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*** York Ebor Competition: Well done to 1st daveg, 2nd glavintobuy & 3rd Donnyflyer ***
** August Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd ian309, 3rd Manc **
** August Naps Competition Result: 1st Zidane123, 2nd Adamross, 3rd Wanderlust, 4th Rainbow. KO Cup Winner: Peter York, Most Winners: Alastair **

Opinions Please


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Please feel free to give your thoughts on this please. The table had been very aggressive with lots of raises and calls from the bigger stacks. Have i played this badly ? Should i have isolated earlier ? even though the big stack was calling everything. 400.00/800.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit ) - 09 May 2010 21:58:06 DEEPSTACK €3,000 GTD (Real /Tournament ) Seat 1: dobsn21 (35299.00) Seat 2: wan4life (9644.00) Seat 3: sase1975 (31448.00) Seat 4: rivrdu (26791.00) Seat 5: ludvo777 (19602.00) Seat 6: felix2001 (34123.00) Seat 7: BamCG (14186.00) Seat 8: Hanuman_ (50201.00) Seat 9: milkyway20 (18911.00) Seat 10: emvimas (84224.00) milkyway20 post SB 400.00 emvimas post BB 800.00 ** Deal ** dobsn21 [N/A, N/A] wan4life [N/A, N/A] sase1975 [N/A, N/A] rivrdu [Qh, Qd] ludvo777 [N/A, N/A] felix2001 [N/A, N/A] BamCG [N/A, N/A] Hanuman_ [N/A, N/A] milkyway20 [N/A, N/A] emvimas [N/A, N/A] *** Bet Round 1 *** dobsn21 Call 800.00 wan4life Fold sase1975 Raise to 2100.00 rivrdu Call 2100.00 ludvo777 Fold felix2001 Fold BamCG Fold Hanuman_ Fold milkyway20 Fold emvimas Call 2100.00 dobsn21 Call 2100.00 *** Flop(Board): *** : [2h, 8h, 7c] *** Bet Round 2 *** emvimas Check dobsn21 Check sase1975 Bet 4200.00 rivrdu Call 4200.00 emvimas Call 4200.00 dobsn21 Call 4200.00 *** Turn(Board): *** : [2h, 8h, 7c, 4d] *** Bet Round 3 *** emvimas Check dobsn21 Check sase1975 Bet 5600.00 rivrdu All-in 20491.00 emvimas Fold dobsn21 Call 20491.00 sase1975 Fold *** River(Board): *** : [2h, 8h, 7c, 4d, Ad] *** Showdown *** : Rake: 0.00 Total Pot: 72932.00 dobsn21 [5c, Ac] Pair of aces Win: 72932.00 wan4life Fold Win: 0.00 sase1975 Fold Win: 0.00 rivrdu [Qh, Qd] Pair of queens Win: 0.00 ludvo777 Fold Win: 0.00 felix2001 Fold Win: 0.00 BamCG Fold Win: 0.00 Hanuman_ Fold Win: 0.00 milkyway20 Fold Win: 0.00

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Re: Opinions Please Reraise pre 2100 a little cheap maybe reraise 5 to 6k. DEFINATELY A RERAISE ON FLOP BET!...cant be flat calling here gotta protect urself fair enough if u get calling stations then so be it. In my opinion u were kinda passive here passivness dont pay aggression does but thats easy to say afterwards lol.

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