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  1. PL Tips Top Tracks 2019

    Wonder if the flu break will chuck out some funny results... Pass the Lemsips.
  2. PL Tips Top Tracks 2019

    A couple of queries on odds....I recall reading on a previous thread that 6/4 was the minimum price to take for (top ten tracks) PL tips. Is this generally found to be the case? Another poster said he backs anything 6/1 or above each way, albeit it's 8/1 and above which is advised e-w for PL bets. 6/1-15/2 single bet wins are nice - especially when the odds drift - but it's also frustrating when you see a few of them placing and you've backed win only.
  3. PL Tips Top Tracks 2019

    Makes sense for BH to focus on the more reliable courses and race types. Just out of interest and not that you'd need it with the PL Tips delivering, does anyone on the forum use software to decide on bets? I've thought about it in the past but never looked into it in any depth. Re the 2/5 loser, it never ceases to amaze me how many odd-ons horses (and I don't back odds-on myself) go down. Someone somewhere is decreeing these horses are more or less a shoo-in yet in reality a sizeable percentage don't live up to expectations, to say the least, and no doubt many punters fall for it.
  4. Ten Top Tracks To Follow - Flat Edition

    Cheers for the extra info. Is it Kempton, Chelmsford and Newcastle to retain for the AW? Looking forward to reading the new NH thread.
  5. Ten Top Tracks To Follow - Flat Edition

    I recall BillyH saying on another thread to avoid claimers, sellers, 2yo, etc. and I wonder if removing those types of races would be another boost to profits.
  6. Ten Top Tracks To Follow - Flat Edition

    Fabulous tipping it must be said. Were the selections backed at any odds on these tracks?
  7. Punters Lounge free tips

    Thanks for the info. I was thinking about a betting bank on a points basis - obviously I'd start at very low stakes given the volume of bets. Do the bets still show a good profit on the exchanges?
  8. Punters Lounge free tips

    Hi, newbie here. I've a couple of questions regarding the £15k profit in 12 months tips. How many tips on average are there each day and what size bank is advised? Thanks for any help you can provide.