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Aldric's 100


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12 minutes ago, JdsGooner90 said:

Nice one!! :clap

Were you tempted at all to carry on? 

Another 50 bets at 1.01 would have taken you over £250.00 - the bank sure does grow quick when you have decent money to throw at it. 

Cheers mate ??

I'll be honest, I had zero thoughts of continuing.  I just wanted to get it finished and bank to at least have a bit of profit - I didn't want to lose £100.

The bank definitely starts to build quickly when you get over the £100 mark ?



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I make that 3 losers in 148 bets which is pretty decent. I think you’d have made a level stakes profit with average odds better than 1.02. Average odds would just be add the odds for the hundred bets together then divide by 100! Easy to do in a spreadsheet but a bit laborious with a calculator.

I’ve been round the houses with regards the staking plan. Currently trying % of bank so stake goes up as the bank increases. I’ll let you know how that goes if I ever get back in front again! :) 
I do think though that anything involving rolling the stake over too much introduces more dumb luck into the process than I’m comfortable with but I guess it depends on the balance your after in terms of fun/likelihood of making a profit.

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30 minutes ago, JdsGooner90 said:

Good luck! 

You could carry on from 100 and see how far you get? Am thinking if I get to 100 I will bank the profit and carry on :hope 

I guess you could just add a 1 to each of the bets for the purposes of the consecutive bets ?

Hope you get to the 100 mate ???

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