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Champions League Oct 2 - Oct 3


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Re: Champions League Oct 2 - Oct 3

it says "official injury time" ..and the only "official injury time" i know is this one which the 4th Official is showing in the 90th Minutes. And 1 have 2 sources which say that "3 Minutes it" is correct (betandwin.com and faz.net..a liveticker). And also 2 persons which saw the whole game confirmed me those 3 Minutes. So i think i'm pretty right.
Hi, I can help you out here because I watched the game and I also bet on this one. As stated previously each bookie has its own rules regarding injury time. The key here is the word "official". bWin considers official what is displayed on the 4th ref's board OR time displayed in TV broadcast. Therefore, bWin's official result is 3 mins (displayed in TV broadcast) and I also have a bet slip to prove it. Other bookies will round down the minutes played. Match ended at 95:49, therefore they would rule it out as 5 minutes And finally, other bookies will round it to the closest minute. At 95:49 their result would've been 6 minutes. F. P.S.: trivia: wednesday's matches saw 5 out of 7 games have 4mins injury time :eek
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Re: Champions League Oct 2 - Oct 3

thank you buddy! you saw it with your own eyes? bwin has also 3 minutes, but a other bookie has 5+ minutes..and i betted there on 3 minutes.. so they get it wrong then :@
What's the other bookie that lets you bet on injury time? I'm only aware of bWin... F.
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