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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rav, 2nd kevsul, 3rd McG **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd BBBC, 3rd LEE-GRAYS. KO Cup Winner dj.orange. Most Winners Johnrobertson **


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Welcome Back, Welcome Back my Kinky little penguins im sorry the way the sens are struggling and the fact that BUFFALO KICKED THIS TEAMS ASS RIGHT OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS LAST YEAR, and winning 7 of the last 8 meetings i mean what? do you take the sens to snap out of it vs the best team in the NHL AT HOME?? Buff allready handed this team an L IN OTT, so why should today be any diff **** the juice Buff -150 and again with a 7 O/U for the second time this year and 2nd time for Buff (both 7's in their last 2 games) You just ****in know that tonight theyll start Miller and ill be sayin ahh ,, i was kinda hoping for miller the last game they hada 7 and that didnt happen and the over flew in DUH!!! Despite the 6 - 0 Biron is! ahh i guess i will decide this total when i really see whos in net,, ****ing websites and their "MOST LIKELY" shit always ****s me then i turn on the game and see it isnt who i thought and that makes me lose my mind ill wait here on this total Well youve noticed that i have been all over this TB run, and called them Plenty as a dog and hit em both (11/6 and 11/8) everyone thinks this team is so far removed from the 04 cup but im not convinced, and they sure are not feeling that, theyre hot and im on em TB -120 Sorry the Preds aint losing this game new coach and yeah yeah in columbus, i dont care,, not the game or team you want to try to decipher in your first game, but why so low? -130? that scares me as the -125's and 130's this year havent faired that great but i gotta have em tonight Nash -130 and the way this team skates and loves to throw the puck on the net? WTF is the 5.5 all about? I SMELL TWINE!! Nash/ Colu Over 5.5 Hmm the Isles huh, +200 or so? **** me, i want that, i just want it,, i love this team, (No im a ranger fan ok) Meaning i love this team the way they are gelling (as you might have seen me say when i had em vs Philly) and the in locker bullshit they were dealing with is over, and all bullshit is out of the closet and guys are now concentrating on hockey and team, **** i want this +200 but i dont know if i can pull the trigger ON THE ROAD AND VS DALL to boot, ouch babe! Ok some ofyou have sen if youve been reading mythreads all about what i did with Dallas early in the season, i came out in their third game and said they will be 8 - 1 to start the season and they did just that and are now 4 - 3 in their last 7 and looking quite mediocre if ya ask me Ahh **** it, the trigger is pulled NYI ML +200 Hows that grab ya lol Bold to Ballsy eh!! And in the Ncaa tonight Ok N Ariz is headed to Face a team you damn well know is going to win 20 games AGAIN! but this Lumberjack team just totally upset AZ St. and they just get up for games like this with State Pride being a motivator, and last year the line was 24 and they lost by 9 Ok uh thanks for the ****ing generous +21 im gettin here, uh, i mean THINK DOG? with ateam that was 21- 11 last year and is still one of the toughest teams to beat at home, and this is somewhat home ok i mean the crowd wont be like 90% - 10% (sometimes less or more whatever) like most home games can be ya know, but them losing to Kansas i will not hold against them that bad and this being a in state game, Hey you guys know as well as anyone, DID YOU SAY BIGSKY CONFERENCE?? And you know someone who knows the big sky better than me? youre ass ya do!!! BIG DOG is SO on my board and if its avail at Wagerline is going to be my pick and ill have this posted in the Surv. sect here later im sure, unless something else screams at me, but for now, i love this contest N Ariz +21 Ok staying in the Aforementioned Big Sky, We got Wyoming and the Griz, and a chalk of 5.5 for the home Town Cowboys, Im sure Brew can attest to the run i had last year to WIN THE CONTEST THAT PAID ME NICELY, not just in his Forum but two others that paid me, well what was it steve? didnt i take $450 from your contests coming in first in both the Totals and Sides Competition? and the Slumpbuster $500 first Prize picking 65% and getting those funds in that Wager Web account Steve helped me Open in fact, so pretty much a grand for knowing my shit,,,, THANKS!!!! Well point was that the Run the Griz made sure paid me nicely ,, you remember them winning 8 of their last 9 games until BC ended the run in the Dance? I was on the Griz that whole Feb and March run they made, but today i have to struggle with them The Cowboys are favored by 5 or 6 because they are going to kick our ass, it took a Strong second half for the Griz to even come out of their last matchup with SHMUCKLEVILLE ST. so i have concerns , if they start slow again it could be just a woodshed beating at the hands of a Cowboy team, that more often than not has a much better home record than road, as most teams do Duh but goin to Laramie is no fun, although the trip for the Griz aint shit but 6 hours S.East of Mizzou, so it wont be like the Griz will have some lack of being used to this elevation, as it is up here, you know i hate playin Favs, but i dont see the Griz hangin and i do see the Double Digit OUCH gettin handed to the Griz tonight Wyo -5.5 Waiting for a total on this game to have an opinion on too Ok im staring at this BYU UCLA game goin what 13.5? isnt that a bit high for a team that lost Farmar, Bozeman and Hollins? Ok hey ****in right that Mbah Moute, Affllalo, Aboya and Collison are good players and have the experience from last year, but damn BYU is no slouch, and theyre bringin back more experience from a team that won 20 games last year Sorry guys you see the sign at the Door BYU +13.5 ok im sorry but i have to be on a home dog, especially when its VANDY AT HOME and no points to give? so you gimme a +1 for a G Town team that isnt the same team that just had a smokin season, losing to the eventual champs, but losing alot more inside presence, and i dont think G Town has the Capacity to handle Vandy on the road in this environment to win SU, and Vandy beat this team in DC last year so yeah revenge is on their minds for G Town but they gotta get it on the road? sorry i gotta have it posted i mean seriously Vandy +1 GL tonight My friends!!! See ya, Ege

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