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  1. Champions League Predictions > Feb 13th - 21st

    I have been waiting for this match for so long. It will be a veryyyyy thrilling one. Can't wait to see who will take the win.
  2. For the Scotland Championship match between Falkirk and Brechin, I guess Falkirk will take the win, but still Brechin could surprise us and fight really hard and be a draw.
  3. January 29 - February 4

    I think Vinci has more chances of taking down Julia Goerges, but still we should expect to be a long match, as I am sure Goerges will not give up easily, even though her performance was quite poor these last two weeks. On the other hand, Roberta Vinci seems to actually keep up with the weather and perform quite well.
  4. Europa League - Lay the odds on fav

    Thank you for sharing this!
  5. Bookmakers Closing Accounts Debate

    Ok, regarding to the topic : bookies restricting/ closing accounts. Of course they will once they see you are in profit most of the time, or if they notice any abnormal betting behaviour. Why would go in a business and accept losing money? of course no one. That's why they come up with different, insignificant, but valid reasons of why your account was restricted/ closed.
  6. Bundesliga I & II Predictions > Feb 2nd - 5th

    Bayern Munich v Mainz = I guess we all expect Bayern Munich to be the winner, but considering their very poor performance lately, I actually doubt they will even score. So, my prediction is 0:0 for this match.
  7. Copa del Rey Predictions > Jan 30th - Feb 8th

    For this Barcelona v Valencia match= i think it will be a interesting one, as both teams have performed pretty well lately in terms of scoring, but have to keep in mind that Valencia have won only a very few of their last matches this season. It will either be a draw, or Barcelona will win.
  8. Coppa Italia Predictions > 2017/18

    I would also love for Atalanta to make at least some troubles for Juventus. This way, giving hope to the less favored teams
  9. Coppa Italia Predictions > 2017/18

    My opinion on Atalanta v Juventus is that there will either be a draw, or Juventus will leave as the winning team.
  10. Premier League Predictions > Jan 30th & 31st

    oh yes, this is going to be an interesting game, considering Liverpool has won for the lost five meetings with Huddersfield, and had only one draw. But when looking at the big picture, one can easily notice that Huddersfield has led with 31 wins, while Liverpool with only 28 wins and 17 draws. Nevertheless, their last meeting was a beautiful victory of 3:0 for Liverpool. Lets see if tomorrow Liverpool will be able to recover from the defeat against Swansea and take the win against Huddersfield.
  11. Australian Open 2018

    Regarding the Halep and Wozniacki final match= very breath taking. Was with Halep the whole time, but I guess in the end, the history took its course. Also, I think the weather conditions were suitable at all. The organizers had to do something about it. You could clearly see that Halep is struggling especially because of the heat. She is from Romania, and the weather over there it doesnt get as high as in WIbledon
  12. Premier League Predictions > Jan 30th & 31st

    Swansea v Arsenal = Swansea would be my go to bet. They are playing pretty good lately.
  13. Serie A Predictions > Jan 24th - 28th

    Yeah, i cant possibly imagine how AC Milan will make a comeback now. Yeah, i get your point, but realistically speaking, I can't possible imagine how AC Milan could make a comeback now. One thing i can say for sure is that will be a VERY interesting match to watch.
  14. FA Cup Predictions > 26th - 28th January

    YEs, I will be watching Liverpool v West Brom. Am interested if it will be a draw again, or will Liverpool score a goal. It will be an interesting to watch game. and to bet on.
  15. EFL Cup Predictions > Jan 23rd & 24th

    Arsenal v Chelsea = a very interesting match. Though Arsenal is the favorite, we should keep in mind that Chelsea might make an unexpected come back tonight, and take the win.