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  1. Evento: Campeonato BrasileiroJogo: Fluminense vs CruzeiroData/Horário: 20/07 - 19:30hs BRLAposta: Fluminense DNBOdds Bet365: @1,61Unidades: 1Evento: Campeonato BrasileiroJogo: Sao Paulo vs VascoData/Horário: 19/07 - 21:45hs BRLAposta: Vasco +0,5,+1,0 Odds Bet365: @2,20Unidades: 1
  2. I never bet on this championship .. but I'll give one analyzed
  3. Avaí DNB handicap 0 @1,90 2/un Atlético MG -0,5 @ 1,87 1/un Atlético PR Handicap 0 @1,87 1,5/un Palmeiras Handicap -0,5 @2,02 3/un
  4. Atlético GO vs Santos 1x1 +,46 unit Flamengo vs Sao Paulo 2x0 +1,56 unit Sport vs Atético PT +1,74 unit +3,76 unit
  5. Result Vasco 1 x 0 Atlético GO Green
  6. Event: Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Game: Vasco vs Atlético GO - 06/25/17 - 11:00 AM EDT Bet: Under @ 1,87 188bet Units: 1,5 / 3 Vasco In 11th place in the league Vasco comes from a defeat against Botafogo by 3x1, but despite the defeat the team even made a good game creating some dangerous situations, now against Atlético GO Vascaína team must show their strength inside their house Being that he has 4 victories as principal and has not lost any game in the home yet in the championship. Atlético GO In the 19th place and in the relegation zone for series B of the Brazilian championship Atlético GO has a difficult game against Vasco, the team comes from a defeat away from home against Palmeiras and tries to rehabilitate in that game, despite a sequence of two defeats The team has not played poorly, and has been demonstrating a strong defense so much that the losses were for 1x0. Pick Analyzing the two teams I do not see a favor like that for Vasco with an odd of 1.57, Vasco's last home win against Avaí was a very difficult match won by 1x0, and as Atlético GO comes from two losses for 1x0 And with a very compact defense despite the defeats I think the under 2.5 line has a good value for that game. Google Tradutor para empresas:Google Toolkit de tradução para appsTradutor de sites Sobre o Google TradutorComunidadeCelularSobre o GooglePrivacidade e TermosAjudaEnviar feedback
  7. 58/5000 Result = Atletico PR 1 x 0 Sao paulo Green 3 units
  8. Event: Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Game: Atlético PR vs Sao Paulo - 06/21/17 - 21:45 EDT Bet: Atlético PR Handicap -0,25 @ 2,010 Pinnacle Units: 3/3 Athletic PR Atletico PR did not have a good time in the Brazilian, came from defeat to Santos by 0x2 inside their stadium but in the last two away games the team showed recovery, beat Atlético MG and Atlético GO both by one to zero showing a Tactical evolution and a lot of will in those games. Sao Paulo The team does not live a good moment in the Brazilian last 3 games were 2 losses and a draw the last one defeat in the home to Atletico MG by 2x1, a rather turbulent atmosphere between players and board with the output of many players the coach is with Difficulties in finding the ideal team. Pick Atletico PR and Sao Paulo despite the placement in the championship live different moments, while Atletico PR comes from good recovery in the competition Sao Paulo comes from negative results and many embezzlements to that game, and has more to the issue of a tabu Atlético PR no Loses to Sao Paulo to 35 years, in 18 games are 12 wins of Atlético PR and six draws, and counting on this tabu and the best moment of the team Paranaense believe in the victory of Atlético PR and with a more secure line a Handicap -0 , 25.