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AK - what now?


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anyone calling the shove? Damo Jul 31 <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />19:55:20] : Hand Start.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

[Jul 31 19:55:20] : Seat 1 : gweeds999 has $1,140

[Jul 31 19:55:20] : Seat 2 : irishcurler has $1,740

[Jul 31 19:55:20] : Seat 3 : HERO has $2,190

[Jul 31 19:55:20] : Seat 4 : wiredxyz has $1,390

[Jul 31 19:55:20] : Seat 6 : renotstoner has $10,130

[Jul 31 19:55:20] : Seat 9 : JPM has $1,410

[Jul 31 19:55:20] : irishcurler is the dealer.

[Jul 31 19:55:20] : HERO posted small blind.

[Jul 31 19:55:20] : wiredxyz posted big blind.

[Jul 31 19:55:20] : Game [22] started with 6 players.

[Jul 31 19:55:20] : Dealing Hole Cards.

[Jul 31 19:55:20] : Seat 3 : HERO has Kc As

[Jul 31 19:55:25] : renotstoner called 100 and raised 200

[Jul 31 19:55:25] : JPM folded.

[Jul 31 19:55:27] : gweeds999 folded.

[Jul 31 19:55:34] : irishcurler called 300 and raised 1,440 and is All-in

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Re: AK - what now? yes STT Damo

on a cash table - no. I suspect this is a stt, in which case I would call if it cost maybe 40-45% of my chips for the whole call, and would call with a suited slick if it was worth 50% of my chips.. AK is a much overrated hand..
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Re: AK - what now? Kinda read dependant. Big stack could be raising with junk.. whereas the raiser probably has at least a semi decent hand - KQ+, AJ+, 55+. If you think the big stack will fold to your all-in because he's been very active recently (and won't call two call ins with garbage), then go for it. I don't think the raiser wants a call really. All in with blinds at 50/100 and 17xBB is a bit of an overbet. He's just taking a stand against the big stack with a big ace? Again.. Probably need to have watched the table to know how the game has been going.

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Re: AK - what now? The problem is now that these idiot comentators on TV are always banging on about "coinflips". Unsuited overcards can be a bigger dog than you might expect against pairs, particularly if that pair interfears with any straight possibilities. AKo vs QQ - coin flip? Its closer to 60-40 for queens. Hardly a coin flip! I would advise anyone to get a hand odds calculator and compare various pairs to AKo and AKs and see which situations are infact flips. Then we call all stop shoving in with AKo like its the imortal nuts :)

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