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1.30  1 Appreciate It   Res: 8 Stage Star

2.10  10 An Tailliur   Res: 7 Captain Morgs

2.50  3 Envoy Allen  Res: 5 Fury Road

3.30  9 Paisley Park  Res: 11 Teahupoo

4.10  4 Midnight River   Res: 12 So Scottish 

4.50  16 Princess Zoe  Res: 8 Foxy Girl

5.30  18 Anightinlambourn   Res: 12 Punitive

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1.30 Mighty Potter

2.10 Maxxum

2.50 Shishkin

3.30 Teahupoo

4.10 Shake em up arry

4.50 Magical Zoe

5.30 Dunboyne



130 Stage star

210 good time jonny

250 envoi allen

330 klassical dream

410 frero banbou

450 princess zoe

530 fontaine collonges

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17 hours ago, MCLARKE said:

1.30 Mighty Potter

2.10 The Changing Man

2.50 Blue Lord

3.30 Gold Tweet 

4.10 So Scottish 

4.50 You Wear It Well

5.30 Emir Sacree

Thank you 

17 hours ago, MCLARKE said:



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17 hours ago, MCLARKE said:

Please use this format for posting selections. Leave a space after the time and then post the name of the horse.  

Please do not use formats for time such as 2:10, 2-10, 210, 2,10, 2.10-, 1410

Loads of people failing to take any regard of this, give the poor old sod a chance! :)

Easier if you just copy and paste the times from the original post and add your selections after a space.

I was going to tag the offenders but there were too many of them and I'd have ended up missing the deadline to get my own selections up. @MCLARKE I think you've given fair warning, time for penalties I think!

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