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CORKER of a bet - Fastest goal in tourny !!!

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Sportingbet go 5/6 (1.83) over or under 130.5 seconds for the time of the fastest goal scored in the whole of Euro 2008 . Now at first i fancied the overs just because i saw it as a good interest bet that could last the whole tourny with a bit of luck . All i have to do is watch the 1st 2mins of games and hope for no goal , sounds easy . Now i researched it last night a little (i say a little coz theres not much to read up on ,from what i couold find anyway) and i was pleased with what i found .......... There have been 14 european championships since it began in 1958 (russia) and theres only been 3 goals scored under 3 mins !!! And 1 of those was Michael Owens goal for England vs Portugal after 2mins 34 secs ,so even that wouldnt count for this bet . Ive no idea what the times were for the fastest 2 goals , i cant find it anywhere ,But i did read that Owens was the 3rd fastest ever goal in the european championhips history, but lets say both were under 130.5 secs , that equates to 2 goals scored under 130.5 secs in 14 events making the 10/11 a pretty decent bet to me . Fastest goal of Euro 2008 - OVER 130.5 secs @ 10/11 Sportingbet :hope Cheers all Mr A :ok

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Re: CORKER of a bet - Fastest goal in tourny !!! Dont forget there are (presumably) more games now with 16 teams than there were for the majority of European Championships with 8 teams.... (not saying that makes it a bad bet - just dont forget to consider it)

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Re: CORKER of a bet - Fastest goal in tourny !!!

it'll be sods law mate, someone will score after 129 secs....... in the final...
Just my luck :lol In all seriousness though , before it began i thought ,as many would , sweating out the 1st 2 mins would be a doddle , but believe me those 2 minutes dont half drag :puke Anyway , 4 down , 27 to go :hope
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Re: CORKER of a bet - Fastest goal in tourny !!! The bookie's logic for this bet is based on averages: 130.5 sec X 31 matches = 67.5 minutes. So basically you're betting that there won't be any goals during almost 70 minutes, and that isn't such a good bet. However, the first 5 minutes of a match don't have as many goals as other periods of the match and that should play on your favor. Good luck with your bet, F.

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Re: CORKER of a bet - Fastest goal in tourny !!! 12 down ,19 to go ............ Yes F i thought that , theyre betting that its 67 minutes and not the 1st 2 mins of every game ,as its very true a goal can be scored at any second of a game . But there are indeed very few goals in the first 2mins of games ,especially big internationals with so much at stake . There may well be a goal , but as of yet theres been nothing even resembling a shot in anger in 12 games (Ive done it now havent i , lol!!!) cheers Mr A

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