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  1. Fader, Wales to win the tournament World Cup? Do You know anything about Gibralter?? The game is best of 9, Lituania can go 5-0... Handicaps nice odds
  2. I am taking South Africa @2,50
  3. Any Tips for World Cup Starting Friday FADER?
  4. From Portugal - Braga + Sporting + Setubal Ah+0,5 + Maritimo Ah+0,5 + Porto Ah-1,5 @9 Odd Huge Value, take it
  5. Midlesbrough Won , Cardiff Won and Barnsley or draw live @8, Perfect for me, Love this league
  6. i am Taking this weekend some bets with high stakes: 1st League Maritimo @2,10 Benfica vs FcPorto Draw @3,40 2nd League Academica DNB @2 Real SC @2,40 I am confident GL
  7. Shouldn´t cardiff win? they really need the victory, they have 1 game less than Fulham but its a very hard game in derby. Motivation has to be on cardiff side, i think... Midlesbrough with a very hard end of season, they need the win and Bristol are not good lately... I think midlesbrough will get the playoffs, are they playing well to get them? Barnsley need the win to fight relegation and plays against Poor Bolton lately, i dont know nothing about Barnsley, are they playing well? Hope some of you friends can help me, tks I will lwave very good tips on Portuguese section for this weekend
  8. Fulham team is on fire, at home they dont lose for about 4 months in Champinoship. I thought the odds would go in favour of Fulham, but they are in favour of the leaders Wolves. Can anyone help me here understanding this odds? i think Fulham will not lose.... but....
  9. Twenty-second game of the league, 3 teams continue to fight for the championship only separated by 2 points. FcPorto Sporting and BenficaFcPorto comes from 2 very well achieved games, won against Braga 3-1 and in the middle of the week won against Sporting 1-0 in the Portuguese Cup. I highlight in this team the excellent performances of Sérgio Oliveira MC who is replacing Danilo with injury that only returns in March, Felipe DC a great Boss in defense, Marega AC very strong physically and very difficult to disarm, Ricardo DL very fast and very strong offensively and defensively and Corona MR with many good features lately. Soares AC returned to the starting lineup last Wednesday and scored the decisive goal against Sporting, the attacker that Fcporto needed, and who will certainly put at risk the ownership in 1st 11 of Aboubakar. FcPorto a team that comes in growing shape.Chaves is a team that plays good football and very open, Fcporto has more difficulties against defensive teams and in this case I believe it will be a good open soccer game to watch with a victory of the team that has more quality.Sporting won the league cup and after that they had 2 consecutive defeats, due to lack of delivery of his players, but this game against feirense is the ideal game to return to the good exhibitions and above all return to the victories.Benfica comes from a good 5-1 win after having been loosing at half-time. the most valuable player and without a doubt the best of Benfica is Jonas AC, he is in great shape and will definitely score in this match against a Portimonense who plays open and who due to their style of attacking football, often leaves the defense permeable.I took all 3 teams to win (Porto, Sporting, Benfica) @2,50Another game that I analyzed is the Belenenses Vs Aves, 2 teams that will fight until the last day to stay in 1st league. i took Aves Ah+0,5 @1,66 I also took a parlay bet with Ferreira and Boavista, both not to lose @1,75 GL
  10. This are the latest news from Portuguese Soccer Yesterday, FC Porto knocked on the table and released COMMUNICATE The Administration of FC Porto, Futebol SAD asked the president of the Arbitration Council of the Portuguese Football Federation an urgent meeting to expose a set of errors of the refereeing teams, whose unacceptable accumulated points deducted put into question the sporting truth. FC Porto left two points in Moreira de Cónegos in another game full of refereeing cases last Wednesday - Moreirense's goalkeeper Jhonathan carried central defender of Porto Felipe inside the area at 66´of the game. FcPorto coach Sérgio Conceição at the end of the game, did not hide the irritation "The penalti made on Felipe is a VAR bid. Then they may even decide that it is not penitential, but there is no such concern with seeing the images ... But why? Video http://portocanal.sapo.pt/um_video/684dvzcha4ZNJUnHQ9H5 Yesterdat also a charismatic sports commentator confessed supporter club rival Sporting, Live, after seeing so much corruption and not agreeing with it, says that FC Porto was penalized in 13 or 14 penalties throughout the season, some with direct interference in the result, others in which FcPorto ended to win but unnecessarily suffered to achieve it. The management of FcPorto yesterday exposed the president of the Arbitration Council of the Portuguese Football Federation, several cases in which the soccer team was harmed by arbitration. They say FcPorto has 4 draws in the league, and in that 4 games 3 of them were deliberately robbed by the refereeing. In Portugal as in Italy there is the VAR, which is a support system where referees can consult the images of the game and thus deliberate correctly. the 3 games where FcPorto loses points In the classic with Benfica at home the referee did not consider 2 penalty´s in favor of FcPorto, In this same game, FcPorto scores a goal and referee invalidated with an unbelievable non-existent 2-meter offside, the VAR did not validate the goal. Video 16´Penalti, 39´Penalti, 1,05´ Offside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDChBw4IZzI This game ended in a draw. In the game with Cd Aves at 90´ 1 clear penalty was unmarked. FcPorto says the referee was well placed, he sees the penalty, the VAR tells him to see the play in the video and this ignored everything and followed the game. Video Penalti 1,09´ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1cTvPuMZtA This game ended in a draw. In the game with Moreirense to 66m ( Last Wednesday) 1 penalty also remained unchecked. FcPorto says that the incredible thing about this move is that the VAR did not even intervene where it was obvious that it should. Video http://portocanal.sapo.pt/um_video/684dvzcha4ZNJUnHQ9H5 This game ended in a draw. In my opinion this presentation of FcPorto to the association of referees, nothing will change because corruption is installed in the country not only in sports but also in government, and so I leave my tips Benfica Vs Rio Ave Benfica to win obviously Estoril Vs Sporting I will not bet on this game because sporting has 2 weight absences in the attack and because now they are the leaders of the campionato and strange things can happen because they are now 1 target to shoot down. FcPorto Vs Braga FcPorto have some injuries, Braga is a good team but Braga plays offensive football and this favors FcPorto who likes to play open games. FcPorto to win and H-1 as well Take parlay bet Benfica + Fc Porto with nice odds as a sure bet GL
  11. Sporting dont win away in CL for more than 10 years Sporting this year in 5 official games has not conceeded a goal yet. i dont have the time to explain more at this moment, but i am full confident in my bets Under 0,5 goals HT @2,40 Pure Value Asian Over 6 Cards @1,90 Draw & <2,5 Goals @3,95 0-0 FT @8,35 Sporting Wins in OT @19 <2,5 Goals @1,60 Aka Material GL
  12. Take Livebet Red Card On Game. It Will Happen players out of control, already several yellows is 1st half
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