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  1. What is the best In Play football site for all stats (Corners, Shots on/off target, Dangerous attacks etc). Looking for something similar to in play scanner in its layout. I can only find sites that show scores at the moment. Thanks.
  2. Hello Everyone, Does anyone know of a site that has a feed of all football games corners/shots on and off target without having to click on the game and search? All i can find is just the standard score line. Regards, Robbie Millross
  3. After lots of different systems and thinking about football Iv come up with the following conclusion. BTTS and 02.5 are a waste of time betting on because the odds are so low and yet the trends are hard to see. This means no one can have a win rate that can beat the market. The markets results are usually close to either result (2 goals or 2 goals in 2.5 games....... 1 team score in btts) and that makes it even harder to predict. The method of winning has to either be something at half time as the odds are much bigger or finding a market with high odds and just hoping to hit big odds
  4. Thanks for this advice. The problem I have with in play is how can you research after? with pre match bets I can look at historic prices and I can look at the stats before the game etc and devise a plan. With in play I can't. Fully agree with the low odds are worth bothering. I do doubles and trebles though. Iv done singles and it just requires too many bets and basically you go no where unless you got a very high win rate. In terms of reading books and stuff , I have struggled to find any on football betting? do you know of any or any decent successful long term blogs or anyth
  5. Nice, well played. What markets were you betting on?
  6. Another woeful week. With only one day being successful. It just seems that no ones win rate will be good enough to be profitable at football betting no matter what the odds are. Im focussing on home teams and o 2.5. My system has changed several times due to thinking "ahhh i didnt consider this and thats why I didnt win". I usually focus on individual stats but Im now thinking to look at league table positions more (as these are based on results) and take bookmakers odds as a ranking indication ( as these two are based on form and results) I will be paper trading until
  7. as iv mentioned just now, is there any way to historically check in play odds and stats? after the game can i check how prices went for certain things in play ? or what the dangerous attacks were and stuff?
  8. Definitely dont sit in front of the computer and check the score constantly. I put an alert on my phone or give myself a time to check it otherwise it feels like hell.
  9. Thanks for all the input everyone. I definitely think statistics are important. Yes they dont garentee anything but what does? I think they stop you from using your own common sense when betting. What I mean by that is that say Tottenham play Huddesfield at home. Everyone would think Tottenham will win. Most of the country would think Tottenham will win....its common sense. So if the stuff happened that everyone thought, and what seemed likely, then football betting would be easy. Everyone would win. But they dont, so forget what seems likely and what everyone thought would happened. Stat
  10. I used Soccer24. You can look at everything. I 2.5 , 1x2, ht odds etc yeah I think u have the correct idea with the having a main criteria and then adding sub criteria. For high scoring games (o2.5) I find the main criteria to be a home defence under average of c/s kept for example. 1,000 games is crazy. Although Iv kept records for a year Iv just changed my system several times. i get what u mean with the backers being different than expected. I used to play poker at a fairly high level and top poker players usually have degrees or are very intelligent. Not punters or de
  11. Yes that’s impressive. Tbh I’d be happy making some kind of profit and just trying to improve on it. I just want some reward for the effort put in. Are the fb groups worth the subscription from ur experiences? Tbh I didn’t even know there were fb groups. All Iv had is the silly tipster ones, which have a hidden agenda imo. So in 10 years uv never had a system that had gone the distance? Do you think systems will always have to change with the timing of the seasons and the changes of football? Or u think 1 system can last forever?
  12. I think Iv put in a lot of effort and give a lot of research but with such a tough challenge it would just be nice to hear or see someone successful and look at how his got there. I can’t find anyone that is making a decent income from football betting. Im not giving up just yet but I’m definitely abit demoralised. How has it gone in those years u have been doing it?
  13. I look at FlashScores and click the match and I’m able to look at past prices of a lot of matches. I try to test my systems against this but to get a big sample size doing this would be impossible because my systems include soccerstats (failed to score, clean sheet, average goals) and of course these all change weekly. I wished there was an easier way to test it. But this is like my 4/5 deposit in a year, when do you say ur just wasting ur time? Its true what u say about successful gamblers not positing on forums but there’s generally a lack of helpful information in regards
  14. I enjoy doing it but I definitely wouldn't say its fun to sit there and lose every weekend. Yeah but what difference its your system for half a season (4.5 months) to a full season. Half a season is still enough to get an idea if its going to be a successful season. Yes can you PM me please.
  15. That seems overkill and would take the fun out of it? Like a season is a massive amount of time. Thats something Iv considered too. Looking what the results are for a system that isn’t meant. That might be something to look into actually. Are you allowed to say the Facebook groups and the forums?
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