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** December Poker League Result : 1st McG, 2nd ian309, 3rd Billy44 **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st cookro, 2nd mickyftm32, 3rd Fire and Ice, 4th AdriaN92, 5th stuboy43 **
** December Naps Competition Result: 1st justanotherpunter 2nd roger2256, 3rd kenisbusy, 4th Kingdom for. KO Cup Winner Wanderlust. Most Winners Quartu SE: **

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Found 2 results

  1. Full Time SIngle Bet in 90 Minute Strategy In this Strategy We assume , Stake=x ; Odd=α (alpha) ; P=profit ; L=Total Amount of Lost Stakes So, X=P+L/α when 2<α<6 and If bet is Lost Then It Turns into L suppose we want make profit of $1 and odds of the match are home=2 draw=3 away=4 and this is our first bet so we didnt lose any stakes before so L=0. now we will bet for highest odd 4 for that investment is x=1+0/4=0.25 if we win we get $1 and Start over this process and if we lose and created L=0.25 in next game where odds of Home=3.75 Draw=3.20 Away=2.75 we will be on the Highest odd so our investment is now x=1+0.25/3.75=0.33 if we win our profit is Return-X+L=$1 for Every win we will get our desired profit and for every lose we increase our stakes according to odds and the stakes we lost before Conditions: 1.Avoid Football Matches of UAE,India,Jordan,Netherlands, Muslim Countries except Turkey 2.No odds should be greater than 6.00 that means, Home odds ≤ 6 , Away Odds ≤6, Draw Odds ≤ 6 3. Always Pick Maximum odds 4. Bet Should Be Placed Before Match Starts 5. You Have to Place one Bet at a Time That Means If You Placed a Bet on a Match you cant place another untill it finishes 6.Your Picked Odd Must be Greater Than 2 and Less Than or Equal 6 7. If Your Desired Profit is $1 Per Winning Game Your Bank Roll Must Be $100
  2. Regarding forum feature for checking all new unread content in a list, there is also a very useful option that allow us to personalize it and only filter posts of the content we want to follow. I created a personalized one called "footy" as you can see on image, but is very slow to fetch. When I click to fetch all new content using the standard button there is no problem, it only happens for the personalized content fetch. Does this also happen with you?
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