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Seven Card Stud

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Any of you guys play this game? I must admit that I'm starting to learn (and profit slightly) from this form of poker. I believe that this was the most played form of poker prior to Holdem taking off? Stay off the fixed limit games though - they're pretty craap everyone tends to draw until the seventh card. Any experts on this game on the PL?

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Re: Seven Card Stud I like it Jezza. You have to pay a lot more attention to what everyone else has so that you can adjust the odds Vs chances of hitting accordingly. It's a strange game though. I had 10 9 A A (aces showing) and some player went all in with just 3 8 showing. Now he knows I have the Aces so I have to take him for trips or two pair? But I tell you what - when I laid that hand down it stung like a bitch. I wonder if he had anything? He knows I have to take him for trips or two pair. I wonder if it was just a great bluff? :rolleyes

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