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SO EPT freeroll


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Re: SO EPT freeroll VERY unlucky matey - lasted to about 70th or so - thought I had got past the muppets but apprently not..... I was crippled by Q4 suited raised his blind with AQ - A on flop, with a 2 card draw flush, he shoves I call for 3/4 of my stack - we all know what the river was..... and then K3o another orbit later - I had waited, found AJ in the CO, shoved and he called for 30% of his stack - needless to say a K hit the flop..... AHEM Sounds like you met them on the final table :( anyhoo - next time ;) Damo :cheers

I came third....nuts!! The final 2 players are very average indeed (ie calling hands down to the river with nothing) I'd like to see them in the EPT:lol (sour grapes?......nah!)
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