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  1. 145 A: Poker Play225 A: Chosen Mate300 A: Us And Them340 A: Apple's Jade420 A: Amaulino515 A: Monbeg Notorious620 A: Pink Legend
  2. 145 A: Doctor Dex220 A: Southfield Stone250 A: Topofthegame325 A: Waiting Patiently405 A: Kilcrea Vale440 A: Dallas Des Pictons515 A: Santa Rossa
  3. 145 A: La Bague Au Roi220 A: Fakir D'Oudairies250 A: Kemboy325 A: Ch'tibello405 A: Asockastar440 A: R'evelyn Pleasure515 A: Who What When
  4. And NEVER phone a telephone number that's sent to you by someone you don't know. It's likely to be a premium line that's costing you quite a lot. Check your bill.
  5. Betting tax in shops was 10% when I started gambling in 1996. It was reduced to 9%, which you couldn't actually complain about but made calculations that much fiddlier, and then abolished completely in 2001. You didn't pay any tax on course, which was a big draw.
  6. 1.45 Ain: Zubayr2.20 Ain: Style De Garde2.50 Ain: Terrefort3.25 Ain: Balko Des Flos4.05 Ain: Kilcrea Vale4.40 Ain: Ok Corral5.15 Ain: Highland Hunter
  7. 1.45 Ain: Brain Power2.20 Ain: Beau Gosse2.50 Ain: Double Shuffle3.25 Ain: Izzo4.05 Ain: Distime4.40 Ain: Wisty5.15 Ain: Buildmeupbuttercup
  8. 130 Ch: Mr Adjudicator210 Ch: Spiritofthegames250 Ch: Tower Bridge330 Ch: Road To Respect410 Ch: Cousin Pete450 Ch: Tommy Rapper530 Ch: Doitforthevillage
  9. 130 Ch: Terrefort210 Ch: Taj Badalandabad250 Ch: Un De Sceaux330 Ch: L'Ami Serge410 Ch: Ultragold450 Ch: Maria's Benefit530 Ch: Millanisi Boy
  10. 130 Ch: Samcro210 Ch: Black Corton250 Ch: Fixe Le Kap330 Ch: Altior410 Ch: Vicomte Du Seuil450 Ch: Mastermind530 Ch: Thebannerkingrebel
  11. 130 Ch: Us And Them 210 Ch: Petit Mouchoir 250 Ch: Vicente 330 Ch: Buveur d'Air 410 Ch: Apple's Jade 450 Ch: Jury Duty 530 Ch: Barney Dwan
  12. I like trends. Obviously they're better at predicting the past than the future, but they can have their uses. The trick, of course, is to work out which are significant. I have a question for trend followers -- do you know where I can easily find records of past races? Until a while ago the Bet365 site often provided a race history at the bottom of the listings, but for whatever reason it now shows nothing but the last year at best. I'm willing to pay for Racing Post access if I have to -- would either or both paid versions provide this info?
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