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  1. Hi Xtc12,sorry my post did not change things but at least you got the gist and a grip of the pissspot in general terms and in fact in better understanding than the vast majority who play it. i.e The percentages,this is what all betting is about for profit,either backing or laying. The pisspot negates the gut feeling etc when you fancy a particular horse. The main thing for betting into the pool other than for fun is to understand what you are up against in terms of possibility V probability,you have got that cracked. For me checking the pool size v remaining tickets is key as to
  2. Such are the perils of racing Xtc,however you should check your bet again. as the fav in race five won the race and there were 6 runners,the last was 4 runners,is that what you meant? I assume this was the case and hindsight is not much help in any scenario other than to beat yourelf up.I had the pisspot on all three days of Aintree and given the dividends in hindsight I would not have bothered. Half a million in the pool on all three days,a couple of favs out of the frame,happy days you would think? Wrong,the 2nd day was the biggest dividend.....Thu £54.40,Fri £145.80,Sat 61.20
  3. You cannot argue with facts,very well done Billy and everyone else who finished +.Just make sure you all keep the results to hand for the future trends and stats!!!! lol
  4. 1345 Aint Debece 1425 Aint Black Op 1500 Aint Diego Du Charmil 1540 Aint Rocklander 1620 Aint Wholestone 1715 Aint Seetouatmidnight 1820 Aint Sheu Time
  5. 1345 Aint Who Dares Wins 1420 Aint Style De Garde 1450 Aint Ms Parfois 1525 Aint Politologue 1605 Aint Theatre Territory 1640 Aint Ok Corral 1715 Aint Pym
  6. 1345 Aint Brain Power 1420 Aint Nube Negra 1450 Aint Bristol De Mai 1525 Aint My Tent Or Yours 1605 Aint Distime 1640 Aint Tommy Silver 1715 Aint Posh Trish
  7. Just a couple of suggestions to possibly steal a bit of value. Bristol De Mai I have recommended as a lay on his last 2 starts,described him as a slow coach.Might still be but enough reason to take a chance on him in the Bowl. Had a wind op on 29th Jan,will relish the going and the race could end up in single figures.General 11/2 3 places.EW bet looks solid. My Tent Or Yours,getting on a bit but absolutely bouncing at home.Would prefer better conditions but will handle soft or heavy well enough,again the Aintree hurdle may end up with a single figure field.5/1 general,3 places.A
  8. Hi Bob,interesting topic about speed figures.I have used speed ratings for many years but only in terms of using race times to either firm up an opinion or otherwise,not actually ratings as such but simply the actual race times.Simple these days to find a race time at the bottom of the results in the Racing Post. I find the race times most useful if the bet I am considering is run on the same track as the time I am looking at,rarely do times travel well e.g comparing times at one course with another.Unless you are looking at courses which are similar in configuration,ground conditions etc
  9. The way the weather looks over there Billy it could be that the trends guys should be looking at horses like Red Marauder? Do you think it will be heavy come off time? If it does then that should help in thinning out the field.Just read an article on the Racing Post site about trends and one of the few things David Carr doesnt touch on is the ground which is strange in that it is always one of the first things I consider in any race. He mentions that stamina is one of the most important issues in modern Nationals due to the nature of the classier horses and the faster pace.If it come
  10. You wont find it anywhere Billy,I did not say I had tipped him...........merely backed him which btw the post was not about.My tip is him but at 16/1 ew if anyone has any interest. HTH
  11. Absolutely xtc,the pools are now quite robust,permwise it really depends on the size of the pot and stake size you are comfortable with.2 x 2 in is obviously 64 bets and it all depends on the course/ground/draw etc on the flat.For me I would prefer 6 or 7 runner fields or less even under both codes where if there was 4 runner races only the winner counts. 4 bets gone if you cover the field granted but most will be on the 1st or 2nd fav in most races so probably 50% plus out of the pool if 3rd or 4th fav wins. My friend won the biggest ever placepot at the time which happened at Newbu
  12. Tongue in cheek title but just to emphasise that I do follow and have plenty of years of experience in racing and punting.Dr Devious some may have noticed died a few weeks ago aged 28.He died not far from my second home,indeed my spiritual home in Sardegna My first ever bet in Sardegna was at Poetto Racecourse,a tiny sand based cicuit next to the beach,right handed sharp circle/oval,long gone although the track and scaffolding stand are still visible.Most of the races were for Arab/Anglo/ Anglo Arab horses,the race conditions depending on the percentage of blood from the stallion or mare
  13. Here is a trend and stat,my GN pick a few weeks ago was Seeyouatmidnight,backed at 40s and 33s ew before he was qualified and continued until his "Qualifier" at Newbury,even now 16s is acceptable if you are not already on. However he has been bought by the owners of Chevely Park Stud,a habit they have of buying horses a few days or weeks before the race.They did win with Party Politics but failed since so according to stats and trends he has NO CHANCE because lightening NEVER strikes twice in the same place? Bullshit of course in terms of fact and not stats or trends but maybe my ori
  14. Trends are as bad as stats,easy to highlight the winner meeting the trends and stats whilst forgetting how many of the other 40 runners met them but lost???? Not too many years ago I took on the stats/trend guys.............their statements of fact included. French breds do not win the National Horses beaten in the Dante do not win the Derby AP has not won the national Progeny of Montjeu cannot win at the Chelt Fest These are but a few where it was proven that a statistic is only as factual as the last occurence and as profitable as looking at trends to pick one i
  15. Quite a while since I posted,for various reasons,one being health,one being conflict.However on the subject Bob asks about.Little point in betting on "TOTE JACKPOT" imo Bob as in reality the Tote no longer exists,as I predicted when Bald Fred bought the rights,nor will it ever exist again in the form we knew it. Pool betting relies on volume and is basically a "No lose book" as it relies on a percentage deduction from the total bet into it,the results do not matter. So weak now that the only viable options are when there is a huge carry over,the acca odds are by far and away more pro
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