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Lovely Christmas dinner but.......is it Boxing Day yet?


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Loved my Christmas dinner and a bottle of wine that followed, Mrs and kids gone round to the in laws so thought I'd mess about on horseracebase.com and faff about for a Boxing Day system. Picked out some trainers that have done fairly well in recent years around the yuletide week and came up with around a million selections! Narrowed them down into categories and will watch with amusement tomorrow and see if any of them oblige!


Category 1. Those who came out with the highest win percentage  -


 11.52Queens Rock (IRE)Wetherby 5/4FHenderson, N J

 11.52Micronormous (IRE)Wetherby 3/1Pipe, D E

 1.05Accidental Legend (IRE)Market Rasen 11/2OBrien, Fergal

 1.07Hidor De Bersy (FR)Fontwell 5/2Symonds, Tom

 1.33Longhouse Poet (IRE)Limerick 9/4Brassil, Martin

 1.42Dobryn (FR)Fontwell 8/1Thomas, Sam

 2.10Raffertys ReturnWetherby 8/1Menzies, Rebecca

 2.30LHomme Presse (FR)Kempton2/1Williams, Miss Venetia

 2.38JaramilloWincanton10/1Greatrex, W J

11.55 MR Emma Lamb 14/1 Laura Morgan

1.40 MR Clondaw Secret 14/1 Kevin Frost

2.35 Ncastle Road Warrior 14/1 Rebecca Menzies


Category 2. Next highest:

Today 11.57 Night Jet Fontwell (LH) 14 Poste, Ben J 14/1 Symonds, Tom
Today 12.13 Ifiwerearichman (IRE) Down Royal (RH) 7 OSullivan, James (5) 8/1 Nolan, Paul
Today 12.15 Socks Off (IRE) Newcastle (LH) 18 Anderson, Mr A (5) 20/1 Menzies, Rebecca
Today 12.18 Tweed Skirt Wincanton (RH) 7 Bowen, James C 2/1F Henderson, N J
Today 12.18 Kissesforkatie (IRE) Wincanton (RH) 7 Williams, Lorcan 3/1 Scott, J
Today 12.27 Fever Roque (FR) Wetherby (LH) 14 Moscrop, Nathan 8/1 Menzies, Rebecca
Today 12.32 Spike Jones Fontwell (LH) 10 Burton, Danny (5) 6/1 Drinkwater, S W
Today 12.40 Sponthus (FR) Huntingdon (RH) 14 Lambert, Finn (5) 11/2 Thomas, Sam
Today 1.00 Curley Finger (IRE) Wetherby (LH) 12 Moscrop, Nathan 11/2 Menzies, Rebecca
Today 1.15 Thundersockssundae (IRE) Huntingdon (RH) 12 Kendrick, Max J P 9/2 OBrien, Fergal
Today 1.15 Loud As Lions (IRE) Huntingdon (RH) 12 Quinn, Caoilin (5) 20/1 Symonds, Tom
Today 2.30 Royale Pagaille (FR) Kempton (RH) 9 Scudamore, Tom 20/1 Williams, Miss Venetia
Today 2.38 Greatest Star (FR) Wincanton (RH) 16 Harrison, Liam (3) 12/1 OBrien, Fergal
Today 2.45 Dalyotin (FR) Wetherby (LH) 10 Moscrop, Nathan 5/1 Menzies, Rebecca
Today 2.52 Jefferys Cross (IRE) Fontwell (LH) 9 Gillard, Fergus (3) 7/2 Skelton, Daniel
Today 2.52 Little Red Lion (IRE) Fontwell (LH) 9 Armson, Philip (3) 16/1 Pipe, D E
Today 2.55 Alice Avril (FR) Leopardstown (LH) 9 OSullivan, Mr M J M (5) 12/1 Bromhead, Henry De
Today 3.05 West Cork Kempton (RH) 10 Skelton, Harry 5/1 Skelton, Daniel





