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  1. Report post Posted 14 May 2018 9:34am Closing Date June 14th 4pm Basic Posting Rules All predictions must be in the same post (before deadline)No editing of posts, once you have posted your predictions they will be transferred to the master sheet so i will NOT see any edits.Any mistakes contact me by PM or post on the forum (ie; if you have missed a game out or something) Scoring details in the main Rules and Info thread. World Cup 2018 Competition - Format & Rules Please use this format with your predictions and top 4 teams Matches MUST be in this order please 1 Thursday June 14 4pm Russia v Saudi Arabia (A) 1-0 2 Friday June 15 1pm Egypt v Uruguay (A) 1-2 3 Friday June 15 4pm Morocco v Iran (B) 2-1 4 Friday June 15 7pm Portugal v Spain (B) 0-0 5 Saturday June 16 11am France v Australia (C) 3-1 6 Saturday June 16 2pm Argentina v Iceland (D) 1-0 7 Saturday June 16 5pm Peru v Denmark (C) 1-1 8 Saturday June 16 8pm Croatia v Nigeria (D) 2-2 9 Sunday June 17 1pm Costa Rica v Serbia (E) 1-2 10 Sunday June 17 4pm Germany v Mexico (F) 2-0 11 Sunday June 17 7pm Brazil v Switzerland (E) 3-1 12 Monday June 18 1pm Sweden v South Korea (F) 2-0 13 Monday June 18 4pm Belgium v Panama (G) 4-0 14 Monday June 18 7pm Tunisia v England (G) 0-2 15 Tuesday June 19 1pm Poland v Senegal (H) 1-1 16 Tuesday June 19 4pm Colombia v Japan (H) 2-1 17 Tuesday June 19 7pm Russia v Egypt (A) 1-1 18 Wednesday June 20 1pm Portugal v Morocco (B) 3-1 19 Wednesday June 20 4pm Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (A) 3-0 20 Wednesday June 20 7pm Iran v Spain (B) 0-4 21 Thursday June 21 1pm France v Peru (C) 2-1 22 Thursday June 21 4pm Denmark v Australia (C) 3-2 23 Thursday June 21 7pm Argentina v Croatia (D )1-1 24 Friday June 22 1pm Brazil v Costa Rica (E) 3-0 25 Friday June 22 4pm Nigeria v Iceland (D) 2-1 26 Friday June 22 7pm Serbia v Switzerland (E) 1-1 27 Saturday June 23 1pm Belgium v Tunisia (G) 2-0 28 Saturday June 23 4pm Germany v Sweden (F) 3-1 29 Saturday June 23 7pm South Korea v Mexico (F) 0-3 30 Sunday June 24 1pm England v Panama (G) 5-0 31 Sunday June 24 4pm Japan v Senegal (H) 1-2 32 Sunday June 24 7pm Poland v Colombia (H) 2-2 33 Monday June 25 3pm Uruguay v Russia (A) 0-0 34 Monday June 25 3pm Saudi Arabia v Egypt (A) 1-2 35 Monday June 25 7pm Spain v Morocco (B) 3-0 36 Monday June 25 7pm Iran v Portugal (B) 0-2 37 Tuesday June 26 3pm Denmark v France (C) 1-1 38 Tuesday June 26 3pm Australia v Peru (C) 0-1 39 Tuesday June 26 7pm Nigeria v Argentina (D) 2-2 40 Tuesday June 26 7pm Iceland v Croatia (D) 0-1 41 Wednesday June 27 3pm South Korea v Germany (F) 1-6 42 Wednesday June 27 3pm Mexico v Sweden (F) 1-1 43 Wednesday June 27 7pm Serbia v Brazil (E) 1-2 44 Wednesday June 27 7pm Switzerland v Costa Rica (E) 3-1 45 Thursday June 28 3pm Japan v Poland (H) 0-2 46 Thursday June 28 3pm Senegal v Colombia (H) 2-1 47 Thursday June 28 7pm England v Belgium (G) 0-0 48 Thursday June 28 7pm Panama v Tunisia (G) 1-4 1 Germany 2 France 3 Spain 4 Brazil
  2. Werner is a great shout, you can find 16/1 on him with quite a few bookmakers, check the E/W terms and how many places though. Germany are a semi final side, they always manage to get there and their group is not too difficult. If this guy ends up getting 5 goals then you will be making profit.
  3. great shout, Senegal are dark horses and have some great players in their side. I am backing this.
  4. If England can go into the final game top then we may only need a draw against Belgium to win it, we can't slip up against Tunisia and Panama, this could send us home early. The advantage England have is that both their games are played after Belgiums games. If we beat Tunisia then by the time we play Panama we would know how many we would need to score to be above Belgium going into the last game. England to win the group is a great bet as you could lay it off going into the final game.
  5. I can't see past Germany, looks like the way the competition will go is that their path is only going to get hard at the quarter finals. Mexico and Sweden are going to battle it out for 2nd and they both play each other in the final game, winner takes all, well.... winner takes 2nd place.
  6. I like this, although Serbia do have Brazil in their final group game and you certainly don't want to be playing Brazil if they need a result. Probably the best value out there, should be a straight battle between Switzerland and Serbia for 2nd.
  7. Thanks :-) I am looking for tips for the world cup really, wanted to get other peoples opinions, give my own etc.
  8. I worry about Argentina, they may have to score 2 or 3 to win a game here but they have the players to do it. If they play a team and go one down then for them to come back and win it is going to be hard for anyone, especially in tournament football. Croatia have decent and experienced players and I really fancy them to win it with Argentina just getting thru, probably pulling it out of the bag in the last game. Iceland and Nigeria are just a little bit too far behind for me.
  9. I got a thing for Denmark here, They could win the group, they will give France their best game of the tournament and could get something from it. The French can capitulate, they have left out some decent players however they are still very strong. France on Goal difference from Denmark. I would also agree the BTTS market could be very interesting for this group, money to be made.
  10. I fancy Portugal & Spain drawing their game and then it being down to who can beat the other two by the most goals, I would be very surprised to see either of these teams not qualify from the group. I think Spain will win this group on goal difference.
  11. Somehow, Russia will find themselves into the next round, I think they will win their opening game although it will be close, if they need to get a draw from the Egypt game to qualify then I think they will do it, they won't go much further in the tournament after that. Uruguay should qualify as group winners, they are the strongest in their group, they have great players, just depends if they want to turn up. Egypt may have to rely on Salah but he may be marked out of all three games, they do not seem to have much else in terms of match winners. Saudi Arabia, I think it will all be over for them by the end of the second game. 1st Uruguay 2nd Russia 3rd Egypt 4th Saudi Arabia