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Virgin Freeroll


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this may have been mentioned before however, I have just noticed that virgin are doing a freeroll at 18:30 GMT every night Prize pool is only $50 but it attracts 70-80 players and pays top 10 - so good chance for a newbie to practice their MTT skills and build the bankroll. Cheers all Damo :cheers and it is a million times better than the $2 giveaway on chandlers that has about 500 players in it! LOL 3 hours for 57c..... :rollin

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Re: Virgin Freeroll exactly - been there done that as they say - I went thru the pain of VC and also Bet365's $1K freeroll with a couple of thousand players.... trying to learn MTT skills for free (given my erratic performance in the dollar up I should STILL be playing them :eyes :\ :unsure :( ) playing against 80-100 is a doddle :) and much less of a crap shoot/push fest :eek so GOOD LUCK to the newbies who want to learn:ok (and us 'veterans' who want to try out our moves :lol ) Cheers Damo :cheers ps BTW it looks like this is just for January according to their website - so grab your chance while you can! :dude

Nice one Damo - as you said - sounds like a great starting point for any new players :ok
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