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** Poker League Results : July: 1st McG, 2nd Rhino_Power, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe; August: 1st Like2Fish, 2nd McG, 3rd Rivrd **
** August Naps Competition Result: 1st LEE-GRAYS, 2nd Gary66, 3rd LeMale, 4th RUG. KO Cup Winner DONNYFLYER. Most Winners TVY: **

Week 6 Table & Week 7 Chat

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The Punters Lounge Fantasy Football League has a new leader with Allan Woods and his Steep Learning Curve team taking the top spot. @Diwopa falls victim to the Manager of the Month curse as he drops to 14th place after a low-scoring round of 29 points. However, it wasn't the lowest score of the week. More on that shortly!

Congratulations to both Allan Woods and Peter York with his Bowhill Bears team for sharing the accolade of Manager of the Week with a very decent 78 points when the average score throughout the competition was just 45 points. It's also interesting to see that just 20 points separate the top 15 teams in this league. It's so close!

Now, onto the award that nobody wants! The lowest score of the round. There were a lot of contenders this week with a large number of teams scoring below 35 points but it was actually two teams who share the dishonour with Stuart Eades aka @MinellaWorksop (Dynamo CamSmith FC) and Andrew Ross aka @glavintoby (Conway@LeeOut) picking up just 22 points. Stuart, you're starting to get a bit of a reputation here. Might need to get a special award for you if this keeps happening! :lol

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@StevieDay1983 haha mate, the crazy thing is, I am actually putting the effort in to win, maybe I should adopt the more continental laid back management style? As the 'Mike Bassett School of Management' techniques I am currently applying just aren't cutting the mustard lol.

The wild card was played and I did worse than before. The fans were particularly miffed that I sold Ivan Toney just as he was to go onto hitting peak hattrick hitting form.

I have publicly stated in all my press conferences that the board are the best bunch of guys and gals I have ever known. Cynics have claimed this is some shrewd brown nosing to avoid the same fate as young Scottie Parker. 

Chants of ''your not fit to wear the shirt" are said to building up amongst the terraces of the Dynamo CamSmith FC faithful...

Fingers crossed one week I may just get a mention for top scoring, but the bookies aren't quite quivering about that just yet.

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There is definitely a sweet spot that needs to be found between unrelenting commitment and complete apathy. Swing too far one way or the other and you're staring down the barrel of a Christian Gross-style tenure of management. I mean, I say all this, I'm currently in a very modest 83rd place I think it is! Listen to me by all means but then do the complete opposite. That is the key to success!

I can certainly tell you that this private league would be a worse place without you @MinellaWorksop:lol

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Just a quick note that all Premier League games have been suspended for this weekend so week 7 will be re-scheduled. Not sure if that means we will have games next week or if we'll have to wait until the week after due to the proposed plans for the Queen's funeral next weekend.

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