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Then, the rest -


Today 12.10 Iberico Lord (FR) Kempton (RH) 10 Coleman, A 10/1 Henderson, N J
Today 12.27 Beat The Edge (IRE) Wetherby (LH) 14 Hamilton, Jamie 12/1 Easterby, T D
Today 1.35 Shan Blue (IRE) Wetherby (LH) 12 Quinlan, Sean 9/4F Skelton, Daniel
Today 2.00 Camdonian (IRE) Newcastle (LH) 11 England, David 6/1 Skelton, Daniel
Today 2.00 Twoshotsoftequila (IRE) Newcastle (LH) 11 McMenamin, Daniel 8/1 Menzies, Rebecca
Today 2.08 Martha Divine Limerick (RH) 15 OKeeffe, Sean F 8/1 Nolan, Paul
Today 2.10 Thanksforthehelp (FR) Wetherby (LH) 11 McLernon, R P 4/1F Pipe, D E
Today 2.10 Oscar Thyne (IRE) Wetherby (LH) 11 Hogan, Mr J (5) 7/1 OBrien, Fergal
Today 2.15 Bahtiyar (FR) Market Rasen (RH) 13 Bass, David 10/1 Whittington, H
Today 2.35 Heltenham (FR) Newcastle (LH) 13 England, David 9/2 Skelton, Daniel
Today 2.38 Vengeance Wincanton (RH) 16 Carver, Bryan 7/1 Whittington, H
Today 2.50 Seemingly So (IRE) Market Rasen (RH) 16 Cowley, Patrick (3) 20/1
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  • jonjo changed the title to Lovely Christmas dinner but.......is it Boxing Day yet?

Yesterdays experiment with some traners who try and have a decent yuletide turned in a profit, especially so the top two sections so lets try again today:

Today 2.04 Walk With Paul (FR) Limerick (RH) 18 Brassil, C (5) 11/1 Brassil, Martin
Today 2.20 Watch House Cross (IRE) Leopardstown (LH) 14 Blackmore, Rachael 9/1 Bromhead, Henry De
Today 3.09 Fontaine Collonges (FR) Kempton (RH) 14 Quinlan, S M (3) 13/2 Williams, Miss Venetia


Today 1.05 Le Cameleon Chepstow (LH) 12 Noonan, David G 20/1 Williams, Mrs Jane


The rest - 

Today 12.19 Kamus (FR) Limerick (RH) 8 OKeeffe, Darragh 18/1 Bromhead, Henry De
Today 1.00 Sageburg County (IRE) Wetherby (LH) 17 OFarrell, C 18/1 Greatrex, W J
Today 1.05 Fugitif (FR) Chepstow (LH) 12 Sheehan, Gavin 17/2 Hobson, Richard
Today 1.05 Silver Hallmark Chepstow (LH) 12 ONeill, Jonjo (Jr) 12/1 OBrien, Fergal
Today 2.30 Funambule Sivola (FR) Kempton (RH) 7 Dunne, R T 17/2 Williams, Miss Venetia
Today 2.45 Eclair Dainay (FR) Wetherby (LH) 9 Durrell, Mr T (5) 15/2 Skelton, Daniel
Today 3.25 Mister Coffey (FR) Chepstow (LH) 7 Boinville, Nico 7/1 Henderson, N J
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Another try today:


Today 1.45 Bob Olinger (IRE) Leopardstown (LH) 11 Blackmore, Rachael 3/1 Bromhead, Henry De
Today 2.35 Playful Saint (FR) Leicester (RH) 9 Skelton, Harry 15/8F Skelton, Daniel
Today 2.35 Martinhal (IRE) Leicester (RH) 9 Scudamore, Tom 6/1 Pipe, D E
Today 2.40 Maskada (FR) Limerick (RH) 13 OKeeffe, Sean F 13/2 Bromhead, Henry De
Today 3.15 Mercury Lane (IRE) Limerick (RH) 18 OSullivan, James (5) 14/1 Nolan, Paul
Today 3.20 Al Baahy Newcastle (LH) 9 Garritty, Billy 7/1 Frost, Kevin
Today 3.20 Cabinet Maker (IRE) Newcastle (LH) 9 Mulrennan, Paul 17/2 Menzies, Rebecca
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May as well continue this until the week expires:

Category 1:

Today 12.00 Gateau De Miel (FR) Leopardstown (LH) 16 Brassil, C 15/2 Bromhead, Henry De
Today 12.20 Sir Bob (IRE) Limerick (RH) 7 Walsh, M P 6/4F Tyner, Robert
Today 1.45 Amirite (IRE) Leopardstown (LH) 7 Blackmore, Rachael 12/1 Bromhead, Henry De
Today 3.05 Jewelinthesky (IRE) Limerick (RH) 14 Noonan, G B (7) 9/1

McCarthy, Eoin Christopher


Category 2:

Today 11.53 Morozov Cocktail (IRE) Kelso (LH) 11 Easterby, William 15/2 Easterby, T D
Today 12.28 Schalke Kelso (LH) 12 OFarrell, C 15/2 Menzies, Rebecca
Today 12.35 Tag Man (IRE) Leopardstown (LH) 12 Blackmore, Rachael 17/2 Bromhead, Henry De
Today 12.35 Golden Wonders (FR) Leopardstown (LH) 12 Slevin, J J 14/1 Brassil, Martin
Today 1.38 Old Painless (IRE) Kelso (LH) 11 Quinlan, Jack 11/4F Whittington, H
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