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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rav, 2nd kevsul, 3rd McG **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd BBBC, 3rd LEE-GRAYS. KO Cup Winner dj.orange. Most Winners Johnrobertson **

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OK awesome day yesterday again even calling the 3-2 Shootout in Detroit with Nash upsetting the wings got to love when ya call the final score and the scenario that it happens in Ok then .. Selections today are: NHL ... The Phil Flyers havent won more than two games in a row in months and guess what? theye won 2 in a row and they get to go deal with the rangers in the Garden and i know somepeople hate juice lines but -150 aint the worst ML ive seen, but i also see that that the NYR if they win by 2 or more the juice is set at +180 and that my friends is User friendly lol SOLD!!!! NYR -1.5 +180 Two overs for the day also Washington Caps are pretty much F**KED!!!! they have 15 games remaining, they have 3 games in the next 4 days ,, starting a nasty road trip and only have 3 of their last 15 games in their own Digs....OUCH!!!! Smelling a struggle to finish it out and going to a Fla team that is putting up 5 goals like its an open net Over me here at 6.5 -115 And the other Over i am on is the Caro Buffalo game, also at 6.5 and a -110 ML which is totally acceptable got three little gems about this one Every Wed game that Caro is involved with has gone over except one their overs are also 9-2 vs this conferences teams and both meetings between the teams this year thus far have both been over as well THANKS !!!!! Over 6.5 at -110 Ncaa NIT game Just one selection today Mizzouri St is at Louisville, -2.5 for the home Cardinals Louisville is going to NY to be in the NIT Final 4, Quote me on it!!!! Louisville at -2.5 and -110 to win by just a little over a bucket is on my slate for today Louisville -2.5 at -110 And thatll wrap it up ,, i allready nailed Palermo today vs my AS Roma beat up squad, and if youre interested in seeing where i post in the US here is the link http://www.online-arbitrage-guide.com/forums/index.php And no im not trying to advertise, i dont care who goes there as i am not paid by them to advertise, only paid to post my plays every day I am Moneytree at the Grove in the Best of PBS section, so you can see i had Palermo for 50 bucks to take home $112, which the bet was placed at BetUK.com and posted at the aforementioned link, and i post the same plays here as i do there, and you will see these plays listed there, but i didnt get here in time to post my soccer play but i knew we were in trouble today and it paid me (Hate going against my Boys but i had to today) thanks and GL today all May the funds be with you :ok

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Re: Wed 3/22 +180 means 2.80, -110 means 1.90, mate - US format Explanation taken from betbrain.com

US odds can be divided into positive odds and negative odds. Negative odds show how big a stake is needed for a winning of 100 units. Positive odds show how big your winnings are if you bet 100 units. Negative Odds (necessary stake for a winning of 100 units): headlineSpacer.gif Example: Home win to Brazil over England, US odds -250 headlineSpacer.gif
Payout: Stake x (1 + 100/US odds) $200 x (1 + 100/250) = $280
Winning: Stake x 100/US odds $200 x 100/250 = $80
Notice that the negative sign in front of the odds is changed in the calculation. The number has to be positive. Positive Odds (winning with a stake of 100 units): headlineSpacer.gif Example: Draw in Brazil vs. England, US odds +275 headlineSpacer.gif
Payout: Stake x (1 + US odds/100) $200 x (1 + 275/100) = $750
Winning: Stake x US odds/100 $200 x 275/100 = $550
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