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  1. Re: Laying on events that surely can not happen Well, if you have £6000 you can afford to have tied up until England appoint another manager, just to win £20, then go for it.
  2. Re: Newbury Sat 1st March Very interested in the 3.15. I liked the way Maljimar pulled away from the field at Cheltenham, winning by 11 lengths. I might have a small interest on it here but will also be watching with the Racing Post Plate at the festival in mind.
  3. Re: lay systems How are you meant to tell if a system is effective just by strikerate?? 9/10 winning lays is no good if you're laying 20/1 shots.
  4. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! WINNER Profit: 24.22pts Bank: 223.33pts Banked: 50pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:24 Wins:24 SR:100% Staked: 2400pts Returns:2602.03pts P/L:+202.03pts Yield:8.42%
  5. Re: Who would you put your money on?! Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Very nice. Age 22 Marital status (Very) single :loon
  6. Re: Who would you put your money on?! I have been wondering what Kirsty looks like just because she's always getting a mention at the moment. She's in some fantastic form and both her and Hayley could teach a few of the male jockeys a thing or two. Ill have to go seek out a few more flattering pics.
  7. Re: Who would you put your money on?! Can't we have Hayley in a Jockey change for Adele??
  8. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! I'm a little concerned that these two have only had 1 goal in their last 2 meetings (including last weekend) but the price is quite good. BET 24 Atromitos - OFI Back 1+ goals @ 1.13 Liability 199.11pts
  9. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! WINNER Profit: 18.84pts Bank: 199.11pts Banked: 50pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:23 Wins:23 SR:100% Staked: 2300pts Returns:2489.68pts P/L:+189.68pts Yield:8.25%
  10. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Both bets winners WINNER Profit: 14.33pts Bank: 180.27pts Banked: 50pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:22 Wins:22 SR:100% Staked: 2200pts Returns:2379.23pts P/L:+179.23pts Yield:8.15%
  11. Re: Pay off our loan! Unlucky with the Xanthi one. I must admit though, they were fantastic odds.
  12. Re: 100% Madness OUCH! Well at least it was only the bonus funds I suppose.
  13. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Working tonight so if Bet 22 wins this will be the next bet. As usual, price may slightly differ. BET 23 Genoa - Napoli Back 1+ goals @ 1.11 Both teams can score and concede at home/away and, reading the Serie A thread, both have defense injuries tonight.
  14. Re: Steve's 1 or More Goal OK then, bar Scotland.
  15. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Ive found what looks a good early bet over in Germany. Cup game, which looking at past results seem to provide enough goals. Both teams in the league have only had one 0-0 each plus plenty of high scoring games. BET 22 Wolfsburg - Hamburg Lay 0-0 @ 12.00 Liability 165.88pts
  16. Re: Steve's 1 or More Goal Wolves, that all depends what continental leagues you're looking at. Holland only has a 5.1 % strikerate for 0-0's. Lowest Ive seen bar Scottish Divs 2 - 3. (which happen to not be open for this bet)
  17. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! WINNER Profit: 10.54pts Bank: 165.94pts Banked: 50pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:21 Wins:21 SR:100% Staked: 2100pts Returns:2270.59pts P/L:+170.59pts Yield:8.12%
  18. Re: Horses to be placed - target £25 a day Good luck Bowles. I do a fair bit of place betting myself. Lost my discipline today and it cost me. Backed two horses to win , two to place. The two I backed to win came 2nd, the 2 I backed to place won!! If Id backed all to place Id have made a profit. If Id backed all to win Id have made a profit. As it is I made a loss.:wall Hardest parts is shrugging off winners when you've only backed the place and avoiding backing them to win because the place price is short.
  19. Re: I Know The Score 2007/08 - Sponsored by BETFAIR Good few still in with a very good chance of winning.
  20. Re: Pay off our loan! Good Luck. Also the game Ive gone with tomorrow. Very little else of interest.
  21. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! BET 21 Mansfield - Bury Lay 0-0 @ 15.00 Liability 155.40pts
  22. Re: 100% Madness I decided to push my luck. Backed no sending off at the start of the game @ 1.23. Thought Id got away with Styles being shit until Petrov turned psycho in the dying mins.
  23. Re: 100% Madness Can you pick me some lottery numbers this week please mate? Well done. I just realised I laid the 0-0 in this game. For some reason I thought Id gone with the MK Dons game.:$
  24. Re: Deja Vu OR Lets have a goal! Errmmm whoops! Just checked Betfair and realised I actually changed my mind and laid a different game.:$ Luckily it was Kaiserslautern v Koblenz which is currently 1-2 so still a winner. BET 20 Kaiserslautern - Kobenz Lay 0-0 @ 12.00 Liability 144.00pts WINNER Profit: 11.40pts Bank: 155.40pts Banked: 50pts LEVEL STAKES Bets:20 Wins:20 SR:100% Staked: 2000pts Returns:2163.80pts P/L:+163.80pts Yield:8.19%
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