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FINAL LEAGUE TABLES (2022/23 Season 2 Week 10)

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120 started, only 102 made it to the final week, 243 winning bets achieved with 89 of us having at least one winner.  36 players completed 10 weeks in profit. 

As usual in final week we had some massive bets which resulted in a few M A S S I V E wins, lots of losses and only 17 winners overall.  The top 4 Divisions came good in the end and made an overall profit with Division 8 joining in too, and creditable efforts by the other 3 means we jointly ended up for the season.

Top of the overall after an emormous final week gamble is @Marek76 :clap  followed by @1945harry, both jumping up the table with 4 figure final banks :clap:notworthy. @Procalc and @Budgie 65 keep their places amongst the top 5 having been there for several weeks :clapand @dj.orange leaps up the table in between them with a final week big win. :clap   Well done to our top 5 overall, but creditable mention also to @silver fox and @Cuko who finished behind on £500+ banks. :clap

@Procalc managed an amazing 8 winning weeks with @Gray306 on 7 and @buga00 on 6. :clap:notworthy

Here's the overall table,  Divisions to follow shortly.



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We had 2 enormous wins to complete the season with @Marek76 landing a 7/1 half bank treble for a 4 figure win :eek  and @1945harry not far behind with a 12/1 smaller half bank treble.  But bet of the week goes to @dj.orange with a 30/1 treble :clap .  Well done to the 17 who found a winner to complete the season. 

Division 1, @stuboy43 ended with a nice 11/1 treble to jump straight up to the top of the table.

Division 2, top 3 hold on to their places with @Procalc keeping the top spot.

Division 3, @dj.orange's super bet leap frogs him into the top spot.

Division 4, what can I say! @Marek76 keeps the top spot with his 4 figure return but @1945harry and @silver fox both leap up with massive treble wins to push the others off the podium.

Division 5 had a little shuffle round with @przemek taking the top spot.

Division 6, no winners and no big position changing bets so top 3 stay the same with @Wanderlust clear at the top.

Division 7, @daisychain has a win to leap frog over the top 3 into top spot.

Division 8, @Budgie 65 keeps the top spot with @Larkin22 moving up onto the podium.

Well done to the top 3 on the podium of each Division.  I'll list and tag you separately regarding prizes :clap:ok
















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Top 3 in each Division, please can you Message me on here with your PayPal email address and I will collate and pass on to management who will arrange the payments.  Also Overall Top 5 please send me your address so we can post out the PL merchandise (mug and pens) if you'd like it.  To Message, either hover over my name and click the Message envelope which comes up bottom left, or click the envelope at the top of the forum page.  If you're a previous winner feel free to tag it onto our last messages and just confirm if details are still the same.  Give us a couple of weeks to get payments organised.  Merchandise is shipped from our suppliers so may take longer - if you aren't in the UK we'll do our best to get them to you, but there are shipping restrictions from our supplier and unfortunately in some cases it might not be possible.

Well done everyone.

WINNERS  :drums

DIV 1  @stuboy43 £75. @Xcout £50. @AdriaN92 £30.

DIV 2  @Procalc £60. @Cuko £40. @APitt1988 £25.

DIV 3  @dj.orange £50. @Bagzi £35. @Redno2009 £20.

DIV 4  @Marek76 £40. @1945harry £30. @silver fox £20.

DIV 5  @przemek £35. @Nosey-P £25. @Astleavista £15.

DIV 6  @Wanderlust £30. @Tiffy £20. @BARNSLEYCHOP £10.

DIV 7  @daisychain £20. @Like A Roughie £15.  @Gizmo £10.

DIV 8  @Budgie 65 £20.  @Larkin22 £15.  @Gray306 £10.

TOP 5 OVERALL  @Marek76  @1945harry  @Budgie 65  @dj.orange  @Procalc   PL Mug & Pens.

:clap  :cow

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5 hours ago, Marek76 said:

@avongirl , thank you for the outstanding admin job! :notworthy

My first ever 4 digits score in the TC! :cow All I needed was that last gasp shot from outside the penalty box in the extra time :loon

Oh I didnt know that, I've just looked at the scorers now in the Reims game! 90+5

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  • 3 weeks later...

Quick update on this, I've sent the list of winners off last week but not yet had confirmation they've been processed.  Give it til Monday then I'll chase up if they haven't started to come through :ok

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On 4/1/2023 at 6:57 PM, avongirl said:

Quick update on this, I've sent the list of winners off last week but not yet had confirmation they've been processed.  Give it til Monday then I'll chase up if they haven't started to come through :ok

Still no sign of any payment avongirl.

I know its not your fault, but just letting you know. 

I do not know if mine has slipped through the cracks or if there is a payment issue

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All the payments should have been received now one way or another.  As far as I know most did go via Paypal as originally intended when we retried, let me know if you can't find it.   Apologies to those who had to wait longer than normal. 

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