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** October Poker League Result : 1st avongirl, 2nd McG, 3rd Rhino_Power **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st internetmails, 2nd Donnyflyer, 3rd vangovin, 4th Peter York. KO Cup Winner mickyftm32. Most Winners waggy: **


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NY Islanders @ New Jersey | New Jersey | 1.45 (Pinnacle) Chicago @ Los Angeles | Los Angeles | 1.39 (Pinnacle) NY Rangers @ Toronto | Toronto | 1.92 (Pinnacle) Tampa Bay @ Boston | Boston | 1.46 (Pinnacle) Atlanta @ Montreal | Montreal | 1.69 (Pinnacle) Philadelphia @ Ottawa | Ottawa | 1.50 (Ladbrokes) Pittsburgh @ Washington | Washington | 1.57 (Ladbrokes) Florida @ Buffalo | Buffalo | 1.46 (Pinnacle) Columbus @ Nashville | Nashville | 1.40 (betfred) NJ is back at home where they're going for their 9th straight win (Home). NJ blanked the Islanders the last time they played them and this one should be to tough for NYI. NY have lost 3 of the last 4. While NJ is 7-2-1 at home against the Islanders. Los Angeles looks like they're going to have a harder time making the playoffs compare to earlier in the year. Their losing streak has to end and they'll do anything here. Part of the problem is the road games they had to go through the last 4 games. They are better at home and this is where Roenick, Demitra, Garon and company should finally play the way they can. LA lost their last game vs Chicago but won the game before that which was in Los Angeles - the last game was in Chicago. Toronto looked good in the beginning but New York pulled everything together to scroe three unanswered goald to win 4-2. Lundqvist, though, is not expected to start in the back end of the home-and-home (from Yahoo) Kevin Weeks is starting and he is 3-1 playing in his hometown. Should an easier task for Toronton in trying to get goals. Hopefuly they can keep this together with the crowd on their side. Tampa lost to Boston 3-6 back in January 7th. Thats one of the losses they've suffered in the last 12 years when they visit Boston. The last win was in April 9, 1994. Boston owns the matchup as they have 16 wins in 21 matches. Boston have been struggling but this may be the best time to end in a high note before the break. Atlanta put on a good show against Ottowa, winning 2-1. But it was an Ottawa team who palyed the night before @ NYR and lost. Now, they have to face Montreal, who has a goalie with 2 shutouts in the last 4 games. Montreal have won 3 of 4 (1 loss in OT) and they need this wein to get closer to NJ in the Eastern Conference standing and break a tie with Toron in the division. Ottawa sure is struggling - but they play an injury-full Philadelphia. They are at home and that can help here. Philadelphia did not show a good defensive effort last against Washington. Philly did score 5 but allowed 4 goals that game. If that same defense shows up it's going to be a loss for Philly. The five goals is not impressive when getting it against one of the worst defense in the league. Washington and Pittsbugh might be a good value at Over 7.50 goals (Bet365 @ 2.50) Pittsbugh did have a very good win at Carolina but they're inconsistent. Washington did get beat 1-8 the last time these two played. That's something Washington have not forgotten since in happend only in Jan 25th. This one is played in Washington where the Caps are 13-13-4 (19-31-5 Overall) Going with the home advantage and a payback from the 1-8. Buffalo is winless against Florida this year. That is a much easier task to accomplish if this was in Florida. Florida's overall performance on the road is not the same when they are at home. Buffalo had a winning streak going until losing the 2nd game of the h2h game against Montreal. Buffalo doesn't want be sept at home and they want to win before going to Carolina for tomorrows game. I give this one Buffalo because of Florida's road stuggles and recent inconsistency. Columbus hit a wall of avalanche last night and now they must go to Nashville who have a 3 game losing streak. That streak were loses against Dallas and Detroit (twice)...those game only makes a team better and they can prove it here. Nashville is 21-6-1 at home this year and Columbus have won 6 of their last 8. That streak for Columbus inclues a win against Nashville. I don't think Columbus can continue playing well as they lost 2 of the last 3 games they have played and Nashville will do what it takes to avoid a 4 game losign streak.

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Re: 02.11.2006 -3.25 :( not much to cover this - Bunch of slackers played tonight - or maybe a bunch that played well ( just picked the wrong side) -- well, got lucky with Pittsburgh and Washington getting 9 goals.. NY Islanders @ New Jersey | New Jersey | 1.45 (Pinnacle) Loss | 2-1 Chicago @ Los Angeles | Los Angeles | 1.39 (Pinnacle) Win | 4-5 NY Rangers @ Toronto | Toronto | 1.92 (Pinnacle) Loss | 4-2 Tampa Bay @ Boston | Boston | 1.46 (Pinnacle) Loss | 6-5 Atlanta @ Montreal | Montreal | 1.69 (Pinnacle) Loss | 2-1 Philadelphia @ Ottawa | Ottawa | 1.50 (Ladbrokes) Win | 2-3 Pittsburgh @ Washington | Washington | 1.57 (Ladbrokes) Loss | 6-3 Florida @ Buffalo | Buffalo | 1.46 (Pinnacle) Win | 3-5 Columbus @ Nashville | Nashville | 1.40 (betfred) Win | 2-5

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