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FINAL LEAGUE TABLES (2023/24 Season 1 Week 10)

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As is often the way in the final week we finish the season with our lowest number of weekly wins, only 13, and biggest overall loss, as the gamblers go big and the risk averse go small odds.  But this doesn't detract from what has been a record breaking season!  Every Division bar one made a substantial profit overall and the losing Division only made a small loss.  And it wasn't just thanks to one or two big individual winners, a fabulous 43 players finished in profit or breakeven and 96 of 108 finishers had at least one winning bet. :notworthy

At the top of the overall league is first season player @HERE who has been magnificent with 8 wins and has staked big but wisely with their bank never being in danger of going bust. :clap  Level with 8 wins, and ahead for much of the way, is @corky.  These 2 will share the new prize for most number of wins over the season. :clap  

A long way behind our winner, but with totals over £600 which would have won in some previous seasons, are @ivailobg, @Cuko and @Data with less than £20 between them, followed by @thebestthere also finishing over £500. :clap

Our winner for the highest odds win is @Cuko with the 38.628 treble (5.5*2.62*2.75) in week 9. :clap

Everyone who completed will be allocated a new Division based on finishing order, for the season to start after the International Break and I'll invite those who busted 'all in' back into Division 6 along with any new or rejoining players. 

Overall table here and Division winners below.  Full details of how to claim your prize shortly...


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Winners, please can you Message me on here with your PayPal email address and I will collate and pass on to management who will arrange the payments.  Also Overall Top 5 please send me your address so we can post out the PL merchandise (mug and pens) if you'd like it.  To Message, either hover over my name and click the Message box which comes up bottom left, or click the envelope at the top of the forum page.  If you're a previous winner feel free to tag it onto our last messages and just confirm if details are still the same.  Give us a couple of weeks to get payments organised.  Merchandise is shipped from our suppliers so may take longer - if you aren't in the UK we'll do our best to get them to you, but there are shipping restrictions from our supplier and unfortunately in some cases it might not be possible.

Well done everyone.

WINNERS  :drums

DIV 1  @Data £80.  @thebestthere £55.  @stuboy43 £30.  @Xcout £20. 

DIV 2  @Cuko £60.  @Zidane123 £40.  @akarsioti £25.  @Gizmo £15.

DIV 3  @Soi Bongkot £50.  @Alley Cat Glover £35.  @BARNSLEYCHOP £20.

DIV 4  @przemek £40.  @Hotpotklonk £30.  @adamross £20.

DIV 5  @ivailobg £35.  @Joelavfc £25.  @Artie77 £15.

DIV 6  @HERE £35.  @DanPUP £25.  @Larkin22 £15.


MOST WINS (shared)  @corky £7.50.  @HERE £7.50.

TOP 5 OVERALL  @HERE@ivailobg@Cuko@Data@thebestthere  PL Mug & Pens.

:clap  :cow

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On 11/14/2023 at 4:55 PM, Data said:

Agree, grateful to @avongirl for running all this, what must be a daunting task.

Sensational total @HERE!

Admins, what has been the highest ever top score?

This is certainly the highest since I've done the admin, not sure about the years that Graham ran it originally, I'll have a scroll back some time!

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