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2023 Anytime Goalscorer System

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10 points on Salah at 2.84

Don't like backing him but a system is a system! (My strong gut feeling is he's loss making to back and I know he's hugely profitable to sell player goal minutes, possibly the most profitable player of all). A good player no doubt, but massively overrated by the markets.

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2 from 13 since the last update (Son and Lookman) and 7 winners from 35 bets so far for a loss of 141.93 points and an ROI of -40.55%.

Additional 10 points lost on the bet posted in error.

Poor performance from these bets so far. The ROI for them in my overall data sample (now 2391 players) has dropped from 14% to 9.5%. It could be that the figure is getting more realistic as the sample grows or it could be that this is an unusually bad spell and the figure will go up again (possibly a bit of both).

I've carried on with the "B" bets off line (decided I wanted to press on at least until my data sample reached 1000) and they're showing a decent return so far having previously hovered around the break even point. My "studied" bets are doing better still (where a possible bet is flagged and I look at the player's stats) so the overall return on anytime bets is decent but these "A" bets are letting the side down. A long way to go before I recover last year's overall losses on the market but I'm hoping I can stay in the black, largely by sticking to system and studied bets (as opposed to blindly backing most bets just because they were flagged as possible value).

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No further bets so as you were for month end. As stated above, there's been significant drop in the overall ROI for these selections so I'm hoping to see a big correction next month!

My overall ROI for all anytime bets this month was 13.55% with the "B" system and all non-system bets both coming in at around 32% so I'll be interested to see how that develops and whether or not I can stay in the black overall. Tale of the tape in simple terms is that bets at 3/1 plus have been making the profits but that's to be expected when the bets posted in here have done so badly (they are at the shorter end of the price range).

There's a paid tipster in the anytime market who has a decent record so I'll be tracking myself against him out of interest. He managed an ROI of 25.7% from 113 bets this month.

I'm also comparing notes with someone I know who has been doing much better than me over the last few months and who takes a much simpler approach to his bet selection. I'm awaiting his month end figures but he's hit his first losing month since September.

Basically trying to stay out of the red by being more selective this year and it'll be good to have a couple of other high volume punters in this market to benchmark myself against.


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