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  1. PL Meet Up & Poker Champs 2018 - 9th June

    Been having a few issues recently, but I'd like to say I'll be there for both! I think £50+5 would be reasonable amount! Played in Birmingham around 12 or so years ago! Couldn't be 100% sure but think it was at the Broadway casino though! Be cool to have another trip down for some poker and to meet some faces! =)
  2. Daily MTT & Satellite winnings - March 2018

    Rarely play poker in the morning but was feeling it and there was a HORSE turbo that just started so thought why not.... ... (Will edit this post if play and cash in any more later)
  3. Daily MTT & Satellite winnings - March 2018

    Cheers, okay will do that next time have some cash game hands to post! =) ... Some nice deep runs there, sweet! I've not been involved in a poker forum for like nearly 10 years or so, since RPO, so it's nice to get involved with people that like to play as none of my mates do! I took a massive chunk of time off from playing as majorly burnt out, but start playing again a little few years back and this past year the passion is well and truly back! Playing a lot more mixed games helps keep it fresh! Apart from playing a few cheap tourney's in Vegas the past few years, I've not played live, so hoping to get out playing again starting with the WCOAP!
  4. Daily MTT & Satellite winnings - March 2018

    2nd in FL 2-7 triple draw tourney! Epic 3 way battle... Was really short stacked heads-up so that didn't last long! Was real fun final table! ... Think that's me for the night now... Go out on a high!
  5. Premier League 2018

    Price bottled it at 5-3!
  6. Premier League 2018

    Here's my accumulator:
  7. Daily MTT & Satellite winnings - March 2018

    This was early this morning at the beginning of what I decided was my last orbit before stopping for the night. Ended up all in on the flop, think I had 60% equity at that point with all the blockers in play and managed to hold for a nice near $75 pot! =) ... Edit... I just remembered got one of those hyper sng tickets out the reward chest to get in a platinum package free roll so though may as well play it before finish for the night and managed to win! Long shot but got to be in it to win it! Also won a seat in the trip to vegas free roll later in April yesterday! =)
  8. APAT Worlds March 31 - April 8 - Manchester

    I've reserved a seat in the 8 game, but I'm pretty skint at the minute as off work with health reasons (which is why I've been able to play in the league) so I'm not sure if will definitely play now! Ive never played anything other than NLH live, so I'll probably be having similar concerns as Helen at the beginning if do play! I'm sure many if not most others will be in a similar situation though and the dealers are there to help so I'm not worried about that too much! When I was working and had money and the 9 days booked off as holiday I was planning on playing these: Sat - PLO Double chance £57 Sun - 8 Game Championship £110 Mon - 8 game ft/ PLO8 £57 Tues - Mix game max £57 Wed - PLO Championship £60 Thur - PLO day 2/ PLO shootout £57 Fri - Main event day 1D £110 Sat - Day 2 Sun - Final table (Potential to play other side games on Sat & Sun if out) I've got just over 3 week to get the cash, but there is no way I'll get the whole 9 days off now. Hopefully will see some faces there anyway and meet some new peeps. =)
  9. Nice one on cashing peeps! Was next to Pamela all tournament and played great all game! Congrats! See you's next week! =)
  10. Haha... Always been solid!! Thoroughly deserved 1st place! Nice one Helen (Now I know your name ) on 1st and thanks for all the organisationy things! Hoping can play all the March games too! Definitely play next weeks anyway!
  11. Nice one Vince! Can't get much more consistent than that! When did you get good? ... I would of got further if I stayed asleep tonight! Haha ... Been fun playing with good players! Thanks
  12. ... Beaten again heads-up! ... I'll get you in game 4!!
  13. Well played Vince... Solid play all game! Great call with the kings heads up!
  14. Was fun game with good players and good structure for the amount of players too! Thanks! See you next Wednesday!