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NHL/ NCAA Hoops Post

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ok well i think this is an easy board today and you may agree or you may say we shall see Ok anyone who has Vancouver on their board today should be shot on location!!! Yeah the Nucks are going to snap this streak? Ok so yeah Van beat this team Oct 5th in Detroit 3 - 1, and maybe Detroits Schedule over this streak hasnt knocked your socks off either, but my god Vancouver cant beat this team guys!! ok i see NO POSSIBLE WAY THE NUCKS WIN THIS GAME ...... PERIOD!!! Det ML -145 Ok the Ranger game is tough for me as you may have noted I am a ranger fan (GO BIG BLUE) and i have trouble capping them because of Bias and if you know anything about betting , YOU BET WITH BIAS YOU DIE!!!! obviously i mean this over 6 isnt that intimidating as NY can score obviously and NJ Always seems to get 2 -3 goals somehow so i guess as a capper id say this over but again i dont want my bias to lead you in any directions so i guess ill just leave it alone lol ok well lookie there, the Blues and a Nasty High ML reaching Over +200 at some books for the Blues, NAH THERES NO WAY THEY WALK INTO CALGARY AND BEAT THEMhuh.gif!? wow guys you all have seen if youve followed any posts of mine, what i have said about St L, and ive readthem pretty well but Jesus, vegas really is saying IT AINT HAPPENING!!! phew is the St L +1.5 even touchable here , gotta check that line hold on, Hmm -140 +1.5 huh, OK sold, it aint gonna cost me too much and Playin em ML is just too bold , shootin for the one goal game obviously YA THINK!! St L +1.5 -140 Minnesota and The Yotes? Well shit, i mean how do you even break this down, as most of you also know about me , i dont post units because im not one of those guys who posts -160 or higher too often as i understand how to bet so i know im ahead on units overall because im 73 - 49 in my forum and i guarantee of the 49 losses there are very few in the -165 or higher department, as i know what people deal with with juice and youll see plenty of Dogs in there believe me so of this game i mean Minny is -170 -ish wherever you get your lines, and ofcourse you should have Minny on your board if you are just looking to make a pick for it, but -175 is up there although the road team is does well over their recent history, how can Phoenix win? Take out the games with Edm and LA and this team just cant score, and Minny isnt a team like LA who want to get into a skating match, Minny will hold you down, as evident of the three stats noted Under is 9-1-2 in MIN last 12 Tue. games. Under is 41-15-10 in MIN last 66 vs. Pacific. Under is 54-20-6 in MIN last 80 road games. i dont know its hard not to see a 4 - 1 Minny win here so the only lay i think ill look at is the -1.5 i so rarely play but again -175 ? DAMNIT JIM!!! +165 for the Puck line i mean IM not tryin to be Femmy here as rachael ray would say YUM -OH!! LOL ok i dont know, this game could even get uglier than that so i cant just come out and say take the under because im afraid Minny might score 5 but they usually dont do that and Phoe is no stranger to a high scoring game but thats with teams that can skate and score in abundance, and Minny isnt one of those teams that Puts TONS of shots on the net as they are both only about in the high 20's low 30s for SOG a game so it could be another under Lean on this under hoping it doesnt get too ugly, but ugly enough to cover the 1.5 lol Minn PL +165 And in the Ncaa Hoops department: OK Fairfield is headin to St Joes and that +15 sure makes me glad i have a forum called THink Dog SO thinkin dog here, as Neither team is bringin back a scorer in DOuble digits except Ferguson for St Joes , and he was just about their 4th leading scorer, well barely third sorry (By .2 points woo hoo) You know St Joes is infamous for not covering spreads, even when they had that astounding 30- 2 Season they were only 5 games over .500 covering and have never been a big Fav covering team Thanks for the Double Digits here and then some, and again, where are the 130 points coming from ? i dont see them coming and i am basically tryin to look at a 65-58 type game here, stayin enough under the 130 to make a play on it Farifield +15 Fair/St Joe's Under 130 Oh man this E Carolina Richmond line is a doosie!!! +4.5 huh? oh really , for a 5 guard rotation that all return and all love to shoot and work together, so much reminding me of a mini Nova last year if you will No shmuck im not comparing ECU to Nova lol so the +4.5 to me is just falling down and again i say Seet i have a forum called think Dog, as im doin it again here with an experienced 5 guard team that all can score against a Richmond team who isnt bringin back any scorers from 05 so Ill just laugh at this +4.5 and then look at the Total and wonder why its at 117 because the Spiders arent returning the scoring? DUH!!! SO UH HELLO WHY DO YOU THINK THEY ARE FAVORED?? theyre home? Ahh blow me with that crap, you gotta be a good team to defend that home court and this Richmond team will have No dancing shoes on come March ok Thinkin about it ML but why save a Dime or two just to get points anyway ECU +4.5 With all the experience GA is bringin Back (5 Guards also and have a little Height adv here too) and the Hilltoppers have one of their best seasons last year, i expect this to be one of another Early Season Shootouts that weve seen so many of and seeing so many teams topple the 100 mark has been a scary site, i am not letting this one slip away W Ky/ GA Over 145.5 S Caro/ UC IRV has a total of 123 from what i see and god am i sayin thanks to that Seriously, these guys are not unfamiliar with a game in the mid 60s yes, but that was last year and this year so far neither team has found the net at all, and obviously why this total is so low Not low enough boys S Caro/ Irv Under 123 Well shit doing a game like this is like pullin teeth but i gotta think Depaul can win this game as much as Vegas is making me say they are being Chalked up at 5, ok so they lost to Bradley Badly, hey im a poet too!! they have their whole team back and N wetern is going to be the Laughing stock of the Big 10 and I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE they dont win more than 10 games all year you heard it here and it keeps on the 0 - 2 prowl tonight with depaul Depaul -5 OK MY WHAT THE **** IS THAT LINE OF THE DAY IS THE BUFFALOES GETTING +9 ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR ****ING MINDhuh.gif MY GOD I THINK PERSONALLY THAT THE BUFFS ARE EVEN A PLAY AT ML AND YOU WANT TO GIVE ME ****ING 9 OUTRAGEOUS POINTS? Well **** im tryin to get picks right in my posts and if vegas gives me 9 , so be it,, THANKS ALOT!!! Buffs +9 God so thinkin about that sick payout there ML, just have it noted that its mentioned ok lol N Mexico St is going to ****ing Kill Pacific, if you see that 1 - 0 for Pacific and think it has any significance, stop handicapping, Bakersfield huh lol 7.5 is a joke,, THEY WILL DOUBLE DIGIT THIS TEAM AT HOME N Mex St -7.5 The march to the Madness, that Is MARCH MADNESS!!! GL today Gentlemen!!!

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