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Will Hill as bad as the cheats

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In Friday's freeroll on will hill, there was someone called Que_sera who was cheating with another player on the table - Hodges002. They we're telling each other whether to play the hand or not. Anyway, I sent an email to will hill and they said the usual thing... they take cheating very seriously and will look into it. Later got an email saying the matter had been dealt with, but not how. And when I questioned them again, they said they could not disclose that information. Anyway, I suspected they hadn't done anything, although I did look at today's will hill freeroll and neither of them were there. But guess what... just played a $10 6pak and Que_sera is there! Will Hill are twats just like the cheats themselves. Anyway, sent them another email telling them - in no uncertain terms - what I think of the way they handle cheating. Looks like no site really cares about cheating... after all, these players are still putting money into their site... more than I will be doing.

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Re: Will Hill as bad as the cheats

Pro - you may find that both guys have had their chat switched off to stop any cheating. :ok
Sorry, but no they haven't!!!! In fact he admitted in my 6pak to the cheating (following initial denial) after I said he had told Hodges002 not to play the hand. He said he did it because Hodges002 was the only decent player on the table. This was the first hand after I'd come to the table. They had obviously been doing it for a while.
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Re: Will Hill as bad as the cheats Sorry Sherry but thats wrong, If you have different logins for all the cryptologic skins you can sit down at the same table as yourself, however the software will block you from actually playing all but one due to all the logins coming from the same IP address. If you really really wanted to cheat you would have to use a broadband account and a dialup account and therefore two laptops or PCs, but surely if people are prepared to go to all that time and effort it might be better for them just to learn the game abit better?

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