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  1. Premier League Predictions > Dec 9th & 10th

    Chelsea salvaged a draw against Atletico and need a win Watford played well against West Ham and Newcastle, they could do it again. The game bewtween Crystal palace and brighton is still fresh in memory, bournemouth could weaken crystal palace. Brighton could be the better of the two and huddersfield isnt really seeming like a team that will win. Swansea look to be going for relegation rather than a win so I think a draw against similar opposition. Stoke were playing against Swansea and could have done better while Totenham are in the grey areas of the table, ill say Spurs Leicester won as outsiders in a previous odds price and came up a win against Spurs, so they should be in form for a win.
  2. Premier League Predictions > Dec 9th & 10th

    Which teams do you think would win in a 7 accumulator? Chelsea Watford Bournemouth Brighton DRAW SWANSEA V WESTBROM Totenham Leicester
  3. What teams do you think will be scoring nil?