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  1. ATR is longer than 7 seconds sometimes. BF live feed is usually faster.
  2. Honestly, I think it's clear you're just the village idiot here on this forum to cause trouble. What you say is 90% waffle and of no factual substance. Betting knowledge appears to be lacking, just reciting tales of woe you've read about in the media from some journalist - hardly subject matter experts are they. Trading is a skill, not some one size fits all system as I previously said, with many variables to consider and learn about. It's a bit like someone walking into gordon ramseys kitchen and going "whats the magic recipe" and him going; 'no, no, no - you need to learn how to asses the heat on the hob, how you want the steak cooked, sides seasoned, laid out on the plate, presented - there is a systematical approach to it' and then Glentoby rocks in and says; "yea that's nice, whats the magic recipe and why haven't we got a 1,000 customers yet? This cooking bullshit is a complete con". Hopefully any of the sane members reading this can make sense of my point.
  3. Not s gamer here, although the concept of betting on eSports is fascinating - particularly if there should end up being significant liquidity on the exchanges. I did blog about it once.. im wondering though; what do you think? Is the next generation of bettors likely to be focusing on eSports over traditional mediums like racing? If there’s any younger contributors I’d be keen to hear what you see happening, as a youngster.
  4. Hi VT, Unfortunately black type will impose restrictions too. Their odds appear to be worse in most cases, although that still leaves them vulnerable in places. After a charity dinner I ended up talking to someone who worked there; I couldn’t tell you his title although appeared to be relatively high up. A nice chap but it seemed as though (like many firms) they don’t fully understand how people operate. He tried telling me the £500 line several times, after pulling up an email from them stating they won’t accept bets it was quite amusing... he didn’t believe it, but it was from his own company! Needless to say; I think there are far worse offenders. Take what you can, half of something’s better than all of nothing. Casn
  5. I have replied to the comments you made about this on the tread you did; via the link in the signature block. Cheers
  6. Hi Glentoby, Thanks for the delightful sarcasm... In return; Details of proof of the holy grail that you insist on disproving are found via a rather delightful facility called ‘google’. Failing that, here’s one: Note: that bio from Betfair is a little old now... it’s been almost 10 years. To imply that it’s not possible to consistently make money from betting over an extended periods is somewhat rediculous. If this were the case, who would Betfair impose their 60% premium charge too? And why would every bookmaker in the land limit me? Maybe Betfair made up the premium charge and all it’s terms just to give themselves some negative publicity? I have to say; I haven’t read all of your rather long thread... mainly because it’s so wrong within the first couple of paragraphs. Whilst I can sympathise with a point made about ‘systems’ to some degree; there are heaps of ways to make money with a systematic and methodical approach. Maybe the interpretation of the word ‘system’ is the issue here... Trading is not some one-size-fits-all system; there are many variables to any betting market. To think anything like that exists is just plain stupidity. Understanding the characteristics and limitations of both betting markets and sporting situations is the first step to systematically betting for a profit, being it via trading price or letting variance do hedging for you.
  7. Sure Pete, just wanted that from my point of view as an exchange addict
  8. Certainly a possibility wouldn't deter anyone. Think there's a lot more to do if they're to scare BF but honestly hope they do!
  9. Yup, agreed. I'm sure the £1.50 would go down on some internal datasheet linked with your account but you're right yes - it'd take ages to get factored like that using multiple accounts. Downside being you wouldn't make much dosh either... fine if you're just after a bit of fun as I know some view it like this Totally agree on some of your other points too - but this is the whole reason I think technology will superceed bookmakers eventually. Of course they are a business etc. debatable that they should pick and choose which customers they serve, imagine walking into an off-license and they threw you out if you weren't an alcoholic
  10. Afternoon chaps, thanks for the kind words - the 3 x freebies went yesterday but naturally, the discount still applies. Thanks @Bubbles180 many keep asking for more, although I don't like to create them for the sake of it and a fair few of the solid topics are covered. A few interesting market movers this morning.. if I get time I'll post up in an hour or so (give the markets a chance to get a little more liquid).
  11. Totally agreed. Only thing that's worth adding to the general flavour if this thread; I think it's very little to do with how much you've won, but more to do the prices at which you have done it (and how fast). Industry is certainly changing.
  12. It's done on value. They measure how far the odds you took were from SP, regular variations stick out very quickly. That's the only reason: I'm led to believe it's how they calculate their factoring system (amount your bet is allowed as payout).
  13. Thanks @Sir Puntalot ! ...and congrats to the first person to claim a free guide Happy to open the debate. Have many user's placed bets with the anticipation of cashing out, before they even placed them?
  14. Seen this topic heading and couldn't help but reply; the best greyhound system I've come across would be to watch the betting exchange markets in the last minute to post. Whilst it certainly wont be in every race, the ones where a dog halfs in price and a hugely disproportionate amount of money comes very late - it nearly always wins. Just be careful on the price you take. Most amusing example I seen was 26k coming for a dog in under 2 minutes at Sheffield, halfed in price, fell out the traps late, last into the first bend and still won by 4 lengths...