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  1. Thank you guys, a lot of good staff here.. I probably allready made decission, i will bet on leagues i know best and i will bet only with single bets and doubles..But then i have next question and need one professional answer...What is the best number of bets i can take per day or week? I know its all about value, but i can few sports and can pick up a lot of good informations from many leagues or few sports, so what is the maximum number of bets i should take per day or week? Here we really must divede a professional betting, betting for fun and gambling. I am looking for this first one. So i need good advices here.
  2. Hello This is my first post ever here and first of all i want to say hello to all member here. The reason that i started this discussion is that i need a help and advice from professional people in this branch. First of all i will tell something about me, i am 35 years old, work and have familiy. I know sports, i know sports predictions, sports betting, odd, online bookmakers, but i never saw this as professional occupation, most as fun. And due this reason only, i am not so successful in sports betting. But i am ready to turn the page and take this as one very seriously investment in my life and need a lot of advices from professional bettors, from people that is winning money with sports betting and that is taking money from bookmakers, not giving mone to them, on long term of course. My first question here is as follow, is there any another betting strategy except then betting on single bets, that on long term can almost guarantee profits from sports betting if you can successfully predict sports events? The reason that ask this is that my betting bank is not ready yet, and if i will take sports betting to next and i hope to successfully level, then i ned to have one good betting bank that some losing runs will not quickly detroy my all betting freams. So i will maybe firstly hear about another successfully betting strategies where i dont need to have huge money bank to make solid monthly profits. I hope that you understand my point here. Simply said, if i want to earn from sports betting each month 100 or 200 euro, i am looking firstly for one successfully strategy where i dont need to have betting bank with 2000 or 3000 euro to make this 100 or 200 euro. If this is not good idea and if a huge procentage of you think that betting on single bets is only way to successfully betting, then i will also hear good reasons for that. Shortly, i want that professional bettors step by step learn me and help me with my way to professional betting. I will carefully erad each word and advie here and take it in calculating of my future plans. Thank you that will use your time to help me..I really need it at the moment because i am in periode when i want to make huge decissions in my betting world.