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  1. Rangers will surprise us and beat Maribor without problems ...
  2. The Rangers are in a very good dynamic, the last defeat of the Scots dates from April 29th. The rangers are very strong at home and against a team of Maribor, who knows difficulties in his travels, the Scots must logically win. Prediction: Rangers Victory @ 2.06
  3. thank you very much for your answer, it is a system of 1 to 5 which corresponds to a confidence index, it is interesting. I thought 9/4 is 2.25 because when you divide 9 by 4 it's not 3.25
  4. Hello, can you help me, I ask myself the question for example Hereford 2pts, what does it mean? Hereford + 2 I guess? Sorry to make you stupid but I can not understand your language and the English 9/4 odds Thank you for you reply
  5. hello, I'm on this site for a short time and I bet mainly on football, I find that the analyzes are stevieday are very accurate, I look forward to the season ahead to have a clear idea of ELO rating. I will try to watch a little other members of the forum. We do not have forums as good as punter lounge in France. Sorry for my bad english and thank you for all these valuable tips
  6. good analysis, I agree For the third time in 20 years, France is in the final of a World Cup. This time, France came out of a complicated final phase against strong opponents. Argentina, Uruguay and finally a semi-final against Belgium. Against Belgium, France followed the plan prepared by their coach by blocking the Belgians. Able to quickly project forward, play compact and remain solid behind, France is a real team that can adapt to all systems and especially be dangerous to any team. France will win this final to forget the final of the 2016 Euro lost to Portugal two years ago. Croatia showed a lot less mastery in the game throughout its course to reach the final. impressive during the group stage, they showed some limits during the final phase. Unable to qualify after 90 minutes in all knockout games, they worried about their inconstancy. Against the English, they were unable to produce play during most of the game. all these prolongations with repetition (three prolongations on the last three matches of which two with a shoot-out at the end) Much more tired than the French, they also had a day of recovery in less. the Croatia team will have trouble against French defense. In attack the physical presence of Giroud and the speed of Mbappé may put them in trouble I apologize in front of you for the bad English but I prefer to come on this site because the English are much better than us (the French) to bet
  7. We have already lost finals and I assure you that France has a very big mind, a greater experience, we will be very difficult to beat. No extra time and less fatigue 3-1 for France, Giroud will finally score his goal
  8. belgium wins, their course was more impressive than the English. Technically they are superior and their workforce is more complete. they will also be less tired. Sorry for my bad english, I am French and I am not very good at English.
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