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** October Poker League Result : 1st avongirl, 2nd McG, 3rd Rhino_Power **
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  1. Nothing that I have seen I heard cloudbet a bitcoin bookie was similar, nitrogensports a bitcoin bookie also is I heard based on pinnacle which is one the best but we wont ever see that in uk. Bet365 is probably the best bookie I have seen and also the worst since they limit or gump your account after a few wins sadly.
  2. You got the basic right ideas tbf already. I know many that lose some bets after a few wins and don't withdraw but imo there is almost no guarantee any of it works, the bottom line is if you are profiting they don't want you really. I use betfair exchange, its limited in money line plays depending on sport and they do take a small cut but at least they do not limit. Bookie clone sites are also a must, google them... so many bookmakers. You can also try bitcoin and then try VPN to europe and then load up nitrogen sports or cloudbet, nitrogen is my fav you don't get any limits since its anonymous in nature (no registering or id required) The other harder option is to visit bookmaker shops and place smaller bets across a few shops, anything to reduce or prevent limits.
  3. Probably of little or no interest but I tried this with william hill and they pretty much limited me after just a few plays with both wins and losses. A great shame I was hoping bookmakers followed the law and would delete customer information and allow someone whos come back to them to be treated as a new customer with respect, guess they keep an offenders or banned list illegally !
  4. wow quite surprised its against TnCs though. What if someone wants a break from using their services so closes the account fully and tries it again in 2-3 years and not the time off feature......
  5. and then re-sign up as a new customer and see if you have full limits/no restrictions again ? Like on popular bookies like bet365, william hill, paddy power etc
  6. Welcome to the forums, new myself. Have been gambling for few years, only recently considered it more serious and to make it a personal mission to destroy the bookmakers I would keep a bank acc seperate for gambling imo, away from your other personal savings and money. This way you can begin to manage bank roll with its wins and losses more easily. I personally think you have to find your own style and method, if its singles or parlays or dogs whatever works for you imo. But singles are a great way to start. I would recommend you pick a sport you are comfortable with and know a great deal about its players and rules. Yes for sure you can start small and build on your success, as your bankroll increases you could in theory increase bet size to win more. This is kinda the method I am doing now, but its not always easy to maintain it requires discipline and patience. Some people adopt the turtle system, ie if you want to be the hare you won't win the race but the turtle will, patience and timing is a good key. But others disagree, to each his/her own imo. I know guys that started with 200, 2-3 years ago and now have 120k+, some guys I know make 2-3k per week some 5K and others 30k per week its possible, but you can expect losses just as much as wins and you may hit roadblocks with bookmakers limits and restrictions. Its a challenge for sure, I would not give up the day job just yet, more so if you got bills and family!
  7. ahh the good ole days I use to play warcraft 1..... the first game with drop down pixely graphics and RTS I see counter strike on many gambling sites but never thought about placing an actual bet, seems its quickly become an actual sport !
  8. Nice, so many betting strategies out there you just have to find one and customize it for yourself imo
  9. Looking forward to the rematch its already in the contract as stated, imo joshua got lucky in last round he was gassed and reserving energy to put it on hard for few minutes in last round and it paid off!
  10. Conor barely got past diaz the 2nd time, he has always shown he gasses hard by r3-4. At this point unless its a fixed boxing fight Conor probably goes down by r4-6 I am hoping the for good odds on those lines ! Conor will be dangerous r1/r2 however
  11. thanks for the useful tool its bookmarked, I like it !
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