, which is perfect thankyou! Third, took your advice on looking into tips other than footy and got 3/4 in a lucky 15 on the horses today from this page so, again, thankyou Fourth, no spam - hope I didn’t come across in that manner. I’m just one of yous Fifth, your English is great, Chris! Better than my French atleast ha Sixth, I’ll not list my responses in this way ever again - apologies
  3. Hey With the footy season back in full swing it is time to hit the bookies again and try win some cash! In the past I have followed the odd tipster from twitter or other forums etc but have never religiously stuck with one tipster... My question to you is - if were to put one £10 acca on each Saturday then what tipster would you follow religiously week in week out? Does anyone have experience of tracking their tipsters bets for a full season and having much success in profit making? Cheers Peter