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Pop Quiz (part XXVI) - call or fold


Pop Quiz (part XXVI) - call or fold  

  1. 1.

    • he is a donk and stealing again so CALL
    • he may be a donk but find a better spot of FOLD

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this is a 5 seater and its bubble time soksupper is sitting out and has been for about 5 hands - the Donk has been shoving since then to steal the blinds as he only had about 1100 chips or so so whats my play? Damo 50.00/100.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit ) - 18 June 2007 20:48:03 Seat 2: DONK (1912.00) Seat 4: HERO (2408.00) Seat 5: soksupper (3180.00) soksupper post SB 50.00 DONK post BB 100.00 ** Deal ** DONK [N/A, N/A ] HERO [Ac, Qs ] soksupper [N/A, N/A] *** Bet Round 1 *** HERO Raise to 300.00 soksupper Fold DONK Call 300.00 *** Flop(Board): *** : [Kc, Ks, 3s] *** Bet Round 2 *** DONK Check HERO Bet 400.00 DONK All-in 1612.00 hero???????

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Re: Pop Quiz (part XXVI) - call or fold Easy fold for me - Blinds are relatively low and all I have is an Ace High Kicker!!! There will be better spots.... I'm not folding because its the bubble - I'm more than happy to bully and risk my tournament (though theres a lot of "time" left - blinds are still low - so not too much) - but I'll only be doing that by going all in, NEVER by calling all in...... He's winning with ANY pocket pair......though I'd imagine he'd be all in /reraising pre flop with that. Any 3 is ahead - ok - you raised pre flop - he shouldn't have a 3, but if he's a donk.....

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