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  1. Australian Open 2018

    And once again, Halep proved herslef to be one of the best! Winning the match nicely and graciously against Davis. Placed my bet on her, so , Thank you, Simona Halep !
  2. Premier League Predictions > Jan 20th - 22nd

    It looks like Chelsea is leading the game against Brighton. Only half of hour left, dont think there will be any major changes to the result of the game.
  3. Favorite betting movie

    Didn't know it is based on a true story. Will add it to my to watch list. Will let you know my impressions on it soon.
  4. Premier League Predictions > Jan 20th - 22nd

    We'll see how they perform today. I understand where you're coming from, your point of view, and I would agree with you, but my instict is telling me it's gonna be a draw.
  5. Premier League Predictions > Jan 20th - 22nd

    for Man United v Burnley FC match on tomorrow, I would say there are more chances for it do be a draw than a win for any of the teams. They are both fighting hard till the end, so no team will give up. It's gonna be lit
  6. Primeira Liga Predictions > Jan 3rd & 4th

    Taking into consideration their performance, FC Porto are undefeatable this season. How will they perform tonight though? Lets hope for a win again on their side.
  7. Australian Open 2018

    What a game between Halep and E.Bouchard , i am all the way for Halep. Let's hope she will kick a** on Saturday as well.
  8. Championship Predictions > Jan 19th & 20th

    Given the fact that Cardiff has been performing pretty good overall, despite losing 4 games, i would say they have a better chance at winning the match. Sheffield Wednesday = pretty unstable on prediciting how they will perform on Saturday. Let's just hope it will be a worth=watching match.
  9. Premier League Predictions > Jan 13th - 15th

    Regarding Saturday's match between Stoke City and Huddersfield Town, it is believed Stoke will win. But what happens if they dissapoint again? Who's side are you for this game? Who are your favorites?
  10. Premier League Predictions > Jan 13th - 15th

    no, sorry, i don't
  11. Australian Open 2018

    So, for today's match between Nadal and Mayer, I guess everyone expected for Nadal to win. He was doing a show, as ususal. and what a performance from Djokovic yesterday= he was the highlight of the competition, i would say.
  12. Premier League Predictions > Jan 13th - 15th

    I work on Saturday, but I will also watch Man United v Burnley FC this Saturday. And also, on Monday the Liverpool v Swansea City match looks promising. what about you ?
  13. Premier League Predictions > Jan 13th - 15th

    Regarding Manchester United v. Stoke, I guess everyone expected Manchester to win, but I was still having my hopes high for at least one goal from Stoke. The game was a nice one, as a general remark.
  14. Premier League Predictions > Jan 13th - 15th

    Yeah, i agree with what you are sayng. But still I was hoping for a better result. Not so dissapointing.