** Nap's Competition Result : 1st Barnsley Chop, 2nd Daisychain, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, 4th Marmalade, KO Cup Tipsterix, Most Winners Calva Decoy**
**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree £75, 2nd Rivrd £45, 3rd Ian309 £30**


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  1. Had them in twice but didn't manage to take it down properly and dealt once at similar stacks! Played really well in this one! ... (Put in wrong month, sorry)
  2. 4th with another $1 free ticket from click and collect...
  3. Won a few free tickets on the party poker card reveal thingy and min cashed in 2 of them and then did well in this one. Don't normally give $1 tournaments with these fields (Especially NLH) the time of day anymore, but really got into this one and enjoyed it which helped with focus. The dream, dealt aces and end up all in preflop to win the tournament..... Not meant to be....2nd =) He wanted to deal the whole time when I had 2:1 chip lead, but I wanted to win it outright and was playing great. Wiped out most the final table.
  4. Very nice!!! I'll post my one from the other thread from this morning...
  5. Ended up dealing as both really tired! Couldn't figure out the custom split on Party, but both got near enough equal split on chip count! Nice after running so bad on the cash games, losing big pots to 2/3 outters like 5 times! Ended up for the day somehow!
  6. Bump... I've just been given another 5 mtt tickets ranging from $2.20 to $16.50 totalling around $50! Get your check on! I'm so glad sacked off Stars and started playing here! Now they just need to get more mixed games as I'm getting withdrawals!! .... ps. If my new job hours doesn't clash with the Wednesday game I'll join back just for that!
  7. Epic 3-way and then heads-up battle at the end! Nearly took it down... He was short stacked heads-up and rivered a straight on an all in... the I had AAxx raised up... He had 66xx.... board 446... End up all in and he doubled up! Last hand I hit a boat on the turn 4's full and trap checked as there was both flush and straight draws out hoping he'd hit... a 7 come that hit both draws so pot bet and he re-shoved and hit a boat 7's full on the river! .... So wasn't quite to be! I also small cashed in a couple of others coming 10th but lost both my 60/40 flips! Would of know doubt final tabled them if I won! O'well... Playing great at the minute! Back in work next week so can start boosting bankroll up and stop withdrawing bits and bobs!
  8. Apparently it's 2000 random UK account holders! Guess I was super lucky, but worth a check! =)
  9. Hey, Just a heads-up to check your Party Poker accounts and opt in to the DTD 8 max series promotions to get a free card which contains different prizes. I just opened mine and won a £250+25 seat into this weeks main event! Just registered for the online day one in a couple of days... Have no money to get to and do a weekend in Nottingham, but will go for the day 2 on Sunday if make it!
  10. Very nice Marek (Bedrock) on them cashes!!! I'll have to watch out for you on the PLO tables!! Just managed to cash in a couple myself... Was on 2 final tables at same time... Didn't quite manage a win though! Well I actually min cashed in the 2 previous PLO tourney's but didn't screen shot them...
  11. I can't confirm as I start my 2 weeks training for new job next week and then get put on shifts so I have no idea when I'll be working! I also have no money till end of June when will get paid! If I randomly have the weekend off I'll see if I can scrape the cash together! Once back on track I'm planning of sacking off online poker and playing mostly live so I'll be about APATs, Bridkid meet up etc... later in the year! ... Hopefully I do make it down though!
  12. Didn't win anything with the $100 seat. But I've managed to battle my way to a final ($530 direct buy-in) this Sunday from the initial 50c (+$2 add-on) satellite.... Got a pretty decent starting stack to do something with! Just a shame there wasn't more chips in play in my semi...
  13. Still got that $100 seat.... I'll either use it tomorrow or Monday I think! Grinded out a 3rd in PLO $5 tourney.... Didn't get a singe wrap or boat all game, but didn't make a mistake either so pretty happy with this one! Bed!
  14. I spent my last funds on Stars trying to get in the Sunday million anniversary tournament which didn't quite happen! I decided I'm not going to deposit on Stars again for a while and play on Party Poker instead! They're a lot of good satellites to get into some big tournaments, the software is a lot better than it was, the players are a lot weaker and the site seems to lean more to benefitting the players rather than making as much profit as possible from them! Just played this sat and managed to win a $109 MTT ticket which I'll probably use tomorrow, maybe in another sat if theres a decent one going! There was nearly a $3000 overlay in it! I haven't seen anything like that in like 10 - 15 years! Get on it!!
  15. Very nice Muttley! Didn't think I'd be playing next game again, but I'm delaying joining the darts team so I think I'll be in! =)