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** February Poker League Result : 1st rosco, 2nd Danshot, 3rd avongirl **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Marek76, 2nd 1945harry, 3rd Budgie 65, 4th dj.orange, 5th Procalc **
** February Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd paulat, 3rd rolandcooper. KO Cup Winner Fist2k8. Most Winners Zidane123 **

💠 20% per month 🍃☔️ November £500 to £600


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4 hours ago, Heisenberg68 said:

➡️ 17. £25,00 Lucini @2,10 to win £27,50 ( v Pampanin ,ITF 🎾)


Like yesterday , i bet Lucini 👍

17. Result : Lucini 2-0 / Won / +£27,50

 New Bank : £473,60

💰 Loss to date : £26,40

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21 minutes ago, Heisenberg68 said:

My bookmaker kept changing the odds, I clicked several times but it validated 6x bet 21 !
Impossible to cash out or cancel the bet as it is Inplay. 

Despite talking to the customer service they don't want to hear anything. Back to betfair quickly! 

Can't you just back Horvat to reduce your liability?

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I have made the request for withdrawal. 
I will then have to transfer it to my electronic wallet and deposit it on betfair
I am out for a few days, probably 4-5 days depending on the speed of the bank transfer. 

I'll do the accounts on Thursday and go back to betfair which is a more reliable bookmaker

Mystake did not explain that I had ticked "accept odds movement", so if I click several times, it validates directly. 
However, each time I clicked, there was no movement from my bank. 
6 x £25 was debited in one go ! 
So I close this account, it's dishonest of them. 


But it's also my fault, if the bet was winning the problem was not the same ! 

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My transactions have been completed.

Withdrawal of all the money from my mystake account and migration to Betfair with £500.
Never deposit money on mystake!

Restart ➡️ bet 1 with a £500 bank and still the same target.

I'm gonna try some offplay trade in the month by the way which can be good for my 20% per month target.

See you tomorrow.











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3 hours ago, Heisenberg68 said:

2. Result : Trade Lay Man U @2,38 / Lost / -£6,72 

🏦 New Bank : £507,35

💰 Profit to date : £7,35


This is an essay. So this time, it's a loser. I probably overlooked the change of coach which probably made the punters play a bit more villa. 
I need to do more research on the trade offplay as I think it could be fun. The risks will be less and it could be interesting for my 20% a month target . 

I also have the right software to trade. To be continued. 

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11 hours ago, Heisenberg68 said:

📉 7. £200,00 Trade Lay Réal Madrid @1,76 ( v Vallecano , Liga  )


I think it will go up to 1.82-1.85. 
I missed a great opportunity because at 9am the odds were at 1.70 ! 

7. Result : Trade Back Real @1,80 / Won / +£4,35

🏦 New Bank : £534,49

💰 Profit to date : £34,49

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14 hours ago, Heisenberg68 said:

📉 8. £150,00 Trade Back Barcelona @1,56 ( v Osasuna , Liga  )


8. Result : Trade Lay Barca @1,59 / Lost / -£2,83

🏦 New Bank : £531,66

💰 Profit to date : £31,66

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Update Bank/Profit
